Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post + Giveaway: Jennifer Estep and Touch of Frost

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming author Jennifer Estep back to the blog to talk a little bit about mythology and her new young adult novel Touch of Frost which releases tomorrow (yay!) so be sure and add it to your list. This is the first book in her Mythos Academy series and is just an all-around entertaining read (check out my review HERE). I adore Jennifer's books, so I hope you all pick this one up if you've yet to read anything by her!

Greetings and salutations! First of all, I want to say thanks to Jenny for having me on the blog today. Thanks so much, Jenny!

My name is Jennifer Estep, and I write the Mythos Academy young adult urban fantasy series for Kensington. The books focus on Gwen Frost, a 17-year-old Gypsy girl who has the gift of psychometry, or the ability to know an object’s history just by touching it. After a serious freak-out with her magic, Gwen is shipped off to Mythos Academy, a school for the descendants of ancient warriors like Spartans, Valkyries, Amazons, and more.

Touch of Frost, the first book in the series, comes out tomorrow, July 26.
First Frost
, a prequel e-story to the series, is available now. The second book,
Kiss of Frost
, will hit shelves on Nov. 29.

So today, Jenny asked me to talk a little bit about my favorite myth. There are tons of interesting myths out there from all the different cultures of the world. It’s really hard to pick just one, but I’ve always liked the myth of Psyche and Eros (aka Cupid).

There are a lot of different variations, but basically, the myth goes a little something like this: Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is jealous of the human Psyche’s beauty, so she asks her son Eros to shoot Psyche with one of his magic arrows so Psyche will fall in love with an ugly man (or even a monster). However, Eros ends up falling in love with Psyche instead and marries her. But Psyche doesn’t know exactly who her husband is, and despite warnings not to, she eventually uncovers his true identity. Eros leaves Psyche, and she begins to search far and wide for him.

Psyche eventually goes to Aphrodite, who gives her a series of impossible tasks to complete (are there any other kind of tasks in mythology?). But with the help of various creatures and others, Psyche performs the tasks. Eros forgives her, the two are reunited, and Psyche becomes a goddess herself.

Why do I like this myth so much? For one thing, it’s one of the myths that actually has a happy ending. In so many of the myths, humans are killed, turned into animals, or worse by the gods because of the humans’ pride or the gods’ jealous, vengeful natures – like when Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, turns the human Arachne into a spider because Arachne boasted that she could weave better than Athena herself. But in this myth, Psyche and Eros end up together, despite all the obstacles that Psyche has to overcome.

But the thing I like most about this myth is that it has an almost fairy tale quality to it, especially with the elements like the mysterious husband, the impossible tasks, and the various helpers who aid Psyche. I like fairy tales just as much as I do mythology, so this story is a nice mix of the two. Also, I just like the idea that true love conquers all – even when it comes to the gods.

What about you guys? What are some of your favorite myths or fairy tales?

Jennifer Estep is a USA Today bestselling author who also writes the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series for Pocket Books. The books focus on Gin Blanco, an assassin codenamed the Spider who can control the elements of Ice and Stone. When she’s not busy killing people and righting wrongs, Gin runs a barbecue restaurant called the Pork Pit in the fictional Southern metropolis of Ashland. The city is also home to giants, dwarves, vampires, and elementals – Air, Fire, Ice, and Stone.

Books in the series are Spider’s Bite, Web of Lies, Venom, and Tangled Threads. Spider’s Revenge, the fifth book, will be released on Sept. 27. Visit for free short stories, excerpts, and more.

Thanks so much for taking the time to come back on the blog Jennifer! I honestly cannot say enough positive things about Jennifer or her books, she's just one of those authors who makes me happy. She has all sorts of fun extras on her website (listed above) so be sure and check it out if you want to get a feel for her characters and her style.


Jennifer has generously offered up a copy of Touch of Frost to give away to one lucky winner on the blog! To enter, please leave a comment answering Jennifer's question above along with a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will run through midnight EST on Friday, July 29th after which time a winner will be chosen and announced on the blog. Good luck everyone!


  1. Some of my favorite fairy tales or myths are princess and the pea, cinderella, snow white, tortise and the hare, sleeping beauty, the emperors new clothes, and the sleeping bear story.

