Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interview: Becca Ritchie

I've got author Becca Ritchie joining me on the blog today to answer a few questions about her young adult Wynter Chelsea series, so I'd like to extend a big Supernatural Snark welcome to her and I hope you all enjoy the interview!

If Amanda were to give us all short descriptions of Jack, Dustin, and Trevor, what might she say about each of them?

Jack - an overprotective brother who tries to act more like her father, which she does not appreciate.

Dustin - her best friend; he doesn’t curse, doesn’t normally raise his voice, is a saint among men but still gets irritated by his own brother, Trevor Wynter. Amanda puts Dustin on a high pedestal and believes he’s unattainable in any way other than friendship.

Trevor - even though he’s not related to Amanda, he’s like the annoying little brother you want to go away. So she would probably tell everyone he’s the most annoying human being on the planet while others actually find him comical.

You have your choice of any of the abilities your characters possess; which would you most like to have?

Jack’s ability to conjure items. There’s a limitation - he can only conjure things he can hold, but still, the power to conjure money or groceries would be fantastic. Telepathy and empathy have too many negative qualities, which is definitely seen in the book since those powers cause more harm than good.

If each of your four protagonists could be partnered with either a comic book hero, a movie star, or a character from another book to help them in their fight, who would each of them choose and why?

Trevor would choose Pyro from X-Men comics because he’s a pyromaniac for one and he even looks up to Pyro, the fictional character, in Wynter Chelsea by name dropping him a few times. Jack wouldn’t take anyone and just fight alone. He’s too prideful to want someone else to share his power in leading. Amanda would probably choose Sam and Dean from Supernatural (hopefully they come in a package) because they’re experienced hunters and nice to look at, and Dustin would be not so happy that there’s more young hunters around. He’s not the type to try to make her jealous, so he would choose a neutral person like Bobby from Supernatural just to even things out.

What is your favorite element of the supernatural world you’ve created in Wynter Chelsea?

The Marathaca. He’s the big bad of the series, and with all the demonology I used in the first book, he was the only supernatural being I created rather than researched. He drives the first book and has served to be quite an interesting character. That being said, I also love where the Wynters and Chelseas live because it’s gritty like most of the book. They could easily move because Jack can conjure money, but they chose to stay in New Jersey because their legacy developed there for hundreds of years.

The search for their parents takes Jack, Dustin, Trevor, and Amanda across the US; is there a particular place here that is a favorite or one you’d most like to visit?

Colorado. I have family in Denver and Telluride. I’ve also visited Breckenridge which is breathtakingly beautiful. I love everything about Colorado from the air, the mountains, and the woods. Hopefully that beauty somewhat came across in the book amidst all the demons.

Since you work in television, can you tell us your favorite book-to-TV series or book-to-movie adaptation?

Vampire Diaries, hands down. I’ve never read the book though (not sure if this counts then) but it’s by far my favorite TV show on air right now. It has beautiful writing, storytelling, and acting.

Do you think, if they could, your characters would ask you to change anything about them, their circumstances, or the world they live in?

I think deep down, they all want to be able to tell other people that they hunt supernatural and not feel like they’re putting that person in danger. Because of the secrecy, they really have to lean on each other, and sometimes when you can’t talk to your sister or your family friends, you’re just left contemplating things on your own and that can be painful and lonely. Amanda would probably want the opportunity to go to college as well, but because of their circumstances, that can’t happen.

Can you give us a quick “on the next episode” type preview of what’s in store for everyone in book 3?

Book 3 picks up right where Book 2 (The Sublimity) leaves off, and I am striving to keep away from the usual supernatural plot lines of Heaven vs. Hell, so keep that in mind at the end of Book 2 because what you believe might not be the exact answer. I know it’s very cryptic.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Jenny!

Thanks so much for stopping by Becca! For more information on Becca and the Wynter Chelsea books, you can find her here:

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Few know of the demonic beings that plague our world, threatening to destroy it. But for two families, it is a familiar battle they have fought for ages.

The Wynters and the Chelseas live for the hunt, to kill those who prey upon the innocent. Four children, born of these two dynasties, are now in their teenage and young adult years. The three boys-Jack, the conjurer; Dustin, the telepath, and Trevor, prescient one-are all warriors, well aware that their destinies are sealed. Then there is 17-year-old Amanda, the one who has been protected and guarded all of her life-much to her great questioning and dismay. She is the special one, the empath and first girl born to the families. Burning with the fever to fight, Amanda constantly challenges the status quo, but to no avail. When their parents inexplicably disappear, Amanda's dream of joining the legacy wins out, and she goes to battle with her brother and her lifelong friends. But as the four follow a dangerous path across the United States, a long-buried affection surfaces between Dustin and Amanda, and each must confront their hidden emotions . . . and ultimate reason for their existence.


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    Misha - Right? You can never have too many Vampire Diaries fans:)

    Nic - Me too, it would be so nice to just make things appear when I need them. Such a time saver:)

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