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Take a Walk on the Wilds Side Blog Tour: Interview with Kat Kruger

Today I'm thrilled to be a part of the promotional tour for the third book in Kat Kruger's paranormal young adult series, The Night is Found. Kat was nice enough to answer a few questions for me about her trilogy and this final installment in particular, so I hope you all enjoy the interview! Welcome to Supernatural Snark Kat!

The Magdeburg Trilogy is set in Paris and features the dark world of both bitten and born werewolves. What’s one place in Paris those of us unfamiliar with this world would be correct in guessing was a werewolf haunt? One place we’d probably never expect to find them?

Paris has a lot of green space. I think it’s natural to assume that’s where werewolves would hang out in their beast form. In my trilogy I’ve got a few scenes in Parisian parks, mostly at night.

As for where you might not expect a werewolf, I’ll go with behind the counter of a butcher shop. Arden LaTène is a butcher by day.

If Connor could tell the world something about werewolves–positive or negative–that they don’t already know from the mythology of film and fiction, what would it be?

Connor would probably point out that werewolves aren’t so different from humans, that we all just evolved separately. In the world of the Magdeburg werewolves, those born to it are descended directly from Neanderthals whereas bitten humans are ones who have a tiny percentage of Neanderthal DNA in them. The born ones transform into wolves and the bitten turn into the wolfman type creatures of horror movies. There are other differences, particularly when it comes to social skills and emotional range, but the bitten are more the big bad wolves of fairy tales than the born.

What’s one facet of general werewolf mythology you knew from the beginning you definitely wanted to either utilize or avoid for your werewolves?

I mostly wanted to stay true to the general mythology surrounding werewolves but also wanted to add my own interpretations. However, one thing I didn’t want them to be was completely savage creatures with uncontrollable urges due to the powers of the full moon. Most animals aren’t born with that kind of bloodlust so, like everything else in this series, there had to be a rationale for the impulse. In this case, bitten humans just make for bad werewolves. It’s a curse in their DNA.

One other thing I knew from the beginning was that I didn’t want my books populated by shirtless hunks who were more eye candy than valuable participants in the plot.

If you were to find yourself at Connor’s school in Paris and saw him walking through the halls on your first day, what would your initial split-second impression of him be?


Let’s say Connor is given the opportunity to recruit a werewolf from any book, movie or TV show to either help him navigate his new world or fight along with him. Which werewolf would he most want on his side?

If he was still alive [SPOILER ALERT] it would be Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series, simply because he’s an excellent teacher and fighter. I would say the same of Geoffrey Beck from Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver trilogy but [SPOILER ALERT] werewolf mentors don’t seem to have a long lifespan.

If you were to stumble into this world and suddenly find yourself face to face with indisputable proof that werewolves exist, how terrified/intrigued/accepting would you be?

Having immersed myself in this world and the research for so many years, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of it turned out to be real. Not in the least! There’s been some science-y stuff that I made up based on research that eventually turned out to be true or close to true. Maybe I should expect the Luparii to show up at my door for having outed werewolves to the general public...

If the third and final book of this series was made into a movie and you had to pick a single tagline for the promotional poster, how would that line read?

It’s time to take a walk on the Wilds* side…

*For readers: The Wilds are a group of American werewolves introduced in The Night Is Found.

Thanks so much for stopping by Kat!

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When they tried to kill a prince, they made a king

In the aftermath of his pack leader’s assassination Connor Lewis is ready to take control. Rodolfus de Aquila’s plan before he died was to unite the European werewolf packs against their common enemies: the Hounds of God who make the laws and enforce them ruthlessly and with questionable motives, and the Luparii, an intergovernmental group of werewolf hunters now bent on the extermination of his kind. The uneasy alliance between these two factions has fallen apart, and now a battle wages leaving the pack werewolves scrambling to escape bio-chemical warfare on one side, and total domination on the other.

After hearing rumors of a union between the American packs Connor returns with Amara to his home city of New York to learn how to bring the Old World packs together. Werewolf society in the New World has taken a very different course from that of Europe, but when Connor meets the American leaders he begins to question if their ways are, in fact, the path forward.

A world away from Madison, Arden, and all those that he is trying to protect, Connor must discover the secret to uniting and  leading the packs under one final charge, or else risk extinction for their entire species in the epic conclusion to The Magdeburg Trilogy.

The Magdeburg Trilogy #1
*Book one is currently FREE on Amazon!

The Magdeburg Trilogy #1


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  1. I haven't heard of this series but now I really want to read it. Because it's set in Paris and I love how there are two types of werewolves - bitten and born. It's usually only one type in books so seeing both there seems really good. LOL at the shirtless hunks!! Great interview, Jenny :)

    1. Yay! Glad I could put this one on your radar Tanja, I'm really excited to read it:)

  2. I hadn't heard about this series before, but the setting in Paris, and the twist on the mythology for the werewolves and how the author said that she didn't want just shirtless hunks in her books... I'm sold! I just got the first book for my Kindle app!
    Thanks for a great interview and for sharing (and discovering!) this trilogy for me, Jenny!

    1. Doesn't it sound awesome! And the first book is free, so WIN! Can't wait to see what you think Pili!

  3. Ooh, werewolves in Paris! And, of course they'd hang out in the green spaces. After all, they're sophisticated French weres. Do they have berets and everything? Do they use their sarcasm as a weapon? Mais, oui!

  4. This is the first time I'm hearing of this series, but it's a werewolf series set in Paris? Books focusing on werewolves are rare and a Paris setting is just the cherry on top of a cake. I definitely need to look this series up.
    Lovely interview, Jenny! :)

    1. Right? Love the covers of this series and I love the premise. Yes to werewolves in Paris!

  5. I always wanted to check how much Neanderthal blood I got in me

    1. It's a super interesting concept isn't it?

  6. Did someone say Paris?!! It's such a beautiful city. ^^ I'm not really into werewolf mythology so guess that may be why I didn't hear of this book. :P You seem glad to be appart of the tour so congrats. ^^

    1. I've never been to Paris, but hopefully one day! And then of course I'll just be trying to spot werewolf hangouts as I wander about ;-)

  7. "I didn’t want my books populated by shirtless hunks who were more eye candy than valuable participants in the plot."

    I agree just as long as we understand we aren't against those things either. LOL ;)

    I'm always looking out for a good shifter book. I tend to gravitate toward those. Oh this does look good. :)

    1. There are definitely times when I thoroughly appreciate a good shirtless werewolf ;-) I really like the sound of Kat's mythology though!

  8. Adorkable, huh? I haven't heard of this one before, but I LOVE that cover so much. The sharp contrast of the title's red is amazing. Great post, Jenny!

    1. I always enjoy an adorkable hero Hafsah! And isn't the cover gorgeous?

  9. I love that she didn't want them to be mindless beasts unless there was a reason for it. I sometimes hate that about the werewolf myth as well. How can you think any of them are hot if you can't trust them to not rip you to shreds at any moment? :P

    Great interview Jenny, have a great weekend!

    1. You make a good point Ali, but I still love a good shifter romance ;-) I can't help it!

  10. Oooh I haven't read a shifter novel in a while. This sounds perfect!!