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Anastasia Forever Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

The fabulous promotional tour for Anastasia Forever, the third book in Joy Preble's Dreaming Anastasia series, continues today with a crazy fun guest post about what makes Joy a bona fide geek girl and proud of it. Earlier in the tour I posted a very intense deleted scene from the book, so if you missed it you can check it out here. I also have an amazing giveaway to accompany this this leg of the tour, so be sure and check the bottom of the post for details!


People often ask what my inspiration was for the DREAMING ANASTASIA series. And part of the answer, of course, is my fascination with the tragedy writ large that is the Romanovs. Like so many people, I have always wanted to believe that there was more to it than political assassination and a girl who died before she could be what she could be.

But then there’s the other part of the answer. The part of me that wrote Anne because I’d grown up with a love of genre fiction and then cut my writerly teeth on the work of Joss Whedon.  That girl is an unrepentant geek. A nerd. And so of course I’d end up writing a book with witches and mermaids and soul jar trope dudes who can’t be killed and a romantic hero who’s handsome and blue-eyed but really kind of a doofus at heart. We geek girls write stuff like that. It’s in our DNA or something. We memorize the titles of Buffy episodes and we go with our friends to the opening day of Serenity and when Adam Baldwin guest stars on Castle with Captain Mal himself, Nathan Fillion, we squeal with geeker joy. And we Tweet that our husband just quipped, “Hey. I hope they run into the Rievers.” And the other million geeks who follow us on Twitter tweet back that this is the greatest line they ever heard.

And stuff like that.

So I present to you: You Know You’re A Geek Girl When. With geeky bullet points and everything.  And yeah, it’s all true. Get over it, folks. This is the real me.

You Know You’re a Geek Girl When:
  • You agree to appear at Comic Con in Austin with your fellow geek authors. In a mermaid costume. For two days.
  • Your favorite moment of the above is meeting James Marsters who played Spike on Buffy. And getting a picture. Signed. (Which you babble about for two days, at least when you can get a word in over Tricia (PJ) Hoover’s rambling about her photo op with Kevin Sorbo.
  • Did I mention the seaweed boa?
  • You put physics and economics jokes in your manuscript and your agent tells you that maybe this is not as funny as you think it is. But you believe that giving a character a t-shirt that reads ‘Fission Chips’ is hysterical. And that the joke “Two protons walk into a black hole… that’s the joke” is also the funniest thing ever. Really.
  • You Google ‘nerd t shirts’ while you’re eating your lunch. More than one day a week.
  • You still know the titles of every BTVS episode. And can still quote lines. And if someone says anything close to ‘dance of joy’ your first thought is of Season 2 of Angel when the gang went to Pylea.
  • When you realized that you now knew and worked with the blogger who used to blog as Moonrat, you were happy for like a million days. Maybe more.
  • You saw The Avengers on opening weekend.  And you knew that you had to stay seated when the final credits rolled because it wasn’t really over.
  • You also saw The Cabin the Woods. And chatted with your fellow geeks about how it was a meta-horror genre movie. Possibly too meta. But whatever.
  • You played viola in the high school orchestra. And were first chair. And dated the 1st chair bassoon player.
  • You own a full collection of the paperback novelizations of the original Star Trek series.
  • You used to write Star Trek fan fiction. Before there was the Internet. Yes, you and your geek friends exchanged yellow legal pads of manuscripts. Mostly about Mr. Spock’s love life. You now believe that if only you had titled it Fifty Shades of Spock, you would be on easy street now.
  • You continue to believe that there is such a thing as a tesseract.
  • You wish there were more people who would get excited about the Baba Yaga episode on Lost Girl.
  • You screamed in horrified delight at the end of this season’s Vampire Diaries.
  • You have worn socks with Birkenstocks. In public. But maybe only once.
  • You could continue this list for another thousand pages.


Thanks to the amazing people at Sourcebooks, I have a special prize pack consisting of all three books in the Dreaming Anastasia series to give away on the blog today! Win! To enter, please just leave a comment for Joy and be sure to include an email address so I can contact you if you win. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only and will run through midnight EST on Friday the 17th after which time a winner will be chosen and emailed. Good luck everyone!


Anne has been to hell and back. In Dreaming Anastasia, she discovered she is a descendant of Anastasia Romanov and that her famous ancestor is still alive, trapped in the house of Baba Yaga. Anne and the mysterious, sexy, and immortal Ethan battle magical obstacles to save Anastasia from her imprisonment, though in the end Anastasia chooses to sacrifice herself for everyone else.

In Haunted, Anne is trying to live a normal life, dating nice-guy Ben, but finds herself haunted by a rusalka (a Russian mermaid) and the memory of Ethan. The rusalka claims Anastasia is still alive and when Ethan, no longer immortal, comes back into her life, Anne realizes she can’t ignore the power growing inside her, or her attraction to Ethan.

In Anastasia Forever Anne is bound to see her journey through, regardless of the personal cost. She has a complex set of missions:

Discover the secret of their enemy’s newfound immortality.

