Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Boyfriend: John Matthew aka Tehrror

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, one that gives us the opportunity to introduce our latest literary crushes and match up their descriptions with a few pictures of a gentleman we think fits the bill. Since I'm on a Black Dagger Brotherhood kick due to the release of Lover Unleashed last week, I thought I'd share one of my very favorite characters with you. John Matthew shows up in book two of the series as a pre-transition vampire who doesn't know anything about the vampire world and has grown up on his own. He was born without a voice box, so all his responses in the below passages are either signed or mouthed. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

A brief description of John Matthew:

With his size, he absolutely dwarfed the three room shop–to the point where it was like he came from another planet. In contrast to his pre-trans state, the guy now had the muscle mass of a pro wrestler, although because his skeleton was so big, the weight was stretched out on long bones, giving him a more elegant look that those swoll'd up humans in tights. He'd taken to buzz-cutting his dark hair and this made the lines of his face seem harsh rather than handsome–with the dark circles under his eyes giving the hard-ass look some serious backup.
(pg 12 of Lover Mine)

I tend to ignore the hair color in these descriptions and just go with a default dirty blond, I can't seem to help it! John is in a bad place in the above description and is a long way from his happily ever after, but he's one of those characters who finds their way under your skin and refuses to budge. I think William Levy fits the John Matthew I have in my head, he's got a smile that's all innocent but he's also oozing sex appeal. Not a bad combination if you ask me;)

And then suddenly all she saw was John's face.

He'd somehow managed to turn her around in his arms and they were nose-to-nose, eye-to-eye, his hands digging into her sides and her hips. With the sight of that institutional corridor replaced with his blue stare, the grab of the past was broken and she was caught by him.

He didn't say a thing. Just stayed still and let her look at him.

It was exactly what she needed. She locked onto his eyes and used them to turn her brain off.

When he nodded, she nodded back to him and he started moving forward again. From time to time, his stare flicked away from hers to check where they were going, but it always returned.

It always came back.
(pg 174 of Lover Mine)

You are so beautiful, he mouthed.

But of course she couldn't see his lips.

Guess he was going to have to show her.

John took a step forward and another and another. And it wasn't just him going toward her. She met him in the middle, halfway between her point A and his point B, her form encased in the shadow thrown by his body and yet nevertheless the only thing he saw.

As they came together, his chest was pumping and so was his heart.
I love you, he mouthed in the dark slice he'd cut out of the light. (pg 303 of Lover Mine)

It was hard to explain. But what was between them went further than a mating ceremony or a back carving or a witnessed exchange of commitment. He couldn't put his finger on the why of it...but she was his missing puzzle piece, the twelfth of his dozen, the first and last pages of his book. And at some level that was all he needed.

All I want is you. However that comes.

She nodded. "Well, I want the whole deal."

He kissed her again, softly, because he didn't want to hurt her. Then pulled back and mouthed,
I love you. And I'd love to be your hellren.

She blushed. She actually blushed. And didn't that make him feel like he was the size of a mountain.
(pg 482 of Lover Mine)


  1. Oh I haven't gotten to this one yet. You've convinced me. Break me off a piece of that! RAWR! ;D

  2. I just got Lover Mine...I'm excited to start this series (and your book boyfriend is HAWT!)

  3. Oh my he is gorgeous ~wipes drool away~ . Great pick Jenny. I still need to read Lover Mine (I am getting behind on this series) but now I have a nice visual for John Matthews :)

  4. YES YES YES! I LOVE JM!!! awesome pick Jenny!

  5. Definitely a very sexy pick, but I have to say that first picture almost reminds me of some of the models on the romance covers you make fun of. What is the guy doing? Trying to wipe his eye or did someone ask him to show a little nipple?

  6. *swoooooooooooon* Nice pick!

  7. Omg! Great pick! He is gorgeous! Yet another reason to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

  8. Oh JM! I think he is the most soulful of the BDB brothers and just the way he thinks can turn a girl to mush! I like who you cast as him. I always have a hard time picturing him in my head (though I am putting dark brown hair on your boy up there)!

    I laugh because this week I turned my book boyfriend from a blonde to a brunette--I am so glad we even each other out that way LOL

  9. I so have to buy the fourth book .. because I've only read the first three books and loved them and John was only a teenager so ... I can't wait to meet him as a man !

  10. Feeling a little feverish....! :D

  11. Melissa - Right? He's yummy:)

    Angelique - Lover Mine is my favorite! I've just loved JM from the beginning:)

    Nic - I had fun making this post today, he does make a nice visual doesn't he?

    Larissa - Thank you, thank you:)

    Jan - Ha! Yes, he is showing some nipple which is odd, but I'm willing to overlook it because he's so nice to look at:)

    Belle - Thank you, I thought so;)

    Misha - I love the BDB, those boys are addicting.

    Felicia - I absolutely agree! And I love how we switch our hair colors, we're kind of awesome.

    Elodie - Yes! I think he transitions in book 5 which is V's book, and he meets Xhex in that book as well and she's is HEA, though it's a rocky road to get there.

    Tina - As am I:) *scrolls back up to kick the fever up another degree*

  12. Ummm JM is mine you wench. Hands off!!!!


    I saw the title of this post and I got all giddy! John Matthew is my absolute FAV Brother! Lover Mine was my favorite book! I cannot wait for the next a year away!

  14. WOWOWOWOWOW! Can't wait to get to his book, now HOLY SHIIIIIIIIZZZ!!! Ahh, I just got tingles!!!!

  15. nummy nummy!

