Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday Hopping!

This week's question: How do you spread the word about your blog (e.g. social networking sites, book blog directories, comments on other blogs, etc.)?

I haven't been blogging that long so it's definitely been a learn-as-I-go type of process. Mostly, I like to hop around to other sites and leave comments, not just "great review" comments but ones that are honest and a little more in depth. I think everyone likes getting comments on the reviews we spend so much time writing, so that's been my main way of both finding great blogs and getting great followers in return. I also use Twitter quite a bit, it's been the best way outside of the hops to meet new bloggers and keep up to date on happenings in the book world!

Thanks as always to Crazy for Books for hosting the hop!


  1. Hi hopping by to say hello-I started using Twitter to contact fellow readers a few months ago and have found it really helpful-I am a follower of your blog already

  2. Hopping around and perhaps, Ah, yes! I found a great blog. Simple and clean.

    I'm a new follower :)

    It has been a great night! Hopping and Grey's Anatomy! Scrumptious LOL!

    Mad Scientist,

  3. I'm just hopping through. I haven't ventured into Twitter yet but I love book hops. Like you said, they are a great way to find new and interesting blogs. Have an awesome weekend!

    My Hop

  4. Just hoppin' on by! <3

    I use Twitter sometimes. But mostly I think I'm transparent with my tweets and think they come off as lame attempts to network. :S I've seen you tweeting up a storm sometimes! :P

    My hop :3

  5. Happy HOP!! I agree with leaving comments other than "Great review" You put alot of heart into your reviews so it's nice to get feedback :) I use Twitter alot but mostly I do the weekly memes. Works for me!

    Come HOP by my blog and visit

  6. Hi, another one hopping on by!

    If you get he chance to pop by my blog I would love to see you there.


  7. Hey! What a great blog you have here! (I just stumbled by via Friday memes).

    Please keep it up, I'm a follower of yours, of course. :D

    Best Wishes,
    ●▬▬▬๑۩Tina @ Book Couture۩๑▬▬▬●

  8. I don't really use Twitter. I didn't have the patience to learn it. But since fellow bloggers use it, maybe it's time that I learn how to tweet. :)

    Already am a follower through GFC. Dropping by to say have a great weekend!! :)

    Cladestine Sanctuary

  9. Just stopping by from the Hop. I like to comment on blogs too, I think it's the best way to get involved in the blogging community and promote your blog. I don't have twitter yet, I'm thinking about it though.

    Have a great weekend :)

  10. Hopping by to say Hi! I am already a follower.
    Have a great Weekend!
    My Book Blogger Hop

  11. Hello and Happy Friday!I've got an award for you here

  12. I agree with the more personal comments, when I get a "Great post! Come check out me!" or something of the like... I pretty much figure the person hasn't even read what I wrote... and is just fishing for followers.

    Crazy as it may seem, I actually want my followers to be interested in what I'm posting :P

    I have a twitter account, but I don't think I'm utilizing it as much as I could. I do love these hops though!!!

    Stop by and check out my Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday and Giveaway!

  13. This is my first hop! I also agree about personalized comments I really try to do that and also enjoy the memes! and twitter......twitter is too much for me lol!

    Hop on over :D

  14. Just stopped by for the hop. You have an amazing amount of followers for not blogging so long!! It is always nice to get meaningful comments. I hope you have a great weekend!!
    A Book Obsession..

  15. Hi Jenny! I see that you visited my blog, so I wanted to come see what yours was about :-) I added you to my blog roll too!

  16. Just hopping through your blog! Love what I have seen so far and I'm a new follower, check out my blog and follow back if you like!

  17. Popping over from mine to yours! Consider me a follower!

  18. Hi,
    I'm stopping by your blog on the Blog Hop and for Follow Friday. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and get lots of reading done. :)

    I'm a old follower.

  19. Greetings via the Hop!

    I use Twitter, too... but I don't think it really makes a lot of difference. I actually get the most traffic (and comments) from the Book Blogger Hop.

  20. You are like the world's best Tweeter! I aspire to Tweet like you someday. I am absolutely terrible at it.

    I agree with you about meaningful comments. Sometimes it is clear that a person has not even looked at the content on a blog and is just commenting to get followers.

  21. I spread the word about my blog through facebook

    great blog would love for you to stop by mine and tell me what you think

  22. Back for a visit. Just hopping by…

    Happy Hopping, Everyone….hop on over to my blog if you like:

  23. Your blog is incredible and you've not even been doing it that long! Your layout is amazing and your reviews are brilliantly written - thought you'd been going a couple of years not a few months. Will be back for sure :)

  24. Hello, new follower hopping through from the blog hop. You've got a lovely blog here so I'm looking forward to reading more of what you have to say about the books you're reading.

    Happy Friday!

  25. Thank you for hopping by and following me! I'm so excited for your blog because I am discovering I like the supernatural books a little bit more than I expected. You have a bunch of books that I want to read (Incarceron, Rage...etc.) and I can't wait to get to them and review them and share it. Have your read Iron King? I wanna read that one too but I wanna hear more opinions of it first. Thanks again for your comment, have a great weekend!

    <3, Ashlie
    Page Turners Gone Wild

  26. Hi, I found you through the hop. I'm loving the look of your blog and I agree with YA Reader, you give the impression you've been blogging for some time.

    You've got one new follower too.

    Hope you're having a great hopping weekend!

  27. hi found you on follow friday blog - from
    just became a follower of you - this is great

  28. thank you for commenting on my blog, and that way alert me about your blog - I love it. You have a new follower.

  29. Thank you for "hopping" by;) I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

  30. Jenny, thanks for hopping by! love the look of your blog and am now a follower too!
    Very amused by your imagined back and forth blog there.
    Twitter hey? I haven't succumbed yet, though it's exciting when i see in my stats that i've been twittered.

  31. Okay Good, then I'll pick up those two at the bookstore next. Some of the best books I have read have been the ones hardest to get into. I really think it's cuz my brain ;) Enjoy yoru Saturday!

    <3 Ashlie

  32. Hi Jenny - Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. The BDB IS a new read for me. I'm through the fifth book and just found out about Payne's existence. I'm definitely going to read the rest of the books.

    I really like your blog a lot. I'm following you now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

  33. Oh, I also meant to say that I LOVE the name of your blog! 'Snark' is one of my new favorite words.

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