Sunday, July 1, 2012

Snark in the Dark + All Male Review Challenge Sign Up

Hey Everyone!

First, I want to apologize for my lack of participation in the All Male Challenge Giveaway Hop that started today. On Friday afternoon, central Ohio got slammed with a series of really bad storms and we lost power. We've been without power going on three days now, and we've been told repeatedly it could be another 5-7 days before we're up and running again. I'm not amused by this information. The dogs are even less so. Given that it's about 95 degrees here, it's been a miserable couple of days.

I'm currently borrowing internet from my mother in law to get this post up, but I'm hoping we'll get power back sooner rather than later and I can get back to the blog as scheduled. Because I wasn't able to participate in the hop today (and may be without power for majority of the week), I'm going to go ahead and combine the giveaway I had planned for that with the giveaway I'm hosting when Veronica Rossi stops by the blog on the 23rd, so be sure and pop in then!

I want to send a HUGE thank you to Missie at The Unread Reader for dealing with my frantic texts when my power went out and I realized I was going to be an epically poor event co-host, and for organizing all of these fabulous posts to give you guys all the information you need for the challenge. I'm so excited to get started, I hope you all are as well!

Welcome to second year of The All Male Review Challenge!

This reading and reviewing challenge, co-hosted by Bewitched Bookworms, Books and Things, Supernatural Snark, In the Closet with a Bibliophile and myself, will run the entire month of JULY. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read as many YOUNG ADULT (YA) books by male authors or featuring male protagonist during the month of July! And yes, books with alternating POVs count, as long as one of the main characters is male. Co-author books count too, as long as one of the authors is male. How to participate: Beginning TODAY, any YA book you read and review by a male author or containing a male protagonist is eligible to be entered into our inlinkz collection. At the end of the month, participants will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of our Mega AWESOME Prize Packs of books! Throughout the month, we will also have spotlight reviews, special guest posts, author interviews, read-alongs and mini giveaways!

The All Male Review Challenge Schedule:

July 1st-7th: Giveaway Hop  

July 2nd: Review Link Up post  

July 3rd: Interview with author Katie McGarry and giveaway of Pushing the Limits hosted by The Unread Reader  

July 6th: Fairy Metal Thunder read-along, chapters 1-6

July 9th: Male authors roundtable and signed books giveaway hosted by Danny of Bewitched Bookworms  

July 13th: Fairy Metal Thunder read-along, chapters 7-13  

July 16th: Lish McBride guest post and giveaway of Hold Me Closer, Necromancer hosted by Melissa of Books and Things  

July 20th: Fairy Metal Thunder read-along, chapters 14-20  

July 23rd: Interview with author Veronica Rossi and giveaway of Under the Never Sky hosted by Jenny of Supernatural Snark  

July 27th: Fairy Metal Thunder read-along, chapters 21-27 hosted by Jen of In the Closet With a Bibliophile  

July 30th: Interview with author Mike Mullin and giveaway of Ashfall hosted by Jen of In the Closet with a Bibliophile  

August 3rd: Announcement of Grand Prize Winners

Prize Pack 1 
Partials by Dan Wells  
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater 
Zombie Blondes by Brian James  
Jenna & Jonah's Fauxmance by Brendan Halpin and Emily Franklin

Prize Pack 2  
Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch  
The Last Domino by Adam Meyer 
Future Imperfect by K. Ryer Breese 
A Bad Day For Voodoo by Jeff Strand (Thanks to Sourcebooks)

Prize Pack 3  
Ashen Winter (Ashfall, #2) by Mike Mullin  
Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch Doing It by Melvin Burgess  
Send by Patty Blount (Thanks to Sourcebooks)

International Prize Pack 
Streamline by Jennifer Lane (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing
Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe ( (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing)  
Ember by Carol Oates (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing)  
Breaking Point by Jess Bowen (e-book. Thanks to Omnific Publishing)

Have we got you interested in participating yet? Great! All you have to do is start linking up your reviews of YA books by male author or featuring male protagonists. Remember: the more reviews you link = the more chances you have to win! Let the month of boys begin! Help us get the word out.

Grab our buttons!


  1. Eek, that's a long time to be without power! And in such heat, ugh. I'm feeling for you. I hope they get everything sorted out soon. Excited about the challenge and event!

  2. Holy Cow! Thank you so much for letting us know and I am so sorry ;((( Being without power for so long is horrible!!! Gee!

    We also had some really bad storms in Germany the last days so I'm happy you are save althout powerless...