  2. Some of my favorite fairy tales are the well-known (the original stories) including The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella...The Little Match Girl is my favorite sad fairy tale...

    jadedlittlegirlx [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. There are so many favorites for me but I really love Beauty and the Beast. To me it's the most romantic of all fairy tales.


  4. I can't really pick just one favorite myth or fairy tale. I love them all.

    Greek myth is one of my favorites. I find the Greek myth genealogy fascinating. I mean Zeus is like always running around after anything in skirt. Lol.

    As for fairy tales, I grew up with Disney movies. I still love them. Tangled was totally freakin' cute!!


  5. Favorite Myth would be Achilles just him in general, fairy tale well, that depends if you are meaning the Disney version or the original version.
    Original, I liked the little mermaid, but Disney or modern version I kinda liked little red riding hood.


  6. Hmm, is The Odyssey a myth? Because I like that in the end he was allowed home. The myth of Medusa has always ticked me off, her punishment turning her into a Gorgon for being attacked. Ugh. Persephone and Hades has always touched my heart a bit, but I prefer to think of it as a romantic tale than one of actual deceit and kidnapping.
    As for fairtytales, Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite. She loved her father so much and so gave herself to spare him and then fell in love with the Beast's heart.

    brandyj1181 at yahoo dot com

  7. One of my favorite myths is the Persephone and Hades story. It's so beautiful and dark. Love it!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  8. My favorite myth is one where two lovers only get to meet once a year on 7/7

  9. Great guest post! I love this myth too because of it's happy ending :)

  10. I didn't have much knowledge about the myth of Psyche and Eros . Thanks to the author for sharing it with us!

    My favorite fairy tales are Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White.

  11. Although I like happy ending, as Jennifer pointed out most of the Greek myths do not end up that way. I love the Oedipus myth, which is really not a happy ending, and I love Persphone and Hades story also not the happiest of endings.

    I am quite excited about this new series and cannot wait to read it and appreciate the chance to win a copy!

  12. My favorite fairy tale would have to be Beauty and the Beast. I love happy endings too so anything with happy ending is good!


  13. The Greek myths are like the original fairy tales. Psyche was also one of my favorites because it is the "love conquers all" theme. I also liked the story of Echo.

    Thanks for the chance to win

  14. Jenny, have you read Hex hall? And if so, did you enjoy it as much as Touch of Frost? Just asking because the description makes them sound similar.

  15. Thanks for sharing this guest post. I teach 7th grade Greek/Roman mythology and the students love this unit. If I had to pick my favorite myth, I would go with Narcissus or Hercules- they are a lot of fun to teach. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Patrice -- Those are all cool stories.

    Chen -- Lots of the original fairy tales are like the myths in that they have sad endings -- or at least the villains meet bad ends.

    Melissa -- I agree. It's definitely a romantic story.

    Lyssa -- I like Greek mythology a lot too. And I agree about the Disney movies. I haven't seen Tangled but the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    Moirae -- Those are cool stories too.

    Brandy -- Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales too. If you haven't, you should read Beastly by Alex Flinn. It's a great retelling of the story.

    Vivien -- That's another interesting myth too.

    Sniffly Kitty -- That sounds like a cool story too.

    Nic -- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Misha -- Glad you enjoyed the post. Those are all great classic fairy tales.

    Jan -- Cool. Hope you get a chance to check out the books. I agree. It seems like most of the Greek myths end badly more often than not.

    Amanda -- That's my favorite fairy tale too. If you haven't, you should read Beauty by Robin McKinley. It's a great retelling of the story.

    Sharon -- Myths and fairy tales are very similar in some respects. I just like the magic/wonder in the stories.

    Jacinda -- I've heard a lot of good things about the Hex Hall series, but I haven't read them. I'll have to add those to my TBR pile.

    Christina -- Glad you liked the post. Those are cool myths too.

