Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday Flourish: The Hunted Compilation

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

I don't know about you guys, but this week is going fast for me. It would still be better if the above said Happy Friday, but I'll take Wednesday over Monday or Tuesday :) Today I'm crazy excited to bring you another recent cover design, this one for author, friend and fellow blogger Amanda Shofner.

Amanda was one of my earliest clients, someone who took a chance on me before I had much of a cover design portfolio to my name, and I'll be forever grateful to her for that! We've done five projects together now, two of them nonfiction titles and three for her urban fantasy series, The Hunted. Amanda has recently combined the entire series, two full length novels and two novellas, into a single volume, so we created a brand new cover for the compilation.

Just to refresh your memory, here are the individual covers for books one and two:

And the new cover for the complete series!


The Northern Alliance Betterment Society rose up to declare war on the Gifted and erase them from existence. The deep division between the Gifted—the illusionists and memory-bringers—made the war successful. Now the Gifted are being hunted and eliminated, but there remain a few who choose to fight back and reclaim their lives.


One false move—or trusting the wrong person—can turn the Gifted into the hunted.

Sam Benson doesn’t know where she is or, more importantly, who she is. With her memories gone, she must piece together the details of her life—and figure out who to trust—before they take it from her.


When Michael gave up his Gift, he was told it'd be forever. In the middle of recruiting for the new Gifted army, his Gift comes back. Unexpectedly.

But rather than celebrating the impossible, Michael’s carefully laid plans are about to come to naught... unless he can find a way to survive and make it right.


Janey Jones is driven by one purpose. Will Brown has seen what blind ambition can do.

When Will and Janey are thrown together, they’re forced to put aside their differences for a greater purpose: find a way to stay alive—and salvage the mission to cut the Hunters down, once and for all.


She’s about to learn life isn’t like her controlled experiments.

Edie Brown's well-ordered scientist’s life unravels when her best friend Marcus proposes a different kind of experiment—one that puts her heart at risk.

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  1. I love the colors of the covers and the faded lettering! These are really pretty, Jenny!

  2. Woah, you seriously made the book covers? Amazing! You have great talent! <3 I especially love the cover of The Hunted because it looks mysterious..... it just piques my interest! Thanks for sharing this ^_^

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

  3. I love them, they're so intriguing, we want to know more about the story!

  4. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT AHHH. Duh. An obvious reaction from me. ;D I've already fallen in love with the first two covers, and the one for the compilation = perfect. ^_^ (Also I just finished Song of Summer by Laura Lee Anderson, and when I saw that you designed the cover I was basically going, "No wonder it's gorgeous!") <3

  5. Love these, Jenny! All of the covers are absolutely perfect.

  6. OOoh nice! These are totally new to me! Look intriguing too!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  7. Happy Wednesday!!

    These covers are all fantastic, and they match so well! I love how creepy and clean they look!! BRILLIANT job as always Jenny!

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous Jenny! I love the new series cover. I should check these out, they sound cool! :)

  9. I should also mention that Elusive Memories is free on most major retailers (except Amazon, because they haven't price matched yet). So if anyone wishes to try out the series... they can.

    1. Also, Jenny, as always, you are amazing. THANK YOU for such amazing covers.

  10. I like that first one the best :)

  11. The compilation cover is stunning! It fits so well with the book's title. Great job, Jenny!

  12. Wow, all three look fantastic! Claustrophobia-inducing and full of dramatic tension - at least, for me :) Congratulations on another amazing job, Jenny!

  13. Oh my Jenny, absolutely gorgeous! LOVE Love these!

  14. Very pretty, Jenny. I have loved watching your covers evolved.

  15. Love the newest cover, Jenny!! And, the eyelashes and body image - awesome while giving me the shivers :)

  16. Oh these look so good and mysterious. I want to read them! Great covers Jenny!!

  17. Love how all three of these work together! So pretty.

  18. Holy crap, I LOVE The Hunted cover! Gorgeous!

  19. Wow I had to look at The Hunted cover for a few moments to see it! Really cool.

  20. Kind of creepy. Just how I like it!

  21. Ooo the covers are cool Jenny..they have a creepy vibe too them, and I love the faded font.