    William Levy is so F***HOT! And so is JM! I love him. I love how we have seen him transition from a boy to a man. He has amazing strength. Honestly, I could gush about him nonstop! Awesome choice Jenny. Thanks for giving us another dirty blond to swoon over. ;)

  16. Good choice - although Z is my swoon pick of the BDB :-) You can't really go wrong with any of them!

  17. He's so yummy. The question I'm asking myself now is why haven't I read this series yet.

  18. Celeste - I think that's all I can say too:)

    Tori - Don't make me drive all the way down to your house and fight you for him, because I will. And I'll bring the dogs as back up. Though they'll just lick you to death and move in to your house and will want to stay even after I've left. So there. I will leave my dogs with you and take JM for myself!

    Jacinda - He is my favorite too:) Z is as well, it's a toss up between the two. I was hoping we'd get more of him in LU, but that's okay, we should get lots of him in Tohr's book!

    Linds - You do need to get to his book! But it's definitely better to read in order since so much happens to him before Lover Mine.

    Missie - Isn't he? I adore JM, and I agree, I love how we've gotten to watch him grow. Now we just need Qhuay to have there HEA and I'll be a happy girl!

    Karen - Z is my other favorite, those two stand out for me even though I'm a fan of all of them:)

    Jenny - That is a fabulous question, one you need to stop asking and instead got to the bookstore to answer;) If you give them a try, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  19. I definitely like JM, even though I didn't think I would. He was so endearing. Who is that model because... guh!

  20. Cute pics! Lol, I love that you keep featuring blonds regardless of the description. I have a thing for blonds too so it works for me :)

    John sounds fabulous and the quotes you've chosen make him sound very sexy!

  21. This is why I fucking love this series!! *fans self* I tend to change favourites after every book so now I can't decide. I have always thought Quinn was super hot! I love the whole piercings and leather jacket and pants thing he has going on!

  22. allstarme - That is William Levy, he is quite enjoyable:)

    Zahida - I can't seem to help it, I usually go for dark hair in real life, so apparently in fiction I have a thing for blonds:) And John is very sexy!

    Aly - I love this series too, I never get tired of the Brothers:) I adore Qhuinn too, I have a hard time picturing him in my head though - I see the piercings and the mismatched eyes, but I can't picture a face!

  23. AHHH..John Matthew!!! I love him so. I hear he will be in Tohr's book a lot!! Woot!

  24. What a hottie! Looove your quotes! I'm totally swooning right now. I have to start reading Urban Fantasy. You feature so many terrific books.

  25. LOVE JM! He is such a sweetheart. I so glad that he got his HEA. He's definitely been through a lot. Great choice, Jenny.

  26. Mandi - I love him too, and I hope we get a ton of him in Tohr's book! I was thinking we would since they still have some things to work though, and it will be nice to see him and Xhex post-mating ceremony:)

    Julie - The Black Dagger Brotherhood is an amazing series, love it to pieces:)

    Rummanah - Me too! It was such a journey for him, and I was ready to kill him and Xhex in Rehv's book, so I was dying for his book. His and Z's books are my favorite:)

  27. I still haven't read his book *sad eyes*

  28. Ooooo you won me! He's scrumptious and love his description.

  29. I am not going to lie, the physical description of him sounds pretty hilarious, the muscle mass of a pro wrestler, although because his skeleton was so big, the weight was stretched out on long bones, giving him a more elegant look that those swoll'd up humans in tights... But the boy whose pictures you used? Well gorg!

  30. I didn't get further than book two of the BDB books, so when I think of John Matthew, he's perpetually stuck in the pre-transition state. It's hard for me to think of him as other than a scrawny, asexual teenager but I'm going to give it the old college try.

  31. I really want to start reading BDB.
    My first thought when looking at the pictures of those guys was not "he's so cute" (although he is). Rather, it was "I wish I had abs like that."

  32. Its been forever and a day since I read the first two books to this series and I always thought that John would be an awesome badass once he got bigger. Awesome choice!


  33. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WL is PERFECT as JM!!!!!!! He is one of my favorite brothers! Sigh. Reading this makes me want to read Lover Mine all over again!

  34. Man, Jenny I was done with that series! I wasn't gonna read any more! Then you give me those snippets especially that last one and damn, I've got to read that even if I said I was done! But you know how to quote a love story! One more and pile is divided into three rather large stacks. You already made me order Enclave this week isn't that enough! I never pictured JM that way though. But I like it!


  35. What the heck? Why haven't I heard of this beautiful man until now? I'm a sucker for beautiful smiles, and that man has got it in spades. Ahhhhh.

  36. Blodeuedd - It's my favorite in the series along with Z's book:)

    Maria - ME TOO!

    Juju - Yes! That was the goal - to convince everyone to love JM:)

    Avery - All the brother are huge, so you just kind of get used to the paranormal largeness, but this is definitely how I picture him in my head:)

    Ruby - JM grows up to be yummy:)

    Alison - I love this series, the brothers just suck you in and you have to know what happens!

    Kelsa - He definitely is awesome after he goes through his transition, I love him:)

    Carissa - Isn't he? I could just stare at him all day long:)

    Heather - JM's book is awesome. I had some trouble with Phury's and Rehv's, they weren't as interesting for me as the earlier books, but then JM's book released and it felt like those first couple that I loved:)

    Steph - My friend Bells posted a pic of him a while back and I instantly thought of JM. I was so excited to feature him today! Love that smile. He had some serious face poses, but I skipped all those and went straight for these, so adorable:)

  37. Ohhh how I love JM! Good boyfriend choice Jenny! :D

  38. OH NO YOU DIDN'T! You did not pick him! Well at least you didn't pick Zadist cause that boy is MINE! I love John Matthew too! I think he turn out a great guy after all he went through. Nice pick!

  39. I really loved John-Matthews Story, plus his and Xhex's story, for anyone who hassn't read Lover Mine yet, do.

  40. Thank you Jenny, for providing this small bit of joy at the end of my crazy day. ;)