Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Boyfriend: Curran

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, one that gives us the opportunity to introduce our latest literary crushes and match up their descriptions with a few pictures of a gentleman we think fits the bill. Curran (aka the Beast Lord of Atlanta) from Illona Andrews's Kate Daniels series is one of my all time favorite male characters – not only is he gorgeous, but he has a snarky streak a mile wide and his interactions with Kate are the highlights of every book for me. Hope you enjoy him!

A brief description of Curran when Kate first meets him:

A couple of inches taller than me, the Beast Lord gave an impression of coiled power. Easy, balanced stance. Blond hair, cut too short to grab. At first glance he looked to be in his early to mid-twenties, but his build betrayed him. His shoulders strained his T-shirt. His back was broad and corded with muscle, showing the power and strength a man developed in his early thirties. (pg 55 of Magic Bites)

I actually picked a character with blond hair this week! I almost always pick a character with dark hair and then make him blond in the pictures, but I think I found a good fit this this time without having to change anything. Daniel Goddard fits the image of Curran I have in my head pretty well. Curran's hair is often a bit longer in later books and that's the way I picture him - with a bit of a shaggy mane of hair since he's a lion shapeshifter and all – so I have pictures of Daniel with both long and short hair.

"His Majesty needs a can-I girl anyway. And I'm not it."

"A can-I girl?" Andrea frowned.

I leaned back. "'Can I fetch your food, Your Majesty? Can I tell you how strong and mighty you are, Your Majesty? Can I pick out your fleas, Your Majesty? Can I kiss your ass, Your majesty? Can I...?

It dawned on me that Raphael was sitting very still. Frozen, like a statue, his gaze fixed on the point above my head.

"He's standing behind me, isn't he?"

Andrea nodded slowly.

"Technically it should be 'may I,'" Curran said, his voice deeper than I remembered. "Since you're asking permission."


He put the chair next to me, back first, and saddled it like a horse, crossing his arms on the top of the back to show off carved biceps.

Why me?
(pg 42 of Magic Strikes)

Curran smiled.

"What's so funny?"

"Your panties have a bow," he said.


"What's wrong with bows?"

"Nothing." He was grinning now. "I expected barbed wire. Or one of those steel chains."

Wiseass. "I'm secure enough in myself to wear panties with bows on them. Besides, they are comfy and soft."

"I bet." He almost purred.


I tried to get off the bed. Everything was under control until my weight actually hit my legs and then the room decided to crawl sideways. Curran caught me. His arm hugged my back, his touch sending an electric shiver along my skin. Oh no.

"Need some help, ass kicker?"
(pg 92 of Magic Burns)

This wasn't happening.

"I worry about you." He dipped his head and looked into my eyes. "I worry something stupid will happen and I won't be there and you'll be gone. I worry we won't ever get a chance and it's driving me out of my skull."

No, no, no, no...

We stared at each other. The tiny space between us felt too hot. Muscles bulged on his naked frame. He looked feral.

Mad gold eyes stared into mine. "Do you miss me, Kate?"

I closed my eyes, trying to shut him out. I could lie and then we'd be back to square one. Nothing would be resolved. I'd still be alone, hating him and wanting him.

He grabbed my shoulders and shook me once. "Do you miss me?"

I took the plunge. "Yes."
(pg 175 of Magic Bleeds)

And just because it's Curran, one more picture for good measure (just ignore the huge necklace):


  1. No, no, no and shut up! Curran is MY book boyfriend. *Takes a deep breath* Okay, I'll let you have him but if you so much as look at Derek I will KICK. YOUR. ASS!

  2. I haven't read the Kate Daniel series but I have heard it is really good. And Curran makes me want to read it even more. I loved those quotes about her underwear.

  3. I must read the Kate Daniels series and meet Curran. What a hottie!

  4. I'm sorry but Curran is actually mine and I am not prepared to share. Yummy!

  5. *geeeeeee* awesome pick my friend!! Curran is incredible a and I love this series. I just devoured reading again the scenes you picked... holy hottness!
    I need to read Magic Slays now...

    I think he fits perfectly for Curran.. *swoooon*


    My copy of Magic Slays arrived yesterday and - let me tell you - the quotes you have there SERIUOSLY make me want to read it right now, LOL. #CurranWithdrawal

  7. Well now I am thinking Curran is all the rage and I can definitely see why. Love the pic with the cat!

  8. Oh another hottie !!! Thank you Jenny .. I had heard about the series .. but honestly I'd never considered reading it but thanks to you I've added Magic Bites to my wishlist and I looks forward to meet Curran !
    Thanks !

  9. I loved the panties scene :D Aww Curran, he is the best

  10. This is a series I have but haven't read :( I need too in a big way! Curran sounds wonderful, of course I will imagine him as a brunette LOL

  11. Love the "may I quote!" And I also love the picture of the guy with the big kitty. Although I mostly like the kitty :-)

  12. Ruby - LOL! I'll leave Derek to you, I promise:) We'll have to work something out for Hawke though, I refuse to give up my share of the claim on him:)

    Nic - I love this series:) They just have such a funny relationship and they're so antagonistic all the time, so when they have a serious moment like the last quote, it just makes me smile:)

    Misha - He definitely is:)

    Lesley - Hahaha! Can I bribe you to let me have him?