  17. I have never been a huge fan of fairy tales, but I do enjoy Beauty and the Beast. There is something about falling in love with something for the beauty inside that appeals.

    bigferret at email dot com

  18. Congrats on your new YA release, can't wait to read it.

    My favorite fairy tales are The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White. I'm loving that there will be two Snow White movie adaption next year! (Untitled Snow White with Lily Collins, and Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristin Steward)

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  19. My favorite fairy tale ever is Beauty and the Beast. I thats why Im so hard on the retells...I think my favorite retelling to date is Ice..:)

  20. Don't enter me! Just wanted to say fab interview Jenny and I LOVE this series SO MUCH!!

  21. Thanks for the giveaway! Super excited to read it. I have heard some fab review on it.

    bwithbite (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Great take on myths and though they don't usually have a happy ending, they always teach a lesson. And if the characters in the new series are anything like Gin and her friends, Jennifer has another winning series. Thanks Jenny for the heads up on this.

  23. My very VERY favorite fairytale has always been the story of the 12 dancing princesses. The first time I had ever heard it, my aunt (who is the MOST amazing storyteller) wove this story of girls who danced all night long and had no choice. Of gardens and a world that was gorgeous and a little bit evil all at once. It was the most amazing story and it still sticks with me. I love it!

    (enter me!):D

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  24. Bigferret -- That's what I love about Beauty and the Beast -- she falls in love with the Beast for what a good person he really is.

    Van -- Thanks! I appreciate that, and I hope you enjoy the Mythos Academy series. It is cool that there are so many fairy tale-themed projects at the movies and on TV. Seems like fairy tales are the hot thing right now.

    Tina -- I love Beauty and the Beast too. I haven't heard of that retelling. I'll have to check it out.

    Tori -- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed TOUCH OF FROST.

    Savannah -- You're welcome. Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Cathy -- Thanks! Glad you liked the blog post. I appreciate the nice words about the Elemental Assassin series, and I hope you like the Mythos Academy series too.

  25. This takes me back to the Greek mythology unit in high school English! Haha. I loved the story of Eros and Psyche, but in terms of "couple" tales, I liked Pyramus and Thesbe best. The original star-crossed lovers! :)

  26. Pyramus and Thisbe i love the eternal love story and the passion, heat and the intensity it has...its beautiful... and also Troy :)

  27. Thats a nice myth. Maybe someone should write a book based on it as I'll probably read it. (No need to enter me in the contest)

  28. I like Beauty and the Beast. I like things where you overcome something to be together.

    This book sounds awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.


  29. I don't think there is a better one that cupid falling in love, especially because as you said, it is rare that the human prevails and has a HEA, but Medusa's story is the one that has always fascinated me, even though it is incredibly sad.

    I can't say I've ever read a story about a Gypsy girl before, so I'm looking forward to Touch of Frost.

    Thanks for the guest post and giveaway!

    missie at

  30. I have heard nothing but rave reviews for this one and am so excited to read it! Of course I am completely blanking on myths, but my favorite fairy tales are probably Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast (is it weird that I always want him to stay as Beast, though?), and Cinderella. I like ticking clocks and lots of obstacles!

    loganeturnerblog [at] gmail [dot] com

  31. Great interview, and love that myth. I agree that many of them end sadly :(
    I would have to say some of my faves are, Cinderella, Repunzle, and snow white. I know all princesses. My all time fav is Beauty and the Beast. (ps I love the library in it so want it )
    Thanks so much for the giveaway Hope I win :)

  32. I like that myth too :) But I like another version of it. I think it is Norwegian. But it has some similarities :)

  33. Lauren -- That's an interesting myth too.

    Ifarh -- Those are cool myths too.

    Jenny -- Mythology seems to be getting more popular in YA these days. It wouldn't surprise me if there is already a Psyche book out there.

    StuckinBooks -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Missie -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Logan -- Cool. Hope you get a chance to check out the book. Those are all great fairy tales. I like how everything seems to come in 3s in fairy tales -- 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 3 challenges, etc.

    Laura -- Oh, yes. I want the library in Beauty and the Beast too. LOL.

  34. My favorite fairy tale would have to be Cindarella. I just love the idea of the story and all the ways that people have been able to make stories based off of this tale. Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things one can experience. And I'm not sure if this counts as a fairy tale, but I'm always loved the Little two such different people could fall in love... so romantic :)

    Thanks for the chance to win Touch of Frost- can't wait to read it!
    BTW- the model on the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS. I could just stare at the cover all day!

  35. My favorite fairytale is the Wild Swans, it is one of the rare fairytales where the princess actually does the work and doesn't have to rescued by Prince Charming.

    I love mythology. particularly the stories of Persephone and Atalanta. :)

    Thank you!


