Review Policy

All books reviewed by Supernatural Snark were either purchased personally or provided by the publisher/author for the purpose of a review. If a review copy is issued, I will indicate it in my post. I receive absolutely no financial compensation for the reviews I provide. I'm reviewing these books because I love to read and enjoy getting others addicted to the books I'm obsessed with so I'm not alone in my addiction:)

Interested in having me review a book? Email me at

My favorite and preferred genres are paranormal young adult, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. Anything supernatural in nature is something I'm interested in reading.

I prefer print copies for review, but I do have a Kindle and can accept e-books. PDF files will work as well provided they can open on a Kindle.

I do read and review self-published books and independently published books, however as of June 2012, I'm no longer accepting these books in e-book format though I'm happy to conduct interviews or host guest posts and giveaways as alternative promotion if the blog schedule allows. If you have a paper copy of your book and wish to submit it for review, please email the above address.

I'm a huge fan of book series and would be happy to review a book at any point in a series. However, if it's a series I have yet to read, please provide the prior books in the series as well as the book you would like reviewed so I can have a complete understanding of the world and can provide and honest and thorough review.

If I accept a novel for review, a review will most likely be posted on the blog.

PLEASE NOTE: In light of recent drama and controversy, I feel it necessary to reiterate that sometimes, due to a busy work/life schedule, even books that have been accepted are not always reviewed in order to maintain a quality mental health status :-) Thank you for understanding.

Though I dislike writing negative reviews, I do strive to provide my honest opinion and support that opinion in the review which does at times include aspects of the book I find problematic. In addition to the blog, my reviews are posted on Goodreads, Random Buzzers, and Amazon.

I try and review all books in a timely fashion, but the amount of time between receipt of the book and the review being posted on the blog is dependent on my current schedule. I will notify all authors/publishers upon acceptance of a review request if the wait is going to be substantial. If a book is an advanced copy, a review will be sent upon completion but will not be posted on the blog until a week or two prior to the release date (unless otherwise instructed).