Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review: Lion Heart

Scarlet #3
A.C. Gaughen
Young Adult/Historical
348 pages
Available Now
Source: ARC from publisher for review

THE STORY (from Goodreads)
Scarlet has captured the hearts of readers as well as the heart of Robin Hood, and after ceaseless obstacles and countless threats, readers will finally find out the fate of the Lady Thief.

Imprisoned by Prince John for months, Scarlet finds herself a long way from Nottinghamshire. After a daring escape from the Prince's clutches, she learns that King Richard’s life is in jeopardy, and Eleanor of Aquitaine demands a service Scarlet can’t refuse: spy for her and help bring Richard home safe. But fate—and her heart—won’t allow her to stay away from Nottinghamshire for long, and together, Scarlet and Rob must stop Prince John from going through with his dark plans for England. They can not rest until he’s stopped, but will their love be enough to save them once and for all?

Lion Heart, like Lady Thief before it, is not always an easy read, a villain drunk on power with the might of a royal name behind him causing every muscle in our bodies to seize up as we flip the pages, trying valiantly to keep from throwing the book across the room in the hopes that mighty Prince John will feel it. While we have faith that Ms. Gaughen will usher Rob and Scarlet to a happy end by the time we close the back cover, that faith doesn’t lessen the intensity of their story, and we start each chapter with excitement and dread battling for supremacy as we wait to see what’s in store for our epic couple.

Scarlet has been easy to root for from the beginning, an innate need to protect those she loves driving her to step into the line of fire repeatedly, and through it all she holds herself together with a strength and grace we’re sure we wouldn’t be able to muster were we faced with the same circumstances. While she does have a brief moment where she seriously considers the tried and true romantic gesture of pushing Rob away for his own protection, her senses quickly return to her and she fully embraces the fact that she and Rob will forever be stronger together than apart.

After a lengthy build up with Prince John and his Machiavellian scheming to permanently remove his brother from the throne, the final showdown does happen fairly quickly and leaves us with almost no follow up as to what happens to our beloved cast of characters in the aftermath. That being said though, Ms. Gaughen does include an author’s note in the end that details a bit more of the history on which the story is based as well as where she took a few creative liberties, and those few pages provide quite a bit of closure. Overall, Lion Heart and the entirety of the Scarlet series is outstanding, both heart-wrenching and heartwarming in equal measure, and satisfying on every possible level.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Even if it's not an easy read it sounds like a good one. I saw it on another blog but I didn't know it was a book 3, I don't know why I thought it was a new series. thanks for the review!

  2. Sounds good. I have actually read "Robin Hood" books

  3. An entire series that satisfies and delivers? That's always worth a read. Especially with a series ending that doesn't let you down.

  4. Very happy to hear this one didn't dissapoint and now I feel like I can add the full series to my TBR pile and not suffer with the cliffhangers and waits! A Robin Hood retelling is something I'd very much love to read!

  5. I don't want to read the last book! I've gotten very reluctant to let series end for me... But yay for a satisfying ending. That's a very good thing.

  6. I really liked this one too, Jenny. I absolutely loved all the swoony moments between Scar and Rob in this one. I have to agree with you on the final showdown a little bit low-key, but I got what the author was trying to do.
    Wonderful review!

  7. Ah, well it's good to hear you found closure in another manner as the ending wasn't ideal. I now feel like I can move this series up my tbr now that I know every book was well done!

  8. The author's note was a definitely must as to the rest of the story but I did love this, even if I still wish more would have happened with John. This has been an amazing series and I can't wait to see what this author comes out with next!
    Beautiful review Jenny!

  9. I've discussed the epilogue issue at lenght with some of my favorite authors and here is the conclusion I've reached: I LOVE seeing my characters after they ride into the sunset. I love long, happy epilogues, especially if the books were torturous and uncertain and if they played with my emotions a lot. Think of Lumatere. Think Ann Aguirre's Horde. Those are the conclusions I remember most dearly precisely because they gave me an extended happily ever after.

  10. Ha, I do hope that Prince John felt every single one of my glares and angry page flips! And boy, was this book suspenseful. The shipper in me is still not willing to let Rob and Scarlet go! Fantastic review, Jenny!

  11. I'm convinced that this is a must read series for me! It sounds like this last book kept the intensity on high though. I love a good villain to boo for, and this one sounds like he has been the cause for much booing!
    Lovely review, Jenny :)

  12. I know this is so shallow of me, but I started this the the other night, and once again, I was driven nuts by the grammatical errors. I can hardly stand to read it, yes I know it is all part of Scarlet's ruse, but I hate it.

  13. It's strange that opinions on this series are so divided. I haven't tried it myself, so I can't weigh in. It does seem to have a great deal of potential though. Wonderful review :)

  14. I skipped your review because I'm just finishing up Lady Thief so I can get ready for Lion Heart. I definitely see the darkness as that is most surprising. Glad you enjoyed this one.

  15. I was so bummed that this one wasn't available for review. So glad you got it! I'm also glad that you found it very satisfying since ending books rarely are for me. I can't wait to read this one. My library has it on order!

  16. I'm glad this was a strong ending to a strong series, even if it didn't quite provide the closure with all the characters it might have. I still need to catch up on these!

  17. Nice to hear this was a pleasing conclusion to the trilogy, Jenny! I'm so terrible about actually finishing a series where its a trilogy with a year between each book. I lose interest! I'll keep this in mind since all the books are out now. Wonderful review! :)