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Interview: Kim Harrington

As part of the promotional tour for Perception, I'm extremely excited to welcome author Kim Harrington to the blog to answer a few questions! This tour kicked off February 27th and continues through the end of this week, and you can find all the participating blogs and their posts here. I absolutely adored both Clarity and Perception, and I definitely encourage everyone to pick them up if you haven't had a chance to read them yet!

Let’s say some sort of Freaky Friday-type event occurs and both Gabriel and Justin find themselves with Clare’s gift of psychometry. What is the first thing each of them would do once they realized what happened?

They would probably rummage through Clare’s things hoping to have a vision with clues to how she really feels.

If you could reads minds as Clare’s mom can, which fictional character, celebrity, friend, or family member would you most like to test your gift with? If someone were to peek into your mind at this very moment, what might they find running through it?

I would be tempted to use the gift on everyone, but it’s a bad idea. I’d end up with my feelings hurt somehow and hear something I’d never be able to un-hear. So I would pass on using Starla’s gift.

If someone were to peek into my mind right now, they’d start to crave Cadbury Eggs.

*Jenny dies of Cadbury craving here*

Clare deals with the Gabriel/Justin situation with refreshing maturity and very little angst. If you found your teenage self in a similar romantic situation, do you think you’d handle it as she does?

Probably, because Clare and I are similar in many ways. She’s not a hopeless romantic. She’s a realist with trust issues. So she’s very careful with her heart.

Perry’s best friend Nate makes only a brief appearance in Perception, but it seems as though there’s a great deal of potential for him to be a larger part of the story. Can you tell us if we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future?

In my original draft of Perception, he did have a larger part. But, sadly, I had to cut Nate scenes for the greater good. I needed this book to be able to stand alone. If there were future books, Nate would play a big part. Big.

Perry is unable to conjure spirits; instead, he can only communicate with the dead who are attached to a living person in his physical presence. If he could call forth any spirit of his choosing however, whom might he most like to speak with?

Probably an ancestor who would be willing to give him insider information about his family’s history. Either that or Ted Williams from the Boston Red Sox. ;)

What was the most exciting part of writing this second installment of Clare’s story? The most intimidating?

The most exciting part for me was the final chapters. I loved writing the action scenes! And the final scene, too, was fun. ;)

The most intimidating part was the love story. As in real life, it’s complicated and there’s no easy answer. But I tried my best to craft the book in a way that the reader realizes a few things as Clare realizes them. And hopefully the reader will understand and appreciate the decision she makes, even if it’s not the decision they would make. :)

Perception is one of those books you devour in one sitting, completely disregarding anything else you might have to do that day in favor of finishing the story. What’s the last book that kept you glued to the pages from beginning to end?

Thank you! I love hearing that. I recently read Fracture by Megan Miranda in one day. Loved it!

Can you give us a few nuggets of Fern family trivia? Things about them that ended up on the cutting room floor so to speak?

Absolutely! I know them so well in my mind they’re almost real. How about what they like to do in their downtime? When they’re not solving a dangerous mystery: Perry loves to play video games, especially first person shooters, Clare loves watching cheesy old horror movies, and Starla is addicted to reality television. Also—how Perry thinks he got the scar is his eyebrow is not how he really got it. But, for now, the truth is stored only in my mind.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Kim! More information on Kim and her amazing books can be found here:



  1. Ooh. I still haven't read Clarity, it's sitting on my shelf waiting for me, but that last little bit about Perry's scar just got me super curious!

  2. Damn. So of course I'm craving cadbury cream eggs now too.

    I haven't read Clarity yet, but I just know based on reviews I've read and this interview that I would really like it. Clare seems awesome!

  3. Great interview! My husband brought home Cadbury mini eggs for me last night. Yummo! Actually it's very bad that he bought them for me. I will devour them.

  4. I LOVE this interview!

    I couldn't put Clarity down either and the characters and town are so beloved and familiar to me that I think about them now even though it's been a while since I read the book.

    Perry IS a video game guy:)) And Clare's love of old horror movie is so like her!

    I hope we get to see much much more of these characters because I LOVE them.

