About Me

That's me. And Griffin. I'm a graphic designer and wedding stationer who runs a business from home creating custom wedding invitations for brides who want something unique to them. I also happen to be a severe book addict. It's a good thing I work for myself as there is many a night I stay up way too late devouring books and, as a result, sometimes I don't always wake up at a work-appropriate hour the next morning. Oops.

My husband is a pretty good sport about it, I only get an eye roll when I inform him that I bought another book on the Kindle because it was only $.99 and would therefore be a crime to not purchase it. I think he tires of this argument and has learned to just accept my bookish ways :-)

I started this blog because I love to read and share the books I've enjoyed with others. I'm always on the lookout for a new book or series and I hope other book addicts get ideas from the books I've reviewed.

My mom, Pam, and my mother-in-law, Cathy (also known together as The Moms), are sometimes contributors to the blog and therefore deserve their very own mention. Now, The Moms do not love photographs of themselves, so I'm still working on acquiring an image to post of the three of us together. I will update this page if I'm ever successful in this endeavor ;-)

Whenever I find more books in my review pile than I can handle, The Moms are nice enough to step in and flex their reviewer muscles, something for which I'm eternally grateful. Reviews by either Mom are always indicated at the top of the post.