Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays: Chapters 24-28

Welcome to the very last week of the Waterfall Read-Along! For those of you who don't know, the wonderful ladies behind Tina's Book Reviews, Edgy Inspirational Romance, Irresistible Reads, The Unread Reader and myself are hosting a read-along of Lisa T. Bergren's time-travel young adult novel Waterfall (LOVED!). Each week we'll pose and answer five questions about the book and then hop around to the other blogs who have signed up to check out everyone's answers!

Nic is the host this week, so be sure and pop over to Irresistible Reads to link up your posts and, in doing so, get entered in a giveaway to win signed copies of the entire series.

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After Gabi is injured, the doctor gives her a tonic. Gabi questions the doctor several times what is in it but he refuses to tell. Would have you taken the tonic in Gabi's situation?

Good question. I consider myself a pretty suspicious person by nature, and given that medical remedies in this time period were not exactly up to snuff, I think I might balk as Gabi did especially since the doctor adamantly refused to tell her what was in it. There would be all sorts of disgusting things going through my head like "Am I drinking feces? Poison? Feces and poison? WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT'S IN THIS?!"

Before the games Gabi asks Lia to let Lord Forabosch win in the archery event as people, especially Lord Forabosch, are becoming suspicious of them. But during the games Lord Forabosch upsets Lia trying to throw her off her game. So Lia decides to win. Do you think she did the right thing by not letting Lord Forabosch bully her or do you think she took an unnecessary risk?

This scene made me smile. Yes, both girls were starting to raise suspicions. Yes, Lia behaving as a proper lady deferring to her male "betters" (gag) in a display of skill probably would have been beneficial to their cause. However, I just can't find it in me to fault Lia as I'm a competitive person too and would find it extraordinarily difficult to allow someone who thought so very little of me to best me when I knew I could win, repercussions be damned. So, in summary, I like to win. GO LIA!

When Gabi is dying and she and Lia decide to return to the tombs so they can get the cure at home but they have to tell Marcello the truth. Even though Marcello thinks that it is madness that they are from the future he believes in Gabi because he loves her. Do you think this is believable? What would you have done if you were Marcello?

I think given all that's unusual to Marcello about Gabi and her sister it's easier for him to believe they are a from a different time. I think if Gabi had mentioned it right when she stumbled out of the tomb, despite her odd clothing, he would have thought her crazy or working some kind of witchcraft. By the time they tell him though, there had been so many little things adding up that I found his willingness to accept their story believable.

In the end Gabi and Lia return home. Do you think Gabi will return to Marcello? Would you go back?

In a truly spectacular display of deductive reasoning on my part, I did figure Gabi was going to go back to Marcello given that there were two additional books in the series. The way my mind works is intimidating isn't it? Don't worry, we can't all be as magnificently intelligent and modest as me ;-)

The romantic in me would absolutely go back. I would have a very hard time living out my life wondering "what if", and knowing Marcello was waiting for me would eat at me every single day until I could bear it no longer. Deliciously sexy knight pining day in and day out for my return = my hand on that print in the tomb in a second.

Looking back at Waterfall what was your favourite moment?

I only get to pick one? That's nearly impossible. I think my favorite moments would be the tension-filled interactions between Marcello and Gabi. Romantic tension is my favorite part of almost any book, and theirs was so tangible I could practically reach through the pages and touch Marcello. Wait. Not Marcello. Touch it. It, as in the tension. And if my fingers happen to fondle Marcello while they were in there I can't really be held accountable now can I? No.

I want to say a huge thank you to Missie, Nic, Serena, Joy, and Tina for organizing this event and allowing me to be a part of it! A special thank you to Lisa Bergren as well for writing such an amazing series and for offering up fabulous prizes to those who participated each week. I hope everyone had fun with the read-along, and for those who continue on with the series after this I have one word for you: GRECO. That is all:)


  1. Great answers! You made me smile! I said the same thing in #1, I'm suspicious by nature myself! ha!

  2. What I wish is that Marcello went forward in time to see Gabi's modern life. But that would probably be a better comedy that major romantic drama.

  3. haha. love your answer to #1! i think you'd survive in a Medieval world thanks to your suspicious nature (and feistiness)!

  4. I am so glad that Marcello isn't a minor. *fondle* *giggle*

  5. I really enjoyed the Waterfall Wednesdays. I loved all the questions and answers!

  6. Feces and poison? Gah, now you've got me being paranoid! I also loved the romantic tension - it was stellar! I'm sad that this is the end of Waterfall Wednesdays! I'm going to miss it; you guys did such a great job every week!

  7. Julie - Thanks! I'm super suspicious, I don't think I would have accepted anything handed to me that I didn't make myself.

    Alison - That would have been entertaining:) Maybe if we get Lia's story she'll pop forward with Luca to show him:)

    Rachelkiwi - Thank you! I like to think I'd be able to hack it, but that's probably wishful thinking on my part.

    Amy - Right? He's definitely fondle-able:)

    Savy - Thank you! I'm sad it's over, but I'm so glad everyone seems to have enjoyed it:)

    Aylee - Seriously. You never know what could be in there! I'm going to miss WW too, maybe we'll do another one of her books in the future:)

  8. Marcello and Gabi have such great chemistry. Every moment when they were together you could feel the room heating up and filling with tension.

  9. Hehe we both have the same deductive reasoning :) I too surmised that Gabi would go back because there were 2 more books!

    Thank you gals so much for prodding me to read Waterfall--it was really a lot of fun!

  10. "Am I drinking feces? Poison? Feces and poison? WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT'S IN THIS?!"