    Clarity is one of my favorite books, and I can't wait to see who Clare chooses (I'm rooting for Justin though;)

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  5. Ohhhhhh, you just spread the Cadbury Eggs craving!! Good thing it's almost Easter and the eggs are out or else I don't know what I would've done to stop it LOL! x) I love that Clare isn't a hopeless romantic though -- that makes her deadly smart and so easy to relate to. :) I would've loved to see Nate play a bigger part too but I think it's really cool how you're making sure each book can be a standalone. That's perfect, especially for a mystery series!

    Amazing interview, you two! I absolutely LOVED Perception (it was 5 stars from me!), and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!! :)

  6. I love your interviews! Seriously they are just fantastic every time :)

    I love Cadbury Eggs but trying to whip into shape for a couple of 5ks so I am hoping that Easter passes by soon!

  7. AHHH, Perception was so much more amazing than Clarity, though I did like the first book. I'm really hoping Harrington gets the chance to write more. I want more Nate! And I want to watch Clare flourish in the decision she made at the end of Perception. *SQUEALS* Hehe.


  8. I swear you never fail to have the best interviews ever...your questions are perfect! Loved CLARITY and can't wait for this one :)

  9. I really enjoyed Clarity--a great mystery with a strong family element. As for powers, I think it would be cool to have the ability to peek into people's minds but, like you, I fear I'd abuse it and get my feelings hurt!

    And have you tried the mini Cadbury eggs? Mini-deliciousness!

  10. Love the Fern family trivia!!

    I loved Clarity and I'm just about to start reading Perception. Can't wait!!

  11. Riv - I really enjoyed both Clarity and Perception - fun, quick reads:)

    Aylee - Right? I need to make a grocery store run...

    Alison - I literally have consumed 12 bags of them since I say them at the store a couple weeks ago. I can't stop myself:)

    Christina - Glad you enjoyed it! I'm really hoping we get more too. I like that she made Perception stand alone, but I'm not ready for Clare's story to end:)

    Mimi - Thank you! Good for you on the mini eggs, I can't resist then. I have no self-control where they're concerned:)

    Asher - ME TOO! I need more Clare and Gabriel and Perry and (hopefully) Nate. I want these big things to happen:)

    Melissa - Thank you! I think you'll enjoy Perception, it was just as fabulous as Clarity:)

    Mary - Exactly. I would both love that power and curse it at the same time. If I could have full control over it maybe that wouldn't be so bad, but I'd still feel guilty for invading people's privacy:)

  12. Leanna - Yay! Can't wait to see what you think:)

  13. I really enjoyed the Q&A. This book was new to me.

  14. I haven't read Clarity so I only skimmed this because I was worried it would give something away! I've been meaning to pick it up though. Definitely heard good things! :D

  15. I can definitely picture the Fern family doing their own things in their down time. While I don't watch too much reality tv, I try to catch Project Runway any time I can. :)

  16. Jennifer - Oh good, I'm so glad! And this is book 2 in the series, book 1 is Clarity and it's equally enjoyable:)

    Jen - DO IT! I think you'll really like it:)

    Rummanah - I want to watch Project Runway with the Fern family. That is all:)

  17. I really need to get started on reading Perception. I'm so curious about Nate already and the role he will have later on.

  18. It's so nice to hear that Clare deals with the love triangle maturely! I love that. And that totally sounds like Justin and Gabriel (digging through Clare's things)! I'd love to see them get caught. :P
    Great interview, Jenny!

  19. Now Im even more excited to start this series...;) Fabulishous interview Jenny

  20. Nate sounds like he could be really interesting!! Hopefully we'll get to see more of him in the future.

    Great Fern Family trivia.

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway!
    candicerjames [at] gmail [dot] com

  21. I am with a bunch of others Clarity is on the Kindle waiting. Now I too am curious about Perry's scar. Sounds like a storyline is brewing! Yum Cadbury Eggs! It is that time of year! Yeah that means Spring!

  22. Did someone say Cadbury Eggs?! * dies* I haven't had one in too long. I must change this. It's almost the season right? LOL

    Oh, that love story sounds like it would have me in turmoil, especially since Clare doesn't open her heart easily. Usually when it's about two boys, it's hard for me to accept the decision that wouldn't be mine.

    Great interview, ladies!