    I'm so looking forward to this fun event and .. Missie is pretty damn awesome :))

  3. Well, I knew it was something serious with you if your post wasn't up. I was just getting ready to email Missie and ask if you were in a tornado or something. My in-laws are without power in Virginia and they are saying the same to them. They had to check into a motel b/c of his health. Poor you and the dogs!! Man where are these freak storms coming from?? Better read up on my apocalyptic stories! I'll be here on the 23rd! (to get my book)!

    Take care of yourselves!

  4. Oh, thank goodness you're okay, Jenny! And I hope everything else will run smoothly for you in the coming days.

    And also, cool challenge. I feel like this is much needed because the YA scene is dominated by female protagonists.Not to say this is bad, I'm a feminist after all... it's just, refreshing, I guess. Good luck with hosting this challenge! And again, stay safe :D

  5. No power in a heat wave?? That'd be so terrible! But I hope that everything's getting better (although I also hope I don't jinx it by saying so LOL), and this is one of those times when I pray for the weather people to be wrong just so you don't have to go another 5 to 7 days without power :')

    ALSO: I love Missie!

    I'm definitely excited to get started on this challenge as well! Wishing you the best, Jenny -- see you on the 23rd! :) <3

  6. OUCH! That is way to long to be without power. When it is 95 outside---3 hours is too long LOL I am a wimp and my dogs are worse!

  7. Jenny! I still consider the day you text me as one of the best in my life! I'll be sure to return the favor when our hurricanes hit and I'm without power and bored out of my mind so I'll have nothing better to do than make your cell phone explode. :)

    And I can't help but think of all the poor food in your frig. Is it alright? Did you get to stuff in all down before it went bad? I hope so. :)

  8. Yuck that bites!!! But glad your ok...:) Get one of Oriental fans from the dollar store, they are pretty and you can have your hubs fan you all day.....that would awesome!

    1. Geez,if I could actually form a sentence there would be a "Im" "those" and a "be" in that sentence...shakes head.

  9. I also received horrible power outages once that storm hit my area. The power came back thankfully but I also have no Internet access (except for my phone) hopefully our inernet will be working normally soon.
    So excited to take part of this event! I already read my first book- forbidden co authored by Ryan and syrie James!
    Hope you have a wonderful day Jenny!

  10. Also I hope your power comes back on soon

  11. So awesome. Can't wait to start reading!

  12. Sorry about your power! Especially in weather like this. Hope everything is back to normal soon.

  13. Eek! Sorry to hear about your power! I hope it comes on soon. Hang tight. 95 with no a/c is no fun at all. Stay safe, Jenny *HUGS*

  14. Sorry about your power! Power outages during summer absolutely sucks! Hope everything is back to normal soon. Stay safe and cool, Jenny!

  15. Oh my goodness I hope you get your power back. We lost power in that freak snowstorm on Halloween for about 3-5 days, so we were in the opposite boat.

    This event sounds fabulous. I'm going to go check out the details now.

  16. It must be horrible to have no power - how would I survive with no access to my blog and email? Hope it comes back soon!

    This event sounds like so much fun, hopefully I'll be able to link up some reviews this month! And I can't wait to check out all the posts that you guys have lined up for us :D

  17. Oh no sweetie! I heard but had no idea you were in that. Hang tough! :D

  18. Oh, girl! That's terrible!! I hope the power restoration is sooner rather than later. The Midwest got some seriously horrible storms--good to hear that you're okay (besides suffering in the heat and no power, that is. What did we ever do without AC?!?). Good thoughts coming your way. Be safe! Stay cool!

  19. We are willing here in CO to take away some of those storms for you. I'm also shuddering thinking about it being both humid and hot. *sends ice creams in huge quantities*

    I hope you get up and going soon. ((HUGS)) to you!

  20. Aw, it sucks that you lost your power. I hope it does come back sooner than later. Keep your windows open and eat lots of ice-cream :)

  21. Oh no about the power! It seems like things always happen around the time you really *NEED* to be able to be online. I've heard of the horrible storms over there and I hope that things get back to normal soon!

  22. You totally need to host an event called Snark in the Dark now. Or, maybe have a meme called Snark After Dark. Do it, Jenny. NOW.

  23. That. Sucks. I live in New York City and several years ago one of the big electrical networks in Queens pretty much melted from the heat and we were without power for nine days (same type of temps, mid-90s), so I definitely feel for you and understand what you're going through. Hope you guys get your power back really soon.

  24. I don't know how you found your sense of humor with that "Snark in the Dark" comment! I was in Chicago all weekend and just missed the storm, but luckily my power never went out. That totally sucks that you haven't had a reprieve from this heat, Jenny. So hoping those lights (and a/c) flicker back on really soon.

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