Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Giveaway!

It's finally fall! The lovely ladies over at Good Choice Reading are hosting a fall giveaway in celebration of all things book related and I thought it would be fun to participate. I know Blogfest was just a few short weeks ago, but the fantastic people at Penguin sent me 3 beautiful ARCs of Andrea Cremer's Nightshade and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give them to 3 lucky winners. Since I already have the ARCs in my possession and can't use The Book Depository, this particular giveaway is US only.

I like things simple, so as usual entering is really easy. Just fill out the form with your name and contact information and you're done! If the form isn't working, feel free to leave your information in a comment or email me at supernaturalsnark@gmail.com and I'll make sure you're entered.

Following the blog is absolutely not required to enter, but anyone who would like to follow or already follows will receive an extra entry. There are over 50 blogs participating in this giveaway, so be sure and hop around to enter their contests as well, a list is below. The contest will run through September 29th after which my 3 winners will be chosen and notified. Good luck everyone!

Supernatural Snark Fall Giveaway Entry Form

Fall Giveaway Participants:
  1. A Cozy Reader (US & Canada)
  2. A Musing Reviews (US ONLY)
  3. Bibliognome (US & International)
  4. Blkosiners Book Blog (US Only)
  5. Romance Book Junkie (US ONLY)
  6. Skyla11377 (US & International)
  7. Sinfully Tasty Reads (US ONLY)
  8. Once upon a Twilight (US & Canada)
  9. Crazy Book Reader (US & International)
  10. Dark Readers (UK & International)
  11. Looksie Lovitz (US & International)
  12. My OverStuffed Bookshelf (US ONLY)
  13. To Read or Not To Read (US & International)
  14. Divas Bookcase (US ONLY)
  15. My Neurotic Book Affair (US & Canada)
  16. Sizzling Hot Books (US ONLY)
  17. End of Story, Next Book (US & International)
  18. Paige Maddison (US ONLY)
  19. Kishaz World (US & International)
  20. Iam a Reader, Not a Writer (US & Canada Only)
  21. iB Book Blogging (US ONLY)
  22. Candaces Book Blog (US ONLY)
  23. Reading Angel (US & International)
  24. The Elliott Review (US & International)
  25. J. L. Jackson (US & Canada Only)
  26. Reenas Blog (US & International)
  27. Reflections with Coffee (US & International)
  28. The Itzel Library (US & International)
  29. The Eager Readers (US & International)
  1. Soap Box in My Mind (US ONLY)
  2. Book Noise (US & International)
  3. My Reading Room (US & Canada)
  4. Dark Wyrms Readers (US & International)
  5. Good Choice Reading (US & International)
  6. The Cajun Book Lady (US only)
  7. Read for your future (US & International)
  8. The YA Glutton
  9. resugo reads (US & International)
  10. Jennifer Lane Author of With Good Behavior (US ONLY)
  11. All the days of (US & International)
  12. Two Little Cavaliers (US & International)
  13. SweetNothingsxo (US & International)
  14. Lillie (AliseOnLife): Read My Mind (US & International)
  15. Ex Libris (US & International)
  16. Another Book Junkie (US & International)
  17. JL @ An Avid Readers Musings (US Only)
  18. Divine Perspective (US Only)
  19. BookZone (US Only)
  20. Naked and Unashamed (US Only)
  21. Age is Just a Number (US Only)
  22. Divine Truth Press (US Only)
  23. Susan Kaye Quinn Author of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit (US ONLY)
  24. Wicked Awesome Books(US ONLY)
  25. Scarrlet Reader (US & Canada)
  26. Aines Realm (US & International)
  27. Supernatural Snark (US Only)
  28. Taffys Writing (US & International)
  29. Words are things. . . (US ONLY)


  1. ohhhh my heck...so many giveaways! thanks for this :)

  2. Being Canadian I can't try for this giveaway. I just wanted to say it's awesome and I'm so excited for this book lol.

    Happy start of Fall :)


  3. Thanks for hosting! Super excited to read this one!!!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win! I can't wait to read this one!

  5. Great giveaway! I love the cover of this book.

  6. Thanks for the great giveaway and especially the super easy entry!

  7. hey great giveaway! Do You Know How May I Be A Participant As Well???? Id Like To Share My GIveaway Too

  8. How very awesome! I want this book desperately!

  9. Just filled out the form and after i hit submit realized that somehow an extra key got hit misspelling my last name!

  10. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Great books!

  11. Been entering a lot of these. Can't remember if I stopped by already! Eep. Disregard one entry if I happened to enter twice!

  12. Oh no, I think I just entered this one twice! :( I'm sorry!

  13. Awesome giveaway!

  14. Thanks for this amazing giveaway :)

    Following your blog, of course!