Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interview: Rebecca Maizel

I want to start by giving a warm welcome to Rebecca Maizel, author of Infinite Days. I absolutely adored this book and immediately wrote Rebecca to ask for this interview, and to my absolute delight, she agreed!

What’s your favorite quote from Infinite Days?

In response to Lenah seeing Justin and Tracy laughing in the library:

“At Wickham, Tony was my only companion. His friendship kept me company as well as all the memories of my vampire life, piling on and on in my mind like a stack of books, each memory a leather binding, reaching higher and higher toward an endless ceiling.”

Rhode’s love for Lenah is overwhelming and gut-wrenching, and he places her above and before any other. Did you worry how readers might react to Lenah having love interests other than Rhode?

I didn’t worry. You can’t worry when you’re writing how your readers will react. You have to write for yourself, for the characters and for the story they need to tell. And yes, Rhode rules.

Were there any scenes that were cut in the editing process you wish had made it into the book?

I had a different opening – Lenah wakes up in a library in the first version of Infinite Days and debates whether or not she should murder the librarian.

Can you give us one fun fact we might not know about Infinite Days? Something about the story itself or the writing process?

The way Justin looks is based off of the hottest roommate I ever had in my life. Not entirely but the height and the “glowing” sort of aura. SO CUTE.

(This is me shaking my head that none of my roommates ever looked like that!)

If you were Lenah, would you have made the same choice to become human knowing the price that needs to be paid?

Well, Lenah doesn’t know Rhode will die. She knows it’s a possibility but she doesn’t know it will happen for sure. I think if I was Lenah and I was reaching the edge of insanity as she was at the end of her vampire life, yes, I probably would. I imagine her existence would have been nearly unbearable.

If you could interview any literary character, who would it be and what would you ask them?


What’s the most interesting question you’ve been asked as an author?

I did an interview with http://allthingsurbanfantasy.blogspot.com/ and the interview there was really fun. She also wrote a fantastic review, well thought out.

I have thought about Lenah, Rhode and their entire story almost every day since I finished the book a week ago. What’s the last book you read that had a story and characters you just couldn’t stop thinking about?

Wow, thank you so much. Their history is a really long one and their love has literally spanned centuries. So, thank you.

I read AM Jenkins’ novel Beating Heart and I am OBSESSED with Ethan. The author does such an incredible job setting up the relationship between Ethan and the Ghost that haunts his house. AWESOME.

Thanks so much for stopping by Rebecca! If you haven't had a chance to pick up Infinite Days, you are missing out on a truly imaginative and breathtaking story. Run to the bookstore! If you want to learn more about Infinite Days, upcoming Vampire Queen novels, and Rebecca, you can check out these sites:


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  1. Great interview. I have bought her book and is awaiting to be read. I have heard so many good things about her writing :)

  2. Nice to have met Rebecca - thanks for a wonderful author interview.

  3. I love this interview! I like how Justin was based off a roomate haha.

  4. This was such a great interview! I haven't read the book yet but I plan on picking it up. The questions were well thought out and I enjoyed reading it. Nice work!

  5. Great interview! Wish I had a roommate that looked like Justin...:(

  6. Savannah - I hope you like it as much as I did! Now I start the long wait for book 2:(

    Petty - Thank you!

    Brooke and Kelsey - Thanks so much:) I want a roommate like Justin too;)

    anjohnston - Thanks! It's definitely worth the read, one of my favorites so far this year:)

  7. I loooooved Infinite Days. Awesome interview!!! My review will be up soon.

  8. Fabulous Interview!!!

    I haven't read Infinite Days. Yet. It is itching at me now!

    Assuming I love it how so many did I'm not ready to have to wait for the second book.

  9. Awesome! I just got this book. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  10. Thank you for the great interview. I sometimes have a hard time reading interviews but, you're questions were great. I'll definitely be ordering Rebecca's book soon.

  11. Steph - Me too obviously:) Looking forward to reading your review!

    Stacey - You should definitely read it! The wait is never fun, especially with an ending like this one has:)

    Julie - Hope you enjoy it!

    Jen - Thanks so much, glad it was fun to read. I worry about asking interesting questions, so thanks for your comment!

  12. This interview was awesome! I like that the original opening scene of the novel was in a library-I wonder why it couldn't have stayed that way. o.O

  13. Oh em gee. I would totally slap Jo then ask her the same exact thing!

    Incredible interview. Yay for hot roommates.

    I'm so sorry I missed it the first time around. Now I feel torn about racing home to read the book or waiting a bit longer. I don't know if I can bear the sacrifice.

    Plus I'm now interested in reading Beating Heart. I love picking up book recs from author.