  36. I love Greek mythology and how all of the gods seem so spiteful and curse one another. The romances are never cut and dry but full of heartache. Persephone and Hades is my favorite romantic myth.

    The stories of the how the curses come to be are always exciting to read. The one that sticks out the most is Medusa. Mortal daughter of gods that was very beautiful. Cursed for wanting to see the sun and some say for being too beautiful. It's very sad and petty.


  37. I love the Psyche and Eros story, but I'm a sucker for the tragic romance story. One of my favorite myths is Orpheus and Eurydice. I always want to yell at Orpheus to not look back!

    Looking forward to reading books by Ms. Estep!

    rummanaha at hotmail dot com

  38. (not an entry since I've read and loved the book)
    Oh my faves are mythology! Greek, Norse, Diné, Navajo, Egyptian... and so on. I just love all the different cultures and their myths. Always my fave!!

  39. Thanks for this amazing giveaway! I like most fairy tales because they have happy endings, but I guess my favorites are Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

    susanw28 (at) mindspring (dot) com

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. My favorite myth is anything with unicorns, pegasus or centaurs, because I never grew out of my childhood obsession with horses. I had this picture book when I was a child telling the myths of The Lion and the Unicorn, and Pegasus. It was great.

    For fairy tales, I don't quite know if I have a favorite original story per se. I do know that I much prefer reading the darker Grimm's tales. My favorite would probably be a bit more obscure than the usual suspects. What I really love are reimagined fairy tales. I love it when an author can take an old familiar story and make it into something completely new and magical, like in The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.


  42. My favorite fairytales are Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rumpelstiltskin.

    As for the Greek Myths, probably Medusa and her gorgon sisters.


  43. I can't wait to start reading Touch of Frost. I've had the book since Saturday, but been busy reading other books that I recently bought from Borders. I'm finishing up my last book and hopefully will begin reading Touch of Frost tonight. Very looking forward to it. =D

  44. Thanks for a great interview and question. I inhaled Greek and Roman mythology when I was in high school. I was fascinated by how they all came to be, like Athena springing full-grown in full armor from Zeus's head, and their lustiness, like Zeus seducing chicks in various human (and animal!) guises.

    Looking forward to reading Touch of Frost -- it's on my TBR pile!
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  45. Dark Romance -- I think that's what appeals to me about other books as well. I always seem to like a story better if there's at least a hint of romance in it.

    Lieder -- That's why I like Beauty and the Beast so much -- Beauty is the one who saves the Beast with her love in the end.

    Gidget -- I agree that a lot of the myths feature petty characters, whether it's the humans or the gods.

    Rumannah -- Me too, when it comes to the Orpheus story. That's the other things about myths/fairy tales -- folks always do something that they are not supposed to.

    Melissa -- Glad you enjoyed the book.

    Suz -- You're welcome. And I like those fairy tales too.

    Christina -- I like reimagined fairy tales too. I haven't heard of that book. I'll have to check that one out.

    Kara -- Those are all cool fairy tales too.

    Liv -- Cool. Hope you enjoy the book.

    Mary -- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post. And you're right. There are tons of interesting myths out there.

  46. I'm a huge fan of all Greek mythology and love fairy tales. My favorites would be the red dancing shoes and the Seven swans, as well as rumpelstiltskin. He's just too creepy. Thanks for the chance! I can't wait to read this! wilsondev(at)gmail(dot)com.

  47. I've always liked the Cinderella fairy tale, and my favorite myths are the Viking ones with Thor, Odin and Loki.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  48. I LOVE FAIRY TALES. My favorite is a russian one, I don't remember the exactly name but I think it's The firebird, it's about Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf. It's a great story, I used to read it all the time.


    thank you!

  49. Devony -- I agree. Rumpelstiltskin always struck me as a little creepy too.

    Barbara -- The Norse myths are cool too, and Loki is my bad guy in the series.

    Lissette -- Me too. I don't remember reading that one, but I'll have to check it out. I'm always on the lookout for new stories to read.

  50. I love Cinderella. It's a classic.

  51. There are so many I like. At the moment, I think I will go with Jack and the Beanstalk because it always strikes me as odd as this one does not have a redeeming moral - Jack gets away with stealing.

