Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Interview: Thea Harrison + Oracle's Moon

I'm thrilled today to welcome author Thea Harrison back to the blog to answer a few questions about Oracle's Moon (releases today!), the latest in her amazing Novels of the Elder Races series. If you couldn't tell by my gushing review last week, I'm completely in love with these books and with hero Khalil in particular. I hope everyone who loves adult paranormal romance, and especially those who might be reluctant to try this genre as a whole, gives this series a try as it's full of beautifully complex characters in a truly unique world. It has my highest recommendation!

Hi, thanks so much for having me on your blog today!


Khalil has the ability to pretty much take any form that pleases him. Aside from his breathtaking go-to human skin, what form might he say is his favorite? Least favorite?

I think Khalil’s least favorite form might actually be the ordinary-looking black housecat he turns into for Grace’s children. That form is rather small for his taste. If you can call this a form, he’s quite partial to black smoke, because, like silly putty, you can do almost anything with it.

Khalil is almost too adorable for words in this story (don’t tell him I said that), and manages to be both innocent and imposing at the same time. Was it difficult to balance those two traits in a single character without one ever overshadowing the other?

I promise I have wrapped Khalil in cotton for this interview, so he doesn’t know a thing. Writing his character didn’t feel difficult. Khalil was one of those characters that, once I unlocked who he was, he became very easy to write. I’m so glad you enjoyed him; I adored writing him.

If we were to ask Grace to share with us a favorite memory of her and her sister Petra, what might she say?

Aw, what a heartwarming question. Grace and Petra used to watch cartoons and children’s shows together after school and on Saturday mornings. Watching those shows and sharing popcorn are an early favorite memory for Grace. Another favorite memory was when Petra gave birth to Chloe and brought her home from the hospital.

Khalil has a couple chances to go toe-to-toe with Dragos in his effort to watch over Grace and even shuts Dragos down at one point. Where might those few interactions rank on his list of Greatest Moments Ever?

These interactions definitely make Khalil’s Top Ten list. They might even make his Top Five.

There is definitely the feeling that Grace and Khalil’s story, while nicely concluded, could continue on as they tackle the challenges still facing them both at the end. Do you think there's any chance you might circle back around to them as you are with Dragos and Pia?

What a great idea! There is a lot of forward movement in Grace and Khalil’s story, and I would love the chance to revisit them at some point. If the opportunity becomes available and readers would welcome that story, I would definitely consider it.

This book is the first to not feature a Wyr from Dragos’s elite inner circle. Did you approach writing Khalil and Grace’s story any differently as a result?

Another fabulous question! In the first three books in the series (Dragon Bound, Storm’s Heart and Serpent’s Kiss), the world building contained some element of Wyr and Wyr society. Branching away from the Wyr entirely presented its own challenges, because the world building had to become more intense again. I had two different Elder Races to sketch and present a sense of their societies, along with their histories, conflicts and characteristics, all the while keeping the romance between Khalil and Grace as the focal point of the story. As a result, Oracle’s Moon took a certain amount of back work to lay the foundation properly before I actually began to write.

Carling talks Rune into giving Khalil a bit of dating advice before he takes Grace out for the first time. What three words might Rune use to describe their date had he witnessed it?

Abysmal. Hilarious. Hopeless.

If you had Khalil’s ability to transform into anything and travel anywhere in the world you wanted with ease, what form would you take and where would you go?

I love it! I think I would probably dematerialize into spirit then rematerialize into my own form, unless it was in an environment that was unfriendly to humans. Then I would just remain in spirit. I would actually want to visit all the places that Khalil travels to, or mentions, in Oracle’s Moon. St. Petersburg, the great waterfalls of the world, the Amazon, Mount Everest, the moon.

Thank you again for having me on your blog today! I had a blast answering your questions.

For the readers, if you had Khalil’s ability to transform into anything and travel anywhere in the world you wanted with ease, what form would you take? Where would you go?

Thank you so much for stopping by Thea! More information on Thea and the Novels of the Elder races can be found here:



  1. It would be fabulous to turn into black smoke. Very convenient - as long as I could control how I moved.
    A housecat would be fun too - I say this as my kitty has her head on my arm.

  2. I would be the wind and I would travel all over the world. India, Egypt, China, Japan, France, Scotland, every state in out country, I'd just stay the wind. I think it's a nice way to travel. A Lot less luggage.


  3. If I could transform into anything? Like ANYTHING? Can I be multiple things? I'd love to be like EVERY different bird I can name off the top of my head. Or maybe a rainbow if I can't be like a LIVING thing. I'd go anywhere and everywhere!

  4. If I could transform into anything?? Oh my gosh, that's so hard LOL -- there are so many things that would be fun to be! x) But maybe a bird because I love to fly, or a dragon because I could stomp around the castle and not have to worry about stepping anyone because they'd all move out of my way long before I get there! :D (This is where I tell you I don't like being short LOL!) And haha to Khalil wrapped in cotton! I'm sure he's having fun! ;)

    Super fun interview, you two! :)

  5. Alison - Smoke would be very cool. I think I would like to turn into anything that could fly:)

    Heather - Very true! It would be nice to not to have to check bags or go through security:)

    Ashley - I can totally see you as a rainbow. I'd look out my window and be all "oh. There's Ashley again. Super colorful today." Win.

    Mimi - A dragon would be very cool. I wouldn't mind flying around with Dragos!

