Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scholastic Charity Auction + Giveaway Winners

Today I just wanted to do a quick post mentioning a very cool charity event Scholastic just launched at the beginning of May and it will run the entire month:

Twelve top children’s book illustrators created original artwork for Scholastic’s month-long online charity auction (which just opened for bids) to benefit Reading Is Fundamental and Reach Out and Read, two amazing literacy organizations that have lost all federal funding, making it even more difficult for them to help the kids who need it the most.

If you click on the above link it will take you straight to the auction and you can see all the beautiful artwork and place a bid. Below are just a couple of the artists and the pieces they've submitted for auction.

Mary GrandPré, illustrator of the Harry Potter series, with the original artwork she contributed to the month-long online charity auction to support literacy, New York, Thursday, May 5, 2011. GrandPre and 11 other renowned children's illustrators participated in the launch of the auction at Scholastic's New York City headquarters. (Stuart Ramson/InsiderImages for Scholastic)

Norman Bridwell with his original work which features his much beloved character Clifford the Big Red Dog, New York, Thursday, May 5, 2011. The artwork is available through the online charity auction to benefit literacy organizations until June 5 at (Stuart Ramson/InsiderImages for Scholastic)

Barbara McClintock with her original work which features a variety of fairy tale characters from her various picture books, including "The Gingerbread Man", New York, Thursday, May 5, 2011. The artwork is available through the online charity auction to benefit literacy organizations until June 5 at (Stuart Ramson/InsiderImages for Scholastic)


And now I have the winners of my most recent giveaways, a huge thank you to everyone entered, I had such fantastic responses to all three posts! Congratulations to those who won, you have all been emailed.




Winner of ABANDON and the bracelet:

Winner of 2nd copy of ABANDON:


Briana @ The Book Pixie


  1. congrats winners. Enjoy these great reads.

  2. Oh wow. That art is so beautiful! I'm off to learn more. Congrats winners!

  3. My favorite is from the Harry Potter illustrator. I wish I could afford it.

  4. Juju - ME TOO! I would love to have something by her:)

  5. I won my print of the alternate cover for Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor through an auction similar to this. Such a great feeling!

    I'd love the Harry Potter one, but a bit too much cha-ching! for me

  6. I love the artwork by Mary GrandPré!

    Congrats to the winners. Happy Reading!

  7. All of the artwork is stunning!
    Also, congrats to the winners!

  8. Oh, that's really cool! I never really think too much about illustrators, but they really make books special. :)

  9. Clifford the Big Red Dog brings back so many great childhood memories for me. I loved those books. I too also wish I could afford to grab up all of those.

    Congrats to all the lucky winners!

  10. Congrats to the winners! Wish I had lots of extra money lying around then I will for sure make a bid.

  11. Great auction. Wish I had stuck with my art major : ( and Congrats to the winners.

  12. Love the first artwork!

    And congrats to the winners!

  13. These art works are just stunning. This is a great auction and a great idea. Well done to the winner.

  14. *mumbles* darn lucky people!

    Uh... I mean CONGRATIES! ;)

    I love the artwork. I've always enjoyed illustrations especially children's book illustrations.

  15. I grew up with the RIF program! Thanks for the charity info, Jenny. Congrats to the winners. :)

  16. I love the Harry Potter illustrator's picture too! Now, if I wasn't buying all these books maybe I could afford a decent bid!

    Coongrats to all the winners! I can say Abandon is good. I haven't read Tempest Rising yet, but I have it. (See what I mean?)


  17. Very cool! Love the artwork. Congrats to the winners!

  18. I love the Scholastic charity event! There are some great artistic covers up for grabs and I hope they raise tons of money!

    Congrats to the winners of the spring blog carnival :) That was an awesome giveaway :)