Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lycan Unleashed: Interview + Giveaway

I have the pleasure today of welcoming author Tiffany Allee to the blog to answer a few questions about the latest installment of her paranormal romance series, Lycan Unleashed. It's no secret that lycans/werewolves are a favorite paranormal entity of mine, so I'm greatly looking forward to meeting Mason and seeing what trouble he and heroine Astrid are going to get themselves in!

If you were a detective policing a world full of all things supernatural, what paranormal being would you most want for a partner?

Oh, good question! I’d have to say a lycan. Like vampires, they have enhanced strength and speed, but they are far less likely to look at me like I’m dinner if I get shot and start bleeding everywhere.

A salamander would be a fun choice too. The ability to start things on fire with your mind would totally come in handy if my lunch got cold.

Let's say that for one day Astrid is able to swap her ability as a sensitive for any other paranormal ability. What ability would she think might help her most as a detective?

Well, Astrid’s current power is pretty effective for bringing in bad guys, so I think that if she were to swap abilities she might lean more toward a power she could use to defend herself. Something tough. Maybe a vampire or lycan’s powers. Knowing Astrid’s taste, I’d guess she would go lycan.

What is your all time favorite werewolf/lycan book?

While the main character isn’t a werewolf, Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series is fantastic, and my favorite werewolf-focused series. She does an amazing job with the world building, especially when it comes to the wolves and their social structure and behavior. It’s fabulous and fun.

If roles were reversed and Astrid was to sit down to write a story about you, how might she describe your character?

Oh, you don’t believe in easy questions, do you? I guess she’d describe me as being of average height and build, snarky attitude, but a heart of gold. Okay, maybe gold is an exaggeration. Silver? …Ish.

You're in a dark alley with two vampires blocking the way to freedom. The only thing you have on you is your purse and all its current contents. How do you escape?

I’d turn to the sexiest one, look him up and down, and say, “How you doooiiin?” in a Joey Tribbiani accent.

If that didn’t work, I guess I’d toss my gum at the closest one, prepare to use my keys as a replacement for brass knuckles, and scream my head off. And I’d run. There’d definitely be some running.

What is one thing you learned about police procedure while writing Astrid's character that you didn't know before you started?

Since Lycan Unleashed is the third book in the series, I’d already done quite a bit of research prior to starting the book (I promise, not all of it was from watching cop shows!). But, I did have to research how evidence might be stored while not in use for Astrid’s story, since a piece of evidence being stolen is a pivotal moment in the book.

The books in the Files of the Otherworld Enforcement Agency series all have very sexy covers. If Mason were to see the cover of Lycan Unleashed, what might the first words out of his mouth be?

“Where the hell is my shirt?” :-D

A good question indeed. But not one I particularly need answered. *stares at Mason's bare chest* Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions Tiffany! More information on Tiffany and her books can be found here:

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Detective Astrid Holmes is a sensitive, a human capable of feeling the energy of otherworlders. When she is dispatched to the horrific murder scene of a local vampire, she expects it to be just another day on the job. But when evidence is stolen on her watch, she is removed—not only from the investigation, but from her job as a member of the Chicago police department’s paranormal unit.

Astrid’s only hope of reinstatement lies with her ex co-worker and almost-lover, lycan Mason Sanderson. But convincing the OWEA agent to let her assist with the investigation isn’t nearly as difficult as staying alive when the murderer realizes that Astrid may hold the key to unlocking his identity.

Fighting to take down a killer could have deadly consequences for Astrid and Mason, but working together puts their already fragile relationship in jeopardy.

• • • • • • • • • •


Thanks to Tiffany and Entangled Publishing, I have an eCopy of either Banshee Charmer or Succubus Lost (books 1 and 2 in the series) to give away on the blog today! Please note when entering that these are adult paranormal romance books, not YA. Because these are eCopies, this giveaway is international, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck everyone!
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  1. Heh, I like her comment about how you don't ask easy questions. It's, true, you always come up with the most creative and fun questions, Jenny!!

  2. Lol, toss your gum at one. They better sun then ;)


    Ooohh I have a feeling I'll love reading about the police procedures and detective work in this book! I've always been a fan of crime and paranormal so I think I'll enjoy this<3 LOVE the questions Jennyyyyy! Like Aylee said, you ALWAYS come up with the most creative, unique and fun questions<3

  4. Sounds like an interesting read although I'm not a huge fan of that cover. It looks like a bad photoshop job to me! :/
    Anyways, those were some fun questions, Jenny! Where do you come up with these kinds of questions? It makes reading these interviews so much fun. :D
    Thanks for sharing, Jenny! :)

  5. Hey. How you doin'?

    You are seriously on a roll when it comes to these tours, aren't you? Nice! You always come up with the most interesting & insightful questions, too.

    Love Mercy Thompson series, too! Great storyline there.

  6. I love Lycans. Possibly, no definitely, more than vampires. Maybe because I'm a dog person...? Maybe because I like my guys more warm bodied than cold? No clue. Regardless: I love werewolf books.

    That interview was hysterical, ladies. I loved it. And that cover model is ... DAYUM. Totally adding this my TBR. Thanks, Jenny!!!

