Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guest Post + Giveaway: Suzy Turner and The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw

Today young adult author Suzy Turner is taking over the blog to talk a little bit about tattoos and how they relate to her newest release, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw. Welcome to Supernatural Snark Suzy!


I'm not much of a tattoo person. Don't get me wrong, I love the way they look on other people's bodies, well... depending on the body of course! But secretly, deep down, I've always had a bit of a thing for them, you know? A yearning, perhaps. For my own little tattoo that is. My husband really dislikes them. He's always made it clear that he would really prefer it if I didn't permanently brand myself with some strange image.

However, after I'd written The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, I told him of my latest plan and he kind of agreed with me (weirdly). The plan is to get a tattoo of my own. But there are stipulations...

Only if (and it's a big IF) The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw is a massive hit, a bestseller, will I get the tattoo done! And the tattoo itself? Well, that's an easy one... it'll be the same tattoo that features in the book. An eye with wings with the latin words written beneath it, Stamus Contra Malum (we stand against evil).

So if the book does take off, I'll be taking off too... to the USA where I plan to head to LA and have one of the artists from that well known show LA Ink, brand me for life!

Thanks so much for stopping by today Suzy! I'm one of those people that thoroughly enjoys tattoos on other people as well (hello sexy tattooed bad boys!), and as much as I would like to get one myself, I know I'd chicken out instantaneously upon seeing the needle gun. I am a wimp. I admit it. Needles send me into a panic, so the thought of willingly submitting to constant needle-poking for an extended period of time is enough to have me breaking out in a cold sweat. *Pats self on back for bravery in the face of fear*

More information on Suzy and her books can be found here:

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Suzy is generously offering up two eCopies of The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw to a couple of lucky winners today! To enter, please just leave a comment on this post with a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. Because these are eCopies, the giveaway is international and will run through midnight EST on Friday, December 14th after which time a winner will be chosen and emailed. Good luck everyone!


Adopted sisters Lana Beth and Emma Jane are polar opposites, but when the same strange 'tattoo' suddenly appears and winds its way up their bodies within days of each other, they soon realise there's more to their relationship than they could ever have imagined.

Sent off to London for two weeks of 'work experience', the Morgan Sisters soon find themselves being initiated into the ancient Praxos Foundation, one that protects the innocent while fighting evil, both human and supernatural.

At the same time, Lana Beth and Emma Jane must also investigate why the sweet but sometimes pesky ghost of Josiah Grimshaw just won't leave them alone.


  1. Then I hope it will be a hit and that your husband will like it :)

  2. I'm the same way with tattoos. I do secretly like them, but mostly on other people's bodies (depending on both the body and the tattoo!). I hope the book takes off. :)

  3. Much success on the book and will await a picture of your new tattoo!!!!

  4. I'm too chicken to ever get a tattoo...I could not commit! LOL But I do love how SOME of them look on other

    Best of luck with books sales...I hope you get your tattoo!

  5. What a cool plan, I am not a tattoo person but a cool latin saying would be nice.

  6. Thank you so much for posting about my future tattoo (!) and thanks to everyone who has commented... I hope it's not too long 'til I'm back revealing all ;)

  7. I too wouldn't be able to get a tattoo myself but I do admire them on other people especially when guys have nice sleeves *coughs*. Jenny you're totally distracting me here! Thanks for sharing this brilliant guest post with us. ;)

  8. I like tattoos on men and sometimes on women, but I wouldn't want one for myself. Hope your book is a success and you get your tattoo! :)

  9. Thanks for the great post! I'm too much of a weeny to get a tattoo and I'm afraid of "regretting" it later. But I do enjoy a good tat, especially on hot guys :)

  10. I have a tattoo. A pegasus on my back. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Well we better get busy and make this a best seller! Any excuse to get a tattoo at LA Ink! I don't have any tattoos and probably never will, but I think I have a bit of a secret yearning myself. ;)

  12. I totally agree about the tattoos. Your book sounds really great. Hope you're on the plane to LA soon.

  13. Wow this sounds like an awesome book, at least it's got me interested.

  14. The cover of the book is amazing and the story line has sparked my interest. I can't wait to get a copy.

  15. I don't mind some tattoos on others, but I doubt I'd get one myself. Good luck with that. Your book looks & sounds amazing.


  16. I have to agree about the tats. Boy do those guys look great with them strategically placed sometimes. But not for me. I can get my blood drawn, handle and IV, but not all those needles at once. I think I'd have a frickin' panic attack!

    You got mine!

  17. I'm not much of a tattoo person too but I have to admit that there are people who seem amazing the tattoos on their bodies. They can support them.
    The story of The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw is very beautiful, thank you for the chance!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  18. Book looks good, and caught my interest!! Added to my book list :)


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