Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interview + Giveaway: Myne Whitman and A Love Rekindled

Today I'm excited to welcome Myne Whitman to the blog to answer a few questions about her newest romance release, A Love Rekindled. She's also generously providing a PDF galley as a giveaway to one lucky commenter so be sure and check out the end of the post for all the entry details!

If you had to pick one book (outside your own) that represents everything you love most about the romance genre as a whole, what book would it be and why?

That would be Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It was one of the first romance novels I read and the story started my love affair with the genre. I loved it because Jane was such a strong character, she didn’t have to change too greatly and she got the guy.

How much of your writing reflects your personal experiences with living in Nigeria and how much is outside/additional research?

A lot of my writing is shaped by my personal experiences even though the stories are not mine and are totally made up. I also have to use research for some of the characters and locations, places and careers I had no previous knowledge about.

What would you say is your favorite part of your writing day: starting out with all the creative possibilities for the story before you, or wrapping up those thoughts toward the end of the day?

I feel most energized at the beginning of the day. There is this excitement on those days when you sometimes dreamt about your story, or got an insight into a character that had not been there before. At the end of the day, I’m all written out and just want to close the laptop.

In an interview situation, what is one question you wish someone would ask and how would you answer?

The one question I’m getting tired of is about when I started writing. I don’t think that is very important. I’ll prefer to be asked about the future, and what my plans are for my books. I hope to write several more romantic fiction novels, and A Love Rekindled may be the first of a series – The Mukoro Twins.

A Love Rekindled deals with a couple given a second chance at love. If you could change the outcome of one literary couple’s relationship and give them another chance to find happiness either with one another or someone else, who would those two characters be and what would you change?

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. I first fell in love with Quasimodo in the Disney animated feature as a child even before I read the book later, and I wished that Esmeralda would too. In my own rewrite, he would definitely get the girl after the mad priest is vanquished.

Did you find this book, your second, easier to write than your first since you’d already experienced the full writing to self-publishing journey, or was it equally challenging?

I actually think the second book was harder. The first, A Heart to Mend, started off as excerpts shared on my blog with no expectations. I published it as a lark because some of my readers asked, and it was a pleasant surprise when it took off after I did a blog tour. For A Love Rekindled, I’m taking it more professionally, with full editing and I’m putting a lot more conscious effort into the marketing and publicity.

Is there one particular moment in A Love Rekindled you consider to be the most romantic or poignant?

There is a part that gets me teary-eyed when I was rewriting and even now, it still breaks my heart. It was the time Efe thought Kevwe had rejected her, and she’s crying with her girlfriends. She came to me so clearly then and told me what it could feel like when your heart is crushed from loss and immeasurable grief. I found it very poignant, and some of the beta readers have said so too. I hope it will touch everyone who reads the book.

Thank you so much for stopping by Myne! For more information on Myne and A Love Rekindled you can find her here:


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A LOVE REKINDLED (from Goodreads)

Efe returns to Nigeria after years in the United States, dreaming of a happy, independent life. However, her nights become plagued by nightmares of Kevwe Mukoro, her ex-fiancé. Long hours at work and drinking in nightclubs only provide temporary relief, and when she encounters Kevwe's twin brother, she knows it's a matter of time before Kevwe is back in her life. Sparks fly when they finally meet again, but desire is no match for bitter memories of heartbreak. All these years, Efe believed she was rejected; now Kevwe claims he'd never stopped loving her. Stuck at a crossroads, Kevwe prefers to look to the future, but Efe is not so sure. Can the traumatic events of the past be resolved, and will she give in to rekindled love?


  1. I agree about Jane Eyre. I first read that book when I was 12 and it still remains one of my favorites. Great interview!

    Don't enter me for the giveaway. I've too many books to read already :D

  2. I agree the Hunchback of Notre-Dame definitely needed a second chance. Great interview :)

  3. I love Myne's answers to the books that influenced her. Jane Eyre is my all time favorite love story and classic reads. Great initerview

  4. I'm all for looking for another chance at love! Great interview! I have never heard of this book but it does catch my eye. And thanks for the giveaway!

    bwithbite (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I should really read the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I loved the Disney movie. It was tragic yet beautiful in a way that most Disney movies are not.

    alisoncanread at gmail dot com

  6. This sounds like a serious story, but with a really cute foundation... Might have to check it out!

    Anyways, I feel like a total booger, I have never read Jane Eyre before and in all honesty, I don't even know what the storyline is about! Wikipedia here I come!

  7. Great interview! And I love the cover of the book!

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  9. It makes me happy that the author's literary roots are in the classics. She can't go wrong following that kind of character development. I look forward to reading her book. And again, your questions are very insightful and make for a great interview. cathyzem@yahoo.com

  10. Lovely interview Jenny!! Im not asking about when an author started writing ever again in my interviews...lol...Ill for sure stick with more getting to know you stuff... :P

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  12. I've had Jane Eyre sitting in my closet for I don't know how long now. I've seen every movie they've made including the mini-series starring Timothy Dalton, but I'm sure it jut doesn't compare to the book. I really need to pick that sucker up!

    This book sounds pretty good. I'd like to know about a love rekindled, maybe it has good relationship tips *wink*.


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  13. Great interview. I think it makes sense that the second book is harder. I think we tend to put more pressure on ourselves when we do well.

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  14. There is nothing more therapeutic than having a big ol' sob fest with your girlfriends, especially when it is over guys. I have sat by my friends many a time and cried with them or them with me. And I'm sure I'd cry along with Efe too.

    And Quasimodo doesn't get the girl? Talk about Heartbreak!

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

    missie at theunreadreader.com

  15. I don't think this is my sort of book, but it sounds fabulous, and I loved how her influences played into her writing style and how she writes. Fabulous interview :)

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  17. Thanks so much for this opportunity, and I enjoyed all the comments. Thanks everyone and good luck!

  18. Jane Eyre's my favourite classic! And this book sounds amazing! Brilliant interview!

  19. Myne and Jenny great interview! Myne,I wish you much success! I, too, will never ask another author when they first started writing. I never thought about it from your point of view but you're right, what does it matter in the long run. Published is Published!