  52. Hmm, guess I should have left my email addy on that last post:

  53. Surprisingly, I had never heard of the myth about Eros and Psyche before! Like you Jennifer, I love how it has a happy ending. =) It is so true that it is hard to find a myth that doesn't have a depressing ending. Great topic, Jenny! And don't enter me as I already have a copy. =)

  54. Great post! You're right - happiness and Greek mythology really don't go together normally. Nice to see an aberration.
    alisoncanread at gmail dot com

  55. Would love to read Touch of Frost!
    I really like Greek mythology, but there seems to be so much of it in books nowadays. I also really like Chinese mythology since I'm Chinese. There aren't many paranormal stories that feature Chinese mythology, but I guess dragons count?


  56. Oh, Fairy Tales. I love them. You know what else I love? This is such a fun and intriguing guest post - loved it! :)

  57. I've always loved Greek mythology, so much so that I used to read Bullfinch's
    Mythology for fun when I was a teenager. Hades and Persephone has always been one of my favorites. I see Hades as a true bad boy - my favorite kind of lead character.

    Jen at delux dot com

  58. My favorite fairy tales are Rapunzel (even before Tangled came out), Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast.


  59. My favorite would be Beauty and the Beast. Though I did also really enjoy stories about Rose Red. :]

  60. Loved the guest post, both Jenny and Jennifer! Already got my copy today based on Jenny's awesome review of the book! But, I didn't know the next one was coming out so soon, so I'll make a note of that!


  61. I love all Greek mythology! There are some many different gods and goddesses and it's always surrounded by something deep, dark and powerful. I "like" the classic fairy-tales like Snow White (probably my most fave) and Sleeping Beauty. But I LOVE when fairy-tales are more darker (uh bye bye Disney)! Grimm's Fairy Tales are really good!


  62. I love the Odyssey and the underworld myths.

    chelle2006 @ aol .com


  63. My favorite fairytale is the Princess and the frog. I can tell you from my 8 year old days though, frogs don't turn into princes when you kiss them LOL

  64. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite fairy tale :)

  65. Connie -- Me too.

    Ricki -- That's true about Jack, along with breaking and entering and killing the giant.

    Bailey -- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post. I always like the stories I'm reading to have a happy ending.

    Alison -- Thanks! Glad you liked the post.

    Amy -- Cool. Hope you get a chance to check out the book. I like Chinese mythology too. Have you read Cindy Pon? I believe her books are set in ancient China. I have them on my wish list.

    Melissa -- Thanks! Glad you liked the guest post.

    JenM -- I like the Hades/Persephone myth a lot too. You're right. Hades is totally bad boy material.

    Ham1299 -- I like those stories too.

    Ash -- I like those stories too.

    Buried in Books -- Cool. Glad you liked the post, and I hope you enjoy the book.

    Saribonita -- The darker fairy tales are interesting to read, if only to see how they've been reimagined over the years.

    Michelle -- I like those a lot too.

    Felicia -- That's funny. ;-)

    Andra -- Mine too.

  66. I'm not really into myths or fairy tales. I have read a few series which use myths as a backdrop like the Dark Hunters by Kenyon and like them, but in and of itself, there's no great appeal.

    I'll definitely read Touch of Frost because I've liked your other two series, especially the Elemental Assassin. Glad Revenge is being released so soon after Threads. I hate waiting a year for the next release in a series.


  67. I love Persephone & Hades Greek Mythology.

  68. I love Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid. They are my favorite fairy tales. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  69. My favorite fairy tales/myths are all a little unknown. I love the fairy tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon. It's different from normal tales where the girl is rescued by the prince. This time, she knows she made a mistake and intends to fix her mistake. In the same way, Cupid and Psyche myth is the same.

    ajiehuang1997 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thank you for this giveaway.

  70. My favorite fairy tales are mostly Disney inspired ones such as Beauty and the Beast. I love the story of how a beautiful girl can love an ugly beast. She sees him for who he is on the inside unlike everyone else who sees him just as a beast or a monster. I also like The Little Mermaid. I love stories that deal with forbidden love. Mermaids aren't allowed to have any contact with the human world. Ariel falls for a human even though it's against the rules. Eric the human falls for her in return and they have to find a way where they can be together.

  71. Awesome!

    My favorite myth would have to be Hades and Persephone. Something about darkness always reaching towards the light just resonates with me.