    Danny - I need Magic Slays too, going through all the books last night to find quotes made me realize how much I miss Kate and Curran!

    Bella - I need to buy mine, I'm in Curran withdrawal too:)

    Jan - I thought the picture with the cat was quite fitting:)

    Elodie - You're welcome, everyone needs a good-looking man to swoon over on hump day:) If you do try the series, stick with the first one, it's a bit hard to get into (at least for me) and then the series just keeps getting better.

    Blodeuedd - The panties scene is one of my favorites:)

    Felicia - DO IT! And of course he'll be brunette for you:)

    Alison - The two of them are hilarious:)

  13. I love Curran....he gets better with each book

  14. smeeeeeeeeeeeexy. I still haven't read this series. *sigh*

  15. *Coughing* Um woah, haven't read this series, but I sure need to read it now. Thanks for making my morning absolutely hot and sunny!!

  16. Jenny!

    You amaze me. How the heck you manage to have me laughing and drooling simultaneously is a wonder. That last picture is purrrr-fect for Curran. *giggles*

    Please be sure to let Curran know that I have panties AND bras wit bows on them. Too inappropriate? *blushes*

    P.S. Thanks for having a lot of picture of Daniel on hand.

  17. Mmmm... definitely liking those photos. :p Curran sounds very sexy. :)

  18. Maria - I agree completely, I just adore him:)

    Ash - Get on it woman! Curran is waiting for you!

    Savy - Yes. Yes you do:) You're welcome;)

    Missie - I am truly amazing aren't I? It's a gift and a curse;) If Curran wants panties with bows, that's all I'll be wearing from here on out!

    Lauren - He's enjoyable isn't he?

  19. I have Magic Bites on my shelf waiting to be read and your post makes me want to put down all the books I am reading now just so I can get a taste of Curran. =D He sounds so dreamy!! And the pictures...yummy!

  20. uhhhh

    curran can come visit me anytime. We will have tea and chat about that kitty of his...:)

  21. Great choice! I need to add this series to me reading list.

  22. I love their banter. He definitely sounds sexy.

  23. Bailey - You should bust that copy open, Curran and Kate are very entertaining:)

    Tina - Right? He's welcome in this house any time he wants.

    Jenny - I hope you do, it's one of my favorites!

    Juju - Me too, it's my favorite part of the series:)

  24. Oh what a great choice! I haven't met Curran just yet, but I will. Then I may lay out a few raw steaks that lead back to my harem. ;)

  25. *Fans self* I work with a bunch of guys who are probably wondering why I'm giggling and staring at this screen when I should be working.

  26. *melt in a puddle of squee* This post is a real pick-me-up after a bad day. I love Curran. just LOVE him. *g*

  27. Oh GOD... just *kill me slooowly* while I stare at him.

    I REALLY REALLY need to read the Kate Daniels series. *duh*

  28. Oh my freaking G! What delicious pictures and what an amazingly built man. He deserves to be licked!! That is a most amazing fictional boyfriend! Jenny, I now want to read that series so bad I'm going to be naughty and buy it for my kindle tonight! *mwah ha ha ha*


  29. I just finished Magic Slays last night and now this makes me want to start the series all over again! haha, and you just happened to find a picture with him and a real life lion!!! Too perfect! Impeccable taste my dear!

  30. Purrr...I was just thinking about Curran today after having a really crappy day at work. Finally got my copy of "Magic Slays" and I can't wait to devour it this weekend!

  31. So cute! Love the picture with the lion cub!! That one gave me shivers :)

  32. Okay Jenny, you've given me a new series to read. I think I like the female character (her attitude) and well sorry, I like your book boyfriend, but I'll let you have him. I guess I'm still robbing the cradle with boys like Jay from the Bodyfinder series and Zachary from the Shade series. Maybe I'm wanting to start all over again??? Man if I only knew then what I know now!


  33. I'm so adding this series to my TBR list. Love the quotes! ;)

  34. Jenny what are you trying to do to me, shame on you *thinks pure, wholesome thoughts* arghhh it's not working. OMG he sounds so hot, and then the pictures. *flails*

  35. I love alpha males. Curran sounds so hot.

  36. Pardon me while I fetch a mop for my drool. First of all, that passage had me riveted, and second of all, those pics? Cruel, Jenny. Absolutely cruel ;)

  37. Oh goodie that means I can have Hawke all to myself right Jenny?

  38. Oooohhhh, Daniel Goddard, the Beast Master!! Awesome choice!

  39. I love the back and forth between Kate and Curran, it one of the things that makes Kate my favorite. Everyone else is on eggshells with him except her. Its great.

  40. YES YES YES! A Million times YES!

    Curran freaking rocks!