Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Vyne Blog Tour: Character Interview with Scar

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Scar to the blog, she's a main character in Daniel Walls's young adult fantasy novel The Vyne. If you haven't had a chance to read my review, you can check it out here. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for stopping by Scar!

Describe your relationship with Ash in 5 words or less.

Mutual disparity, trust, emotional, uncertainty

If you could only keep one memory from either the time before you became number 97 or the time you spent as Scar again, what memory would it be?

I don’t remember actual things from before I became 97. It’s more like a dream. What is most real to me than anything is my time with Ash. Everything seemed so vivid. And if there was one moment in time I could relive it would be the nights Ash used to sneak down to his father’s fishing trawler to visit me. It was so…perfect. I know it sounds weird—being trapped, hiding the shadows of his father’s boat. But we had everything we needed. We had each other. I never expected Ash to come. But he just did. Every single night he would show up with food and we would sit and just talk. Sometimes we wouldn’t talk, we’d just sit there in silence, staring out the little frost-covered porthole, out over Willow Lake. It was so peaceful. But that was before they found us. Before everything erupted.

No matter how many times you tell Ash not to trust you he continues to stand by your side, what is it about you that you think inspires his unwavering loyalty?

I often wondered that myself. At the time it didn’t seem rational. But there was just something about Ash. You can’t fake that kind of compassion for someone. I feel like he never really allowed himself to love another person (his parents, friends, even himself) until he met me. I know that sounds very assuming, but you don’t know Ash like I do. He’s a very special person. And this world is luckier than they’ll ever know for having him in it.

If you were to put one object in a time capsule that you think best represents the world of The Vyne so future generations could see what it was like, what would it be and why?

For nostalgia’s sake, it would be the deep-green, hooded coat he lent me. But then again, that wouldn’t be very informative about the entire world of The Vyne. So I guess the best thing would be…well, let’s see… Actually, the best thing for future generations to see would be a broken-down, rusted drone-soldier. That way they could get a glimpse of what tore our world apart. Hopefully this would help in deterring them from repeating the same mistakes.

What is the first thing you remember thinking when Ash found you in the woods?

Fear. Not because of Ash. In fact, the moment his face came into focus something began to change. Even as the villagers were passing through the woods, somehow I knew that things would be ok. I’ve never felt that way before. And I never will again.

What is the biggest regret you have from your time with Ash and company?

Running out on Ash when he took me to the Clock Tower. I think I did some damage that night. I wish more than anything in the world that I would have just let go and let Ash open up the way he wanted to with me. Things changed after that moment. It was like he clammed up again and became unsure of himself, unsure about me.

There are so many interesting places in your world, is there one area or city in particular you’d most like to visit?

As beautiful as Copi Bienna was, it was a terrible, frightening experience. I really thought that I was going to die. There was something about the world beneath the water’s surface (when we were traveling to the Colonel’s cabana) that was so…quiet and calming. It felt like we were able to be unseen by the rest of the world. It felt safe (although it wasn’t). But in all honesty, my favorite place is still Garbbit Harbor. Everything good happened there. Well, I guess not everything. But it was where I met Ash. It was more special than I even realized at the time.

If Mr. Walls could rewrite your character, is there anything you would request he change?

Are you kidding me? Everything. Everything about me. I’m sorry, I can’t do this interview any longer…

THE VYNE (from Amazon):

For as long as he can remember, Asher has possessed unexplainable abilities, which his widowed father has forced him to keep hidden. But when an elusive girl named Scar enters his village, Asher's life is forever transformed.

Bound by despair, the teens plot to run away. However, when a mystical medallion finds its way into Asher's hands, they soon learn that running is not an option, it's imperative. Asher is thrust into the pursuit of a legendary treasure, believed to possess the power to save the world from the prophesied apocalypse. And the key to unlocking this power lies within the secret of his curse.

While hunted by dark forces, Asher realizes that Scar has secrets of her own; she is not the girl he thought she was. Time is running out as he struggles to find the strength to let go of his feelings and summon the courage to embrace his destiny.

A chilling, heart-wrenching tale of colliding worlds and forbidden love, The Vyne reinvents steampunk-fantasy for a whole new generation.

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  8. Danny - Thanks, hope you like it!

    Misha - I love them too, I like getting behind the scenes info:)

    Nic - She is, I quite enjoyed reading her answers:)

    Jan - You're welcome, glad you enjoyed the interview!

    Savy - It's slow to start this one and it's complicated, but it's a cool world he's created.

    Alison - She's not your typical YA character, there's a lot of darkness to her which is interesting.

    Avery - Glad I could introduce a new book to you!

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    Melissa - Wouldn't it be nice if we could reach in and grab our book boyfriends? I would get no work done if that was possible!

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  15. Madigan - Thanks! I just sent Mr. Walls the questions and then he answered them as Scar. One of the other blogs on the tour interviewed the main protagonist Ash as well:)

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    And thank you for following my blog!

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    BookAddictGirl - Thank you very much, and you're welcome, I look forward to visiting often:)

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