    I am trying so hard not to laugh out loud here at work! Great answers!!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  11. Lisa - So true! I loved all their scenes together:)

    Felicia - It's because we're amazing:) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Melissa - It's a serious consideration for the time period. I'm sure they put feces in a lot of things. And poison. It's important to think about these things! ;-)

  12. "In a truly spectacular display of deductive reasoning on my part" <---Blahahaha! You are so win! *wishes once again to be as clever as Jenny*

    Annnnnnnnnd, feces and poison? Yuck and yikes! I really need to learn to be a more suspicious person. *sighs*

    I love romantic tension too. I live for it.

    P.S. There is no way you could be held accountable.

    Thanks for your part in WW, Jenny! I enjoyed it so much.

  13. Haha! Now I want to read the next two books in the series just to meet this Greco dude:)

    Great responses and the idea that faeces might be included in that potion struck me too. Eww!

    I'm also quite competitive and would not have been able to willingly lose against Foraboschi.

    I'm sad WW is over:(

    Thanks for hosting!

    Sarah @ Random Thoughts of a Confused Adolescent

  14. sooo FuN! thanks for sharing your " truly spectacular display of deductive reasoning" and responses! i'm as suspicious as you, so no to the meds - a little thought about when my stomach started aching and what had i just ingested and NO THANK YOU! Marcello, would you just find out what's in his meds please dear?... oh yah!
    def had fun reading/discussing & will miss WW!

  15. I would've been thinking the same thing about the medicine. Who knows what they made their medicine from?!

    Awesome answers, Jenny! :)

  16. Definite gag! I hate when men think they are God's gift to society. Really, REALLY?!?!?! I'd kick Lord Whatshisname's butt and I'd do it with pleasure.

    Also, your powers of deductive reasoning are quite astounding. I mean, I was completely caught off guard. I mean, 2 more books in the series *blows rasberry* she will mope for 2 books.

    LMAO! Jenny, you seriously make my day more often than not. I hope you know this. I needed to smile today.

  17. LOL- Jennys superhero power- deductive reasoning skills...I think thats why your cover critiques always have this talent in picking the good ones out....:D

    And Im so against drinking poison or feces its not even funny!!

    Thanks for all the work with the read-along, I loved being a part of it!!

  18. Missie - I'm am hugely clever aren't I? And also truly humble:) Glad I could make you laugh!

    Sarah - You do need to meet Greco, I adore him. Though you might wonder what all the fuss is about in book 2, he doesn't really turn lickable until book 3:)

    Faith - You're welcome:) I like to share my brilliance with the world. HA! I amuse myself:)

    Lea - Seriously. I'm not sure drinking that tonic wouldn't have hurt more than it helped.

    Jen - I'd be a butt kicker right along with you:) I'm glad my deductive reasoning impressed you, that was my goal:) Glad I can be a source of humor for you Jen, you always are for me!

  19. Tina - YES! It clearly is a superhero power:) I share your aversion to poison and feces, we should create some sort of anti-poison and feces group.

  20. Just a min, peeps, I'm snort-giggling here....

    Okay, recovered. You crack me up, Jenny. Your humble cleverness is really beyond compare. Poison and Feces. hehheh.

  21. Oh my gosh, why haven't I read this series yet? Not only does the synopsis sound pretty darn awesome, but your answers just made me laugh out loud and wish I could understand those inside jokes!

    No, Jenny, we can NOT all be as magnificently intelligent and modest as you! But we all want to be! x)

  22. Yes, I totally STILL need to read these!!! I just freaking love you and your EPIC awesomeness! That is all!

  23. Greco. Yep... I need to read it for your last word. *looks casual* Might have to add him to the harem so I need to read this ASAP. *hides quickly*

  24. Serena - Thank you, thank you, I do try:)

    Mimi - I don't know but you should! They're really fun books with a little bit of everything. I highly recommend them:)

    Ashley - I love your epic awesomeness, so we're even my friend!

    Melissa - GRECO! I was a bit of a slut in book 3 of this series, I went from fawning over Marcello to abandoning him for Greco, to crushing on Luca, and then back once more to Greco. Win.

  25. Eww! What if it was feces and poison!? OMG! AHHHH!!! For some odd reason those things didn't cross my mind.

    Thank you for hosting Jenny!

  26. I was truly awed there by your spectacular display of deducting reasoning, I'm bowing right now honestly. Lol.

    I cannot WAIT to read the next two books in the series we need to do more read-alongs:)

  27. lol! I love your answers, Jenny! Yeah, I'm right there with you on the competitive part. And the paranoid about old "medicine" (eeww). And the tension. And the fondling. And, well, I agree 100% with you :)

  28. I was rooting for Lia when she won the archery. =) Excuse me, but suck it Lord Forabosch! I cannot stand him!!!!!!!

  29. I say this every week but I've got to read these books! You've made them sound so intriguing.

  30. Jenny-

    You never fail to make me laugh out loud! Yes the way your mind works it is truly amazing! (snort) Yeah, I'm not hanging around in the 21st century when there's a guy like Marcello waiting for me back in the 14th century. I'll pick up a book on plumbing, some penicillin and a modern medicine book and I'm ridin' that waterfall right back to him!! No way would I leave him behind.


    Thanks Jenny for participating, its been great fun!

  31. Dear Deductive Reasoning Genius: You Rock. That is all.

    P.S. Thanks for being a River Tribe Champion! xoxo

  32. GO LIA is right :) and yes i said butt i try not to cuss on here unless its absolutly ness. To get my point across. This has been really great. Thanks so much for the oppurtunity to participate. I cant wait to continue the series. It sucks but it will have to wait til Nov. I cant believe i won the series. The covers are so beautiful.