Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Hop: April 1-3

This week's question: Since today is April Fool's Day in the USA, what is the best prank you have ever played on someone OR that someone has played on you?

I'm such a nerd. Nothing so interesting as a prank ever happens to me (probably a blessing) and I just don't think I'm creative enough to come up with a quality prank to pull on someone else. I'd probably resort to something lame like popping out at someone from behind a door to try and scare them–something that requires very little skill and has been done numerous times over. I'm kind of awesome like that:)

Thanks so much to Crazy for Books for hosting the hop!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my hop (I'm following back)! As you know, I'm in the same "non-pranster" boat. Every year I do consider trying something funny on my husband...but I have this feeling it would backfire on me, lol.

    Happy hopping!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following you, as well.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Thanks for following!
    New follower =]

    Liz @ That's What Liz Read

  4. Hey now, never underestimate popping out behind doors! I've scared the bejesus out of people that way. =]

    Here's hoping no one pranks you tomorrow, love!

    Meghann Leigh

  5. I actually did that yesterday. I hid somewhere in plain sight and the person didn't even notice until I couldn't keeep my laughter contained anymore.

    Thanks for following, I'm new follower as well! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog and you. Hope you have a great weekend too! :)

  6. I'm not much of a prankster either, but I love hiding behind something and jumping out at people! Especially the hubby. LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm now following you in return! We really do have a lot of books in common!!

  7. Not a prankster myself either. I always suspect I would do it wrong and end up with the joke on me!

    Hopping by!

  8. Happy Friday Jenny! Have a great weekend :)

  9. I hate pranks...seriously I have no sense of humor...

    Just kidding..Happy Friday Jenny

  10. LOL! I guess I should watch out then ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following back! Absolutely love your left sidebar.

  11. I'm not much of a prankster either, but apprently my 4yr old is she got me good yesterday lol. Hope you can stop by my blog and see what she did. I am a new follower, Happy Reading!

  12. Thanks for hopping by my blog. I'm following you too! Seriously cool blog.

    I'm happy there are more of us who aren't big pranksters. Hopefully people are nice to us all today. :)

  13. Yup we have a boxer 11 month old female named Bailey who drives me nuts some times but I still love her hehe. They are great dogs and I would love to have a second one but we are going to wait till Bailey is a bit older.

  14. I wish I could boast an impressive prankster reseme, but alas... I also suffer from creativity issues.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Thank You so much for stopping by and following me. New follower here.

  16. Same here, I've never pullen any really great pranks.

  17. Ha! I'm the same way. I've always wanted to do something awesome, but I've never done it.

  18. You should at least think of something for today.

  19. I look forward to checking out more of your blog! Thanks for visiting mine today. Returning your follow =)

  20. At first I wasn't going to participate in this week's Book Blogger Hop. I'm not even sure why.

    But here I am. And I'm glad! To dispel any false impressions people may have had about me being a old, stodgy fuddy-duddy I'm happy to share some of my very best pranks with you.

    Highlights include - low-grade explosives, eggs and salt shakers. Get all the side-splitting details over on my blog -

    They date back to my younger years as a Brooklyn boy which brings about some introspection.

    I'm going to go pull some pranks today. Look out world! I'm coming out of prankster retirement!
    Howard Sherman

  21. Following back... The title critiques were hilarious, BTW. I am often amazed at the titles of romance novels, but those take the cake.

    I was in a backwoods portion of a southern state camping this weekend and saw signs for "peches" and "tiries." These were large signs too. Gotta love it. (BTW, I'm from the south so I can appreciate this even more.)

  22. I would be scared if you jumped out from behind a door....especially if it were dark in the house. But...I don't like pranks, so I definitely wouldn't like that prank. :)

    I am stopping by from the blog hop.

    Hope you have a fun blog hop.

    Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer.