Monday, July 26, 2010

Review: The Iron Daughter

Julie Kagawa

Young Adult

304 Pages
Harlequin Teen

Available August 1, 2010

Received from publisher

Warning: Contains spoilers from
The Iron King


Meghan Chase has experienced a lot in the last couple months. She turned sixteen, was promptly thrust into the complicated and terrifying world of the fey, discovered a shocking family history, and topped it all off with an impossible attraction to a prince of the Winter Court.

But the complications are just beginning for Meghan. In keeping with her contract with Prince Ash, Meghan returns to the Nevernever and to the Winter Court where she will be detained for an undisclosed period of time. Here she encounters not only the strange and unfriendly denizens of the Unseelie Court, but she also catches brief glimpses of Ash's two older brothers Rowan and Sage. Ash shakes off the emotional thaw he experienced in The Iron King, and returns to his previous cold and remote state, leaving Meghan truly alone deep in enemy territory.

Turns out that Queen Mab has much more to concern herself with than the presence of Summer's half breed daughter though. Ever quick to jump to conclusions, Mab incites a war with the Summer Court when she discovers the Sceptre of the Seasons has been stolen shortly after Oberon made the transfer, and no one but Meghan saw those responsible.

Now Meghan must race to locate the sceptre before all those she cares about are destroyed in a battle under false pretense. Old friends return to aid her in her quest, new friends come in unexpected forms, and relationships are continually tested as the Iron Fey make their presence known to all and threaten the very fabric of Faery itself.


This series is unparalleled in it's imagination and creativity. New species of fey are continually introduced, each more fanciful and inspired than the last, and the different landscapes that make up the Nevernever are nothing short of spectacular in their whimsy.

In addition to amping up the world-building ingenuity, Kagawa also gives us a little extra romantic tension in the love triangle established in book one. Puck, ever the fun-loving, mischievous, laugh-inducing prankster makes his feelings known to Meghan. And Ash, the very antithesis of everything Puck embodies, realizes his feelings for Meghan cannot be easily cast aside as he so valiantly tried to do when he returned home. Fans of both Team Puck and Team Ash will be licking their lips in anticipation of Meghan's inevitable romantic decision.

Though the Iron King suffered his demise at Meghan's hand, the Iron Fey have not abandoned their hopes of gaining ground in the Nevernever. New leadership is in place, more cunning and destructive than the last monarchy. Though the Iron King didn't play a huge role in the first novel save for his destruction at the end, the Iron Fey influence is prominent in this second installment, and Kagawa has created a decadently monstrous foe to face off against Meghan, Puck and Ash.

The action is non-stop, causing my fingers permanent disability due to rapid page flipping, the humor is in full swing, and the surprises are in plentiful supply as we learn more about Meghan, more about the Iron Fey and their plans, and more about the romantic entanglements of the three protagonists.

A brilliant sequel to The Iron King, and I am eagerly counting the days till The Iron Queen and the conclusion of this fantastic series.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Amazing review! I felt the same way :-) Can't wait for Iron Queen!

  2. I still haven't started this series! I can't believe it. Wonderful review, though. I'm missing out on a great series, it seems like!

  3. It's not often I like a sequel more than the first in a series, but this was the exception. I really loved where Kagawa took the series and cannot wait for the final book!!

  4. I just read another review of this book and I must read this one and the first one! Great review :)

  5. I loved this book. Sooo goood!!!

  6. Ooooh! You are so lucky you got to read this already! I can't wait!

  7. I totally agree with your review! I am eagerly anticipating the Iron Queen, too! =)