  23. Thanks for the interview. I have been dying to read these books!! ON MY TBR list!!!

    jmluker at winco dot net

  24. Thanks for the interview. I have been dying to read these books!! ON MY TBR list!!!

    jmluker at winco dot net

  25. Glad to hear there are some good fight scenes at the end. Can't wait to find out how Perry really got his scar. But gotta go. Need me some Cadbury eggs!

  26. What a wonderful Interview and I loved her comments about the Love scenes :-))

    Oh and I still would love to sign a petition that Perry gets his own book!

  27. Jenny - I really hope we get more books and Nate plays a bigger part:)

    Lauren - She does, it was a breath of fresh air:)

    Tina - Thanks! You'll breeze through them, they're short and fun:)

    Candice - He is very interesting, I kept hoping he would get more page time:)

    Heidi - We all need to stop talking about Cadbury eggs, I can hardly deal with it:)


    Michele - You're welcome:)

    Alyssa - The end was definitely action packed:)

    Danny - Oooooo I would sign that petition!

  28. I have no idea what Cadbury eggs are...but I think that is good cos else I would surely crave them

  29. How much do I LOVE Cadbury eggs dude?! I always feel like such a perv eating them though! (EVERYONE licks the cream out- its not just me!!) <---- right??

  30. Great interview! I loved this book! And it definitely a book you read in one sitting!

  31. Now I need to read the book. I have to know about those final scenes! Can't wait to read it. Clarity was brilliant :)

  32. Great interview you two! :) I am looking forward to starting the first book soon so can't wait to get round to Perception later on! :)

  33. Oh can you believe I don't care for things that are too sweet? So, if I get any Cadbury eggs, I'll give them to both Kim and Jenny. :D You love me now, right? :D

    I have Clarity on my tbr and it looks lIke I'll be getting this one so I can have it right after the first. I love doing that!

  34. Beautiful cover! I can't wait for this book!

  35. Now I'm curious about how Perry got his scar...and I'm also curious what the heck Cadbury eggs are (apparently, I live under a rock since I haven't ever heard of them!)

    Fabulous interview!

  36. I have my copy of Perception as yet unread, but I need to soon. I loved Clarity! That last question had a unique answer. Now I'll have to look for the reason Perry thinks he got the scar in his eyebrow! I hope the series continues!! As always Jenny, you ask great questions in an interview!


  37. Cadbury Eggs! Oh I'm so craving them! I have a copy of Perception on its way soon and I loved Clarity so I cant wait to read it!

  38. I so have to read Clarity because this series sounds awesome !! Thank you so much for this great interview Jenny :)

  39. Lol, I'm also addicted to reality tv! Sadly... Love the interview; so interesting questions! I want to read the series even more now. The powers mentioned sounds awesome:)

  40. I really liked the glimpses we got of Nate in Clarity - I need to read Perception - and wish he had a bigger part too.

    Lol, and Gabriel and Justin would just be wasting Clare's gift of psychometry. I'm not sure what I'd be doing but I'd definitely be aiming higher :)

  41. I love the paperback covers for this series. I haven't read Clarity yet, but what I'm really looking forward to is Ms. Harrington's Sleuth or Dare MG series. It's definitely nice to see mysteries for teens and tweens.

  42. It's so funny, Jenny, but I've never heard of this series until recently when I've seen this book start popping up everwhere. How on earth did I miss the first book entirely? But I've heard and read great things about the series and the various bloggers seem really excited about Perception, so I must be missing out on something really great. I need to hop on the Clarity series train!

    Great interview, Jenny and Kim! And oh my goodness - I've never been able to eat the Cadbury eggs with the gooey stuff in the middle! *gags* I'm more of the tiny pastel-colored Cadbury mini-eggs with solid chocolate on the inside. *mmmm, now I have the craving*

  43. Cadbury Creme Eggs are dabomb! :) My favorite Easter/Springtime food!

    I need to read Perception...I loved Clarity put I haven't bought Perception yet...I fail.

  44. Oh, I loved Clarity and don't know why I haven't bought a copy of Perception yet! I definitely want to read it very soon. Thanks for the great interview! I like that Clare is similar to Kim and I really appreciate that she is a realistic and careful girl when it comes to relationships!