  7. Favorite Lycian book is Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega

  8. I've had my eye on this book for a while, but I didn't realize it was part of a series. I love werewolf books to. My favorite werewolf series is The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis. I really enjoyed the interview and I can't wait to check this series out. I haven't read anything from Entangled yet that I didn't like.

  9. I think having a lycan as a partner would be smart. They could easily blend with humans for the most part..until a full moon pops up or they get angry. Heh. Definitely curious to learn more about Mason and company.

  10. Hah I love the sound of this series, it has a nice blend of mystery and paranormal aspects! Win! Also I don't think I've read enough lycan/werewolf books, so this will be going to the tbr! Btw I love the last answer! I love my covers with guys not wearing shirts! ;)

  11. Bhahahahha!!! JOEY TRIBIANI!!!! God, I love Joey! My favorites from Friends are forever Chandler and Ross, though, but if Joey was my friend, I would never let him go. Joey is awesome and I think any vampire would be delighted by a little 'how you doin'??' and he/she would never hurt anyone if that were to happen;) I don't think I have seen a werewolf movie other than occasional wolfy stuff on Vampire Diaries and ummm.. does Twilight count? LOL. I don't have a favorite. I do have two favorite series - The Wolves of Mercy Falls and Nightshade. This is so cool, because I have Nightshade review up today, yay!! Always the great interviewer, Jenny! Thanks:)

  12. Ooo this sounds good and I agree a lycan would make a great partner. I love books with were, some of my favorites..well Mercy Thompson series of course, and River Road

  13. Haha, it's snowing here, so I wouldn't mind living with a salamander right about now! I also adore the Mercy Thompson series, I call it highly intelligent UF, and think Patty Briggs is a genius for paying so much attention to body language and such.
    Great interview!
    I'm sorry I haven't been around much, Jenny. Exams, exams.

  14. You always ask such cool questions! I am in awe of your interviewing skills :-)

    Love that her first move when faced with vampires is to hit on them, Joey style. I think that actually might work!

    And I am also not in need of an answer to the shirt question. *drools* :-)

    This sounds like a fun series, and I'm a sucker for werewolves/lycans too. I'm tempted to be bad and skip to book three (but my OCD nature will probably win in the end, and I'll go in order). Thanks for sharing!

  15. "How you doin'" Ha ha! I don't know how well that would go over with the vamps but it made me laugh! I also totally love Mercy THompson and I just put her newest book in Friday Forecast! I can't wait it has been two years! This looks like all kinds of fun! I want it even though I need more books like I need another hole in my head....hey maybe I should get my nose pierced...NOT!

  16. I haven't read Mercy Thompson, but I read the spin off series and while I didn't love the first book, I liked the 2nd and LOVED the third! (Omega series, I think it's called.) There are so many series with shapeshifters where they aren't the main focus and the Hollows series by Kim Harrison is probably my all time favorite.
    This series sounds pretty great though! And I hadn't heard of it before!

  17. I love the Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series!


  18. Umm, Jenny, you had me at Lycan and since she loves Patricia Briggs, (I'm totally in LOVE WITH ADAM HAUPTMAN) this is series I'm going to want to read!

  19. There is a salamander being in her books? SAY WHAT?! That's so awesome! And I totally giggled at what she thinks Mason would say about the cover. Teehee! I love your interviews, Jenny. :D You ask THE BEST questions.

  20. What? I've got the shirt right here. *waves shirt*

    I've read Banshee Charmer so I'm curious about this one. Oh and my fave lycan is also Mercy. Yea, I also know she's not a were in the strictest sense, but still my fave. Adam isn't bad either... *waggles eyebrows*

  21. I'm totally blanking out on a favorite werewolf movie. Maybe Silver Bullet? It was an 80s flick with Gary Busey (I know, dated!!) but it was full of suspense.

    I gotta say, this cover totally distracted me O_O Hello there Mason!! Yum. I really need to start this series, it sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the giveaway ladies. :)

  22. This is so much fun. I can't decide on a favorite. There do need to be more good movies though.

  23. I would say The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, I can't pick out one book. Even though it was a wide variety of supernatural characters and Mercy is a coyote, the majority of the characters are werewolves.

  24. Awesome interview! Those answers cracked me up :)

  25. (Normally silent reader checking in!)
    Looks like a cool series to get into, and yay! cool idea adding other creatures like Salamanders into the mix!!

    Hmm, you ask what my fave werewolf book/movie is. I'd have to say Iron Druid Chronicles for the werewolves, because they don't need a full moon to turn, and theyre turbo-burly. :D they're good lawyers, too.

    May just have to browse the Kindle store today!

  26. Wow! Thank you all so much for the awesome (and hilarious!) comments. And thanks so much to Jenny for the fantastic interview questions. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves Friends and Adam--I mean, Mercy Thompson. *cough*

  27. I love Shiver, Linger by Maggie Stiefvator. It is really good.

  28. I love the Mercy Thompson series.

  29. I haven't read too many books that feature werewolves except for The Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I do enjoy, however, "True Blood" because they use real wolves to depict werewolves instead of CGI.

    mestith at gmail dot com

  30. I'm swooning over your question about asking if Astrid was writing a book about the author how she would describe her. It's just...such a good question! Also, #NakedWerewolves FTW!

  31. I loved underworld the movie. Like way too many books to pick just one.

  32. I loved underworld the movie. Like way too many books to pick just one.