    For my favorite fairy's The Red Shoes!!

    preternaturalprimer (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

  72. My favorite myth is the one about Persephone, how she was taken from everything she knew by Hades, but she made the best of things and blossomed and flourished because of it.

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  73. Yay for Psyche and Eros! I think my favorite myth is that of Arachne. Don't dare offend the gods, people! But since you already mentioned that one, my next favorite is the myth about Narcissus. It may have a small bit to do with me being a social worker and finding personality disorders fascinating.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  74. My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. :) I don' think I would mind being swept away to a beautiful castle with teapots as friends... Okay, I sound mental, but it still sounds cool to me.

  75. I love Greek myths but I've always been partial to the myth of Perseus for some reason. All these YA books with hints of mythology are making me happy :)

  76. My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and The Beast. I love how it shows that you can love someone for not whats on the outside but what is on the inside.

    truebloodfan [at] rock [dot] com

  77. I love so many myths and fairytales it's so hard to choose. Hmmm, I really love the Persephone and Hades. That's the first one that comes to mind but there are so many others. As fir fairytales, I just can't decide. There are too many really good ones, Disney version and the original versions. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I love fairy tales all the classics are my favorite! I always loved Beauty and the Beast.
    I can't wait to read Touch of Frost sounds so good.
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  79. My favorite myth is suprisingly short but I just cant help but really like it. It's about Narcissus and Echo. Im not a vain person, but I just feel bad for the 2 and it is my favorite flower =) and as for fairy tales: the old classic of Rumpelstilskin and Snow White

  80. My favorite fairy tales is the ones portrayed in Disney movies. Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, etc. :)

    Great guest post! Thanks for the giveaway! :D


  81. great giveaway
    follow via gfc

    My favorite myths are greek mythology

  82. My favorites are the old Russian fairytales: Baba Yaya, etc.

  83. I have always loved greek myths, ever since I was little, but I also love the German fairytales and Grimm's.

  84. I love greek mythology, the one about Medusa, is always so sad to read about, my favorite fairy tales is anything by brothers grimm

  85. Acm05 -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the Elemental Assassin series. Hope you enjoy TOUCH OF FROST as well.

    Celeste -- Me too.

    Victoria -- I like Beauty and the Beast too.

    Pandasrule -- That's a cool story too.

    Hernameisavril -- I love Beauty and the Beast too.

    Carissa -- Those are interesting stories too.

    Julie -- That's a cool myth too.

    Smash Attack -- Yeah, bad things happen when you offend the gods in mythology.

    Manda -- I loved the singing teapots in the movie. LOL.

    Canadian Girl -- That's another interesting myth.

    Amy -- That's my favorite one too.

    Kate -- There are a lot of great fairy tales out there.

    Latisha -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    SpadesHigh -- That's another interesting myth.

    Sierra -- The Disney version of Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    Samantha -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Jessie -- Those are cool stories too.

    Audrey -- I love mythology and fairy tales too.

    Angel -- I love mythology and fairy tales too.

  86. i didn't know this was based on mythology!! yay!! i love all the myths, i like cupid and psyche a lot.

    inthehammockblog at gmail dot com

  87. Carrie -- Yep, it's all about mythology, mainly the Greek and Norse myths/gods.

  88. One of my favourite fairy tales is Blue Beard. Having a room full of dead wives never ceases to creep me out!

    whitewolfreads AT gmail DOT com

  89. I love Greek Mythology,as of now I kind of obbessed with Chinese myths and legends.

  90. I grew up on Greek mythology, although I have to admit what got me into it was a REALLY bad movie, "Xanadu" w/ Olivia Newton John and lots of roller skates:) But, it introduced me to the 9 Muses and progressed from there. Probably my favorite greek myth, the abduction of Persephone. Though I have to thank my college Latin teacher for introducing me to The Aeneid:)

    Nowadays I love all things paranormal: vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, bring em' on! But it all started with a bad 70's movie and a book on Greek Mythology :)

    Thanks for the interview and the giveaway!


  91. UGH! I feel like I am the last person to read any of Jennifer's books! I must rectify that ASAP!

  92. Beauty and the Beast has always been my fav...probably b/c I am a bookworm like Belle!

    mk261274 at gmail dot com

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