  6. I haven't yet read these books, they sound fantastic! Hmmm, the wind comment was a really good one, I think it would be amazing to be a Phoenix. A lot of interest there.

  7. Hi Jenny and everybody,
    Thanks again for having me on your blog today! I had a lot of fun visiting with you via the questions.

    It WOULD be pretty awesome to be able to just dematerialize and travel anywhere! I love where our imaginations can take us.

    Happy reading!


    I love that Khalil has "interactions" with Dragos and even gets the upper hand. Can't wait to read this!

    Great interview. :)

  9. I'd probably transform into whatever form fit my mood at the moment.

    I can be rather moody at times.

  10. Bluesun - They are fantastic, I adore them:) The first book is Dragon Bound and it's awesome.

    Thea - Of course! You are welcome anytime, and feel free to bring Khalil with you when you next visit ;-)

    Mary - YAY!!!! Email me and let me know what you think of Kahlil:)

    Amanda - It would be nice to have the option to shift into anything wouldn't it? You'd be like a mood ring, only in shifter form:)

  11. Hmm..I think I would want to either transform as wind or water. Both sound flexible, important to have yet also a hint of danger.

    p.s. I have to get my hands on this series. Sounds like something I would really enjoy!

  12. I think it would be awesome to dematerialize...I would use it to make my hour long trip to work super fast! That would leave me with two hours a day I could spend reading!!! Love the Elder Races series!!! Especially Dragos...yummy!

  13. I would transform into a cloud and just float around up there to my hearts content looking at everything like you do out and airplane window. You get to take so much in that way. As for a true location my cloud would rapidly move across the globe to New Zealand. I've always wanted to go there. Okay, Kevin Sorbo as Hercules gave me the idea ;)

  14. Wow where would I go? Well were wouldn't I go, such a fun idea. Abysmal , Hilarious and Hopeless anyone who describes a first date with the those three words is someone I need to meet. I have heard some fabulous things about this series and now I just need to find the time to read the books!

  15. Rummanah - I hope you read this series, I just adore each and every book:)

    Andlealeah - Wouldn't it? It would make things so much easier - and definitely allow more time for reading:)

    Victoria - I would LOVE to go to New Zealand. I would totally park my cloud there too:)

    Heidi - Rune is hilarious. He tried so hard to give Khalil tips, Khalil, adorable as he is, royally messed everything up. Love him:)

  16. I'd like the ability to vanish...to be able to teleport instantly anywhere I wanted...at anytime. Oh, and I'd want to be able to take someone with me too. And where would I want to go...EVERYWHERE. Starting with Italy. Thx for the giveaway op :)

    barbbattaglia @ yahoo.com

  17. That's a hard one! I think maybe an eagle or a similar bird. Something strong and something that can fly. ;) And where would I go? Anywhere and everywhere, preferably! I haven't travelled much so it would be cool to get to do that AND get a bird's eye view of everywhere I go. ;)

  18. What an awesome ability to have but what to choose? I wanna travel back in time but that makes choosing something hard ;)

    So let's just make it a bird and I will go somewhere warm

  19. Oh, I've never heard of this series before! This sounds like something I WOULD DEFINITELY ENJOY. I like the sound of a sweet imposing man like Khalil, and because he shape shift into anything makes this more exciting!


  20. I love the idea of materializing and dematerialize and then I could go to all kinds of book signings! HA! That's what I would sue my powers for!

  21. Ummm... Why do I have the sudden urge to be enveloped by black smoke?

    Okay, if I could turn into black smoke, where would I go... How about a men's steam room. LOL

    J/K...not really.

    Fun interview, as usual, Jenny! I really need to make the time to catch up on this series. I love the way the characters interact with each other, like one big happilyish family.

  22. Barbara - I'd pick teleporting too, what a fun gift that would be:)

    Sam - I was thinking anything that could fly as well. It seems to be the general consensus:)

    Linda - Oooo I want to go somewhere warm!

    Asher - It's a wonderful series, I highly recommend! Khalil is just too cute for words:)

    Savy - I like the way you think! There are not very many signings in Ohio, I would love to dematerialize and then materialize in Chicago or NYC and attend all the fun events:)

    Missie - I love you. Take me to the steam room with you okay? Thanks:)

  23. Reading Missie's and Jenny's answers: Black smoke for a steamroom? Wouldn't it be better to be white smoke to blend in. That way they wouldn't know WHERE you were. *clears throat* *giggles*

  24. I'd probably change into a bird for short distances because I think it would be awesome to fly with wings. For longer distances, changing into something like the wind would be really convenient.

    As for where I would go, anywhere and everywhere! I'd love to see Europe and since I'm in the sciences, the Galapagos Islands which totally sounds nerdy, lol. But, it's got amazing wildlife that can't be found anywhere else. Australia and the Amazon rainforest would be pretty good for that too.

  25. Well Jenny, your review last week had me curious about the series but now I'm DYING to read it! It sounds absolutely amazing and this interview sealed the deal- I am GOING to read it!
    If I could transfer into anything I have no clue what I would want to be. BUT I would travel EVERYWHERE! Well, I don't care about places that are deserts, but everywhere else I would definitely go! I would love to see the world!

  26. I would like to be able to transform into air so that I could move around and travel to the different places I would like to see. I would love to go see Greece, Italy, England, and France.

  27. I would transform into air and yes visit steamrooms, men's locker rooms, and Hawaii! Why Hawaii? Just cause I have always wanted to go :)