Monday, June 25, 2012

Are You Ready? The All Male Review Challenge Schedule

I'm beyond excited today to share with you the schedule for the upcoming All Male Review Challenge, it promises to be ridiculous amounts of fun. What's the All Male Review Challenge you ask? Well, I have all the details courtesy of Missie at The Unread Reader below, but I think the most important thing you all need to know is it has to do with boys. Delicious fictional ones and the men and women who write them. WIN!

Some of you who read the blog frequently may have noticed I tend to harbor rather epically intense crushes on my fictional boyfriends, and what better way to fan the flames of my impressive passion than to participate in an event that actually challenges me to read about as many boys as possible? I've made this sound a little slutty haven't I? Well done me. Be prepared my friends. I'm a highly competitive person, so factor that in with my fictional sluttiness and I'm going to be a force to be reckoned with. YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME! 

In all seriousness though, this should be a lot of fun, so I hope you'll sign up and go toe to toe with me (or boy to boy, whichever) and the other fabulous ladies hosting the event. Missie has kindly compiled all the information you'll need to participate, so I'm just going to steal it all directly from her:

Ever feel like you don’t read enough young adult novels by male authors or featuring male protagonists? Then we have the reading challenge for you!

Yes, that's right, The All Male Review Challenge is back by popular demand. And this year's challenge is bigger and better than ever because we are kicking off this month long event with a giveaway hop! But there's more... Beginning on JULY 1st and running until JULY 31st, any YA book you read and review by a male author or containing a male protagonist is eligible to be entered into our Linky collection. At the end of the month, winners will be chosen for our Mega Hot Prize Packs of books! Plus, throughout the there will be special spotlights on authors who give us the best of boys in books, and each guest post will include a mini-giveaway!!!

The All Male Review Challenge Schedule:
July 1st: GIVEAWAY HOP  

July 2nd: Welcome/Review Link up post

July 3rd: Interview with author Katie McGarry and giveaway of Pushing the Limits hosted by The Unread Reader 

July 9th: Male authors roundtable and signed books giveaway hosted by Danny of Bewitched Bookworms

July 16th: Lish McBride guest post and giveaway of Hold Me Closer, Necromancer hosted by Melissa of Books and Things

July 23rd: Interview with author Veronica Rossi and giveaway of Under the Never Sky hosted by Jenny of Supernatural Snark  

July 30th: Interview with author Mike Mullin and giveaway of Ashfall hosted by Jen of In the Closet with a Bibliophile

August 3rd: Announcement of Grand Prize Winners

 We are still pulling together the grand prize packs, but so far...

Partials by Dan Wells
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
Zombie Blondes by Brian James
Jenna & Jonah's Fauxmance by Brendan Halpin and Emily Franklin

Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch
The Last Domino by Adam Meyer
Future Imperfect by K. Ryer Breese

Ashen Winter (Ashfall, #2) by Mike Mullin
Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch
Doing It by Melvin Burgess

International Prize Pack
Streamline by Jennifer Lane (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing)
Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe ( (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing)
 Ember by Carol Oates (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing)
Breaking Point by Jess Bowen (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing)

Are you excited? I know I am! More details are coming soon, but we wanted to give you time to get your reading list together for July. Remember, only YOUNG ADULT books featuring MALE protagonists or written by male authors will count for this challenge. Books with alternating narrators (POVs) also count as long as one of the main characters is male. And there is still time to participate in The All Male Review Giveaway Hop! Come on! Giveaway your favorite boy boyfriend, you know you want to. Help us get the word out. Grab our button!


  1. Sounds like a great month. I'm particularly excited for the interview with Katie Mcgharry. I can't wait to read Pushing the Limits.

  2. I can't wait to read Pushing the Limits either! I have some review lined up for the week of the giveaway for all male books. I'm trying to slip some other ones in for the month! I can't read to the different posts!


  3. This sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the heads up, Jenny. :)

  4. Alison - I adored Pushing the Limits, I'm really excited for that interview too!

    Heather - Yay! Can't wait for your thoughts on Pushing the LImits:)

    Sam - Welcome!

  5. Woot! All Male Revue! Oh, wait. That's Magic Mike. But this sounds awesome, too.

  6. This sounds very, very awesome. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  7. "Some of you who read the blog frequently may have noticed I tend to harbor rather epically intense crushes on my fictional boyfriends"

    Really, Jenny? I hadn't noticed. :P

    It is weird that I want to be the one on the leader board for harboring the most intense love for fictional boys! I dream about them, Jenny! I have convos with if they are real! Yes, I know. I need a reality check, but I refuse to cash such check. Boys in book are just too dang yummy. :)

    Thanks for co-hosting with me. You're the best!

  8. Mary - MAGIC MIKE!!!!

    Lea - It should be awesome, I'm really excited:)

    Missie - I know. It's something I've kept to myself but I really felt like it was time to share my love for fictional boys with the world ;-)

  9. I feel like a flake since I couldn't help more...I am leaving on Wednesday morning and will be out of town and off the blogosphere until the 9th but I promise to participate when I get back. You ladies are doing an awesome job getting it all put together.

  10. Hahahahahahaha! I'm giggling like crazy about what you said about your competitiveness and fictional sluttiness -- you kinda LOTTA rock, Jenny! :') I'm scanning through my ARC review schedule for the month and am hoping to find male-author & male-protagonist books to review right now. This sounds like so much fun, and I love Missie!

    Your excitement is super contagious, Jenny! Have a wonderful daaaaay :) <3

  11. Love your competitive spirit, crazy woman!

  12. P.S. just finished an AMAZING book from a male POV: Where She Went (you've probably read it already).

  13. OMG!!! So super exciting right?!?! I need to add a button!!!!

  14. Sounds so fun!!!! This means I can work my spark by brigid kemmerer review into this hop, yay!!!!

  15. Heidi - Oooo I hope you're going somewhere fun!

    Mimi - I'm competitively slutty in this case I think. Sluttily competitive? Whichever. Bring on the boys:)

    Jennifer - Hahahaha thank you:) And I actually haven't read Where She Went which means I fail as a blogger, I've heard it's ridiculously good:)

    Ashley - YES!!! Can't wait:)

    Rachel - Yay! So glad you're excited:)

    Savy - Right? BRING IT!

  16. I'm so excited for this and I can't wait to see all of the awesome stops! You're having Veronica Rossi over? :o :o That is just so awesome! I can't wait!

  17. Jenny and Missie-

    It doesn't come as a shock to any of us that you talk to and dream about your book boyfriends. You aren't fooling anyone! Can't wait to get started. I have some great books lined up to giveaway for the hop and hopefully I'll get to join in the mini challenges and add some reviews!


  18. I'm so excited for this hop