Discover if she has the courage to kill him to free her family from a vicious curse.

Heal her imploding family.

Come to terms with the magic that now resides inside her.

And, finally, learn if she can find true love with Ethan.


  1. OMG I was laughing my a** off right now about this post!!!
    And.... it seems like I am totally a Geek Girl too! All the BTVS things are true for me but I was excited to see "You screamed in horrified delight at the end of this season’s Vampire Diaries" BECAUSE hell yes Finally!!

    Lol :)) Great post!

  2. Oh just one more comment, many things are true just minus the Brikenstock's .. I never went there!

  3. OOOOO! I'm pretty sure I've heard of this book before and LOVE THE GUEST POST! And I wish I can go to Comic Con! It sounds SO EPIC!

    Awesome guest post, Jenny and thank you for sharing it with us! ♥

  4. I may have just fallen in love with Joy and become her biggest fan girl. LOVE this post! Geek girls rock!

  5. Love your guest post Joy!!!!! Didn't know some stuff in your hilarious list, but I love how you mentioned the "dance of joy"! That's my favorite Angel moment!!!!!!!!!!! And the birchenstocks- love wearing them... with socks!
    Thanks for hosting this wonderful guest post Jenny!!!
    Ps. Go Geeks!!!!!

  6. Keep the comments coming! I want someone to win that prize pack. All three books--no waiting to find out what happens! Thanks for supporting the ANASTASIA FOREVER blog tour! :xoJoy

  7. Heh heh! I'm still laughing over the seaweed bra! That must have itched, lol! Any plans to publish the Fifty Shades of Spock? I'm pretty sure you'd make more than a few sales!


  8. What a great post---it is empowering to see a woman embrace what she is and enjoy it so much. It is a fabulous message to spread. And all done with humor :)

  9. I'm totally a geek haha I ALWAYS stay to the end of the credits for any Marvel movie ;) Also, don't get me started on the end of Vampire Diaries season 3. I cried for Alaric but I'm excited to see Elena pull this off!

    And I freaking adore the Anastasia series!

    iswimforoceans at gmail dot com

  10. But...according to this list, I'm not a geek! How did this happen?! I thought for sure I'd qualify!

  11. Hm... looks like that I'm a nerd according to the list. What I haven't done, some of it I would do! Oh and Josh! FTW!!!

    Btw, the answer is 42. ;D

  12. Joy seems like an awesome person. I think after reading that post, I'm sure to be checking out her books. I'm only half a nerd though according to the post. ;)
    Thanks for sharing, Jenny! :)

  13. Ha! I could definitely continue that list for another thousand pages. ;) I think it's about time a got a Geek Girl t-shirt.

    Thanks for the awesome post! :)

  14. Yes! The answer is 42 :D

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  15. GEEK GIRLS UNITE! I love that you had a seaweed boa. That's completely awesome. And I squeed in jealousy that you met SPIKE!

  16. There were so many things in this post that made me smile! Dating the bassonist...mermiad costumes, birkenstocks and socks! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  17. Awesome post! It also solidified my status as a geek girl.
    sellcrystal2 at gmail dot com

  18. So cool! I have started this series and I just need to read book two. At the moment, my mom loves this series.

    bwithbite at gmail dot com

  19. Enjoyed reading this fantastic post.Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  20. thank you, Joy, for writing these books!!!!

    also thank you for the opportunity to enter to win them!!!!

    cyn209 at juno dot com

  21. Congrats on the newest release and thanks for a great giveaway!!!!


  22. I have been wanting to read this series for awhile now. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  23. The Romanovs fascinate me!
    OMG, you met James Marsters?! Yeah I would find every opportunity to talk about that one! And dressed as a mermaid huh? Sounds fun to me!
    'Fifty Shades of Spock' *snorts* love it!

  24. *sad face* I am not a true nerd girl

  25. This series sounds AMAZING! I read the first few pages of the first book online on Amazon and I fell in love:)

    I LOVE how there's a lot of Russian mythology and fairy tales in it but how it's also a great romance:)

    Thanks so much:)

    I totally agree with Joy's Geek Girl list! Totally true for me:)

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  26. Oh wow thank you so much for such an amazing giveaway. I have always wanted to read this series but never got to it yet but yes I am definitely gonna read this series.

  27. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! These books look great. :)

    compelledbywords (at) live (dot) com

  28. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  29. This looks like a great series. Joy, I had to laugh at your gook girl list, several describe me. Thank you for the great giveaway.

    jbronderblogs at aol dot com

  30. I'm pretty much a nerd too and I see that as a good thing! I get to learn random and fun facts and am fascinated by them. Thanks for a fun post.


  31. I love the "You Know You’re a Geek Girl" when list! I am definitely a geek girl because I fit so many things on your list! BTVS was an awesome show and I think it's so cool that you got Spike's autograph :) I am fascinated by Anastasia Romanov's story and would love to read your series about her! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post! I would love to win your books!

    susanw28 (at) mindspring (dot) com