Monday, February 23, 2015

Count Spatula's Guide to Baking: Blog Tour + Recipe

Today I have something hugely fun and different to share with all of you for my stop on the Count Spatula's Guide to Baking tour. Having participated in a wide variety of blog tours over the years, it's always exciting for me when an author or publisher comes up something completely unique, so I hope you guys enjoy the below as much as I did!

For those of you who don't know, Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula is a graphic novel by Andi Watson that releases tomorrow from First Second Books. For the tour, Count Spatula himself (who just happens to be a vampire and a chef) is hopping from blog to blog sharing kitchen tips and tricks, recipes and all sorts of other delightful things you don't want to miss. I have the pleasure of sharing a very special recipe with you, one I'm greatly looking forward to trying as anything sugar-related is an automatic win for me!

Without further ado:

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Princess Decomposia is overworked and underappreciated.

This princess of the underworld has plenty of her own work to do but always seems to find herself doing her layabout father's job, as well. The king doesn't feel quite well, you see. Ever. So the princess is left scurrying through the halls, dodging her mummy, werewolf, and ghost subjects, always running behind and always buried under a ton of paperwork. Oh, and her father just fired the chef, so now she has to hire a new cook as well.

Luckily for Princess Decomposia, she makes a good hire in Count Spatula, the vampire chef with a sweet tooth. He's a charming go-getter of a blood-sucker, and pretty soon the two young ghouls become friends. And then...more than friends? Maybe eventually, but first Princess Decomposia has to sort out her life. And with Count Spatula at her side, you can be sure she'll succeed.

Andi Watson (Glister, Gum Girl) brings his signature gothy-cute sensibility to this very sweet and mildly spooky tale of friendship, family, and management training for the undead.

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Andi Watson was born and raised in the north of England where he loved to draw and read books. It rained a lot. Upon graduating college he realised this was the perfect background for a cartoonist. He has created comics for grown ups and children and those somewhere in between. Occasionally he's been nominated for awards (three Eisners, a Harvey, and a British Comics Awards). He works from home where he should buy fewer books or more bookshelves. He lives in Worcester with his wife and daughter.

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  1. The illustrations of this one look pretty cute, and based on the synopsis, I can easily imagine myself reading this one for fun. Thanks for sharing, Jenny :)

  2. What a great post! I can totally follow those instructions. Maybe. ;) And the book sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. This is such a cool post Jenny, I do like it when blog tour posts offer something different, I shall certainly be trying out this recipe! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Love the easy-to-follow recipe cartoon. Perfect for a non-cook like me. (and I thought I misread that title...but I didn't! made me laugh.)

  5. How fun! You know me I love any book that has recipes in it!

  6. Oooh, the recipe sounds like a lot of fun! And Count Spatula made me think of Count Chocula for some reason! ;)
    This sounds like a very cute graphic novel, and I'm definitely adding it to the wish list!
    Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  7. Oh this is unbelievably cute, Jenny! A vampire who is a chef!!
    Thank you for sharing! I will have to let my nephew know about this book.

  8. Oh gosh what a fun post! I love it. The little onion guy is adorable!

  9. So cute! I might even be able to pull this one off!

  10. It's great that the author didn't opt for the usual cookie cutter type blog tour post. Baking pun intended. Haha! My husband does all of the day-to-day cooking, but I don't mind whipping up the occasional batch of cookies.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  11. This is such a fun blog tour, I love Andi's artwork! Thanks for sharing this Rock Cakes recipe, this is too cute! :-)

  12. I love this post! :) Now that would actually make me think about cooking! How dare you! LOL This sounds like such a cute book.

  13. I have seen this one around and I think it looks adorable. I have it on Risa's list for when she is just a tad bit older. Love the recipe and the illustrations.

  14. I absolutely adore this! I love Halloween, AND I love baking! I don't need a child to get into this, do I? :)

  15. Such a fun post! I don't think I've never read a graphic novel before... or a comic book. But this sounds cute!

  16. Oh this is beyond cute, and I love the illustrations!

  17. Too cute!

    I've just started dabbling in graphic novels. They are kind of hot or miss for me but this sounds fun.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  18. SO adorable. I'm going to have to check this graphic novel out.

  19. I need one of those yummy Rock Cakes now, please! This is adorable and those illustrations make me smile. Thanks :)

  20. THIS. This is the kind of graphic novel I could get down with, LOL. SO cute!