Monday, October 25, 2010

Crossroads Blog Tour Day 10: Angie Frazier

We're already on Day 10 of The Crossroads Blog Tour! If you're not familiar with how the tour works, you can check out my kick off post here, and then be sure to visit The Crossroads Tour main page for a full list of participating authors and bloggers as well as details on prizes, giveaways, and collecting the mystery clues!

I'm so pleased to welcome Angie Frazier to the blog today to answer some questions about her debut young adult novel!

Your story, Everlasting, is set in 1855. What do you find most appealing about a historical romance?

I think the appeal, for me, are the differences in dating and marriage. There were rules that could never ever be broken, and we all know that rules are made to be broken. It’s exciting to write and read about a romance that takes work and determination and a little bit of danger.

A lot of the story is set in the Australian wilderness, did you write those scenes based on personal experience having been to Australia or from research?

No, everything was from research. I would have loved to have visited Australia to do the research firsthand, but alas, needed to depend on books and other resources. Mostly travel accounts, maps, historical documents, other historical books based in Australia, and internet research sites.

If your family had a life-altering secret, do you think you would want to know, or would you be content with “ignorance is bliss”?

Ignorance really is bliss in some cases, but I am the kind of person who needs to know the truth, whether it’s pretty or not. I think knowing the truth gives a person a power over the situation that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Do you think it’s more fun to write the romantic tension between characters or write the scenes that help the mystery unfold?

For me, it’s definitely more fun to write the scenes that help the mystery unfold. Action scenes are my favorite, or scenes where there is a big reveal. The romantic scenes are torture! But once they are down, I do like reading them:)

What is the best way you’ve found to get yourself out of a creative rut?

The best way for me is to read, read, and read some more. I allow myself to take a break, but I’m still concentrating on writing—just other people’s words instead of my own.

Thanks so much to Angie for stopping by and answering my questions! The sequel to
Everlasting will release in June 2011, and for more information on Angie and her books, you can find her here:


EVERLASTING (from Goodreads)

Sailing aboard her father’s trade ship is all seventeen-year-old Camille Rowen has ever wanted. But as a girl of society in 1855 San Francisco, her future is set: marry a man she doesn’t love, or condemn herself and her father to poverty.

On her final voyage before the wedding, the stormy arms of the Tasman Sea claim her father, and a terrible family secret is revealed. A secret intertwined with a fabled map, the mother Camille has long believed dead, and an ancient stone that wields a dangerous—and alluring—magic.

The only person Camille can depend on is Oscar, a handsome young sailor whom she is undeniably drawn to. Torn between trusting her instincts and keeping her promises to her father, Camille embarks on a perilous quest into the Australian wilderness to find the enchanted stone. As she and Oscar elude murderous bushrangers and unravel Camille’s father’s lies, they come closer to making the ultimate decision of who—and what—matters most.

Beautifully written and feverishly paced, Everlasting is an unforgettable journey of passion, secrecy, and adventure.


  1. Sooooo glad I read this blog site as historical romances are one of my favorite genres - a MUST read on my list! Than you for the interview!

  2. Love historcials and I loved this book. Great interview:) I also just go a poster from her in the mail! EEEK, she so awesome!!!

  3. this book sounds soo good! I have loved this crossroads tour!!

    My Bloody Fairy Tale

  4. Anonymous - You're welcome, hope you enjoy it!

    Savannah - I agree!

    Kristen - I'm so glad to hear you say that, it's been fun to read all the authors' answers:)

    Tori - Hope you give it a try!

  5. This book sounds so great! I had a WoW for it once upon a time, and I have no idea why I didn't pick it up. Thanks for the brilliant interview, too :)

  6. Wow I haven't heard of this book but historical romance in the AUSTRALIAN wilderness??! Sign me up!

  7. Great interview. Love the new questions. I think ignorance is not bliss. I learned my first family secret at the age of 17. I'm still learning them at 45.


  8. Melissa - You're welcome, glad you liked it!

    Mollie - Right? That's what I said:)

    Heather - I agree, I would much rather be in the know than happy in my own little clueless world.