Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crossroads Blog Tour Day 9: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Welcome to day 9 of The Crossroads Blog Tour! If you're not familiar with how the tour works, you can check out my kick off post here, and then be sure to visit The Crossroads Tour main page for a full list of participating authors and bloggers as well as details on prizes, giveaways, and collecting the mystery clues!

Today I have Rosemary Clement-Moore on the blog to answer a few questions to help us get to know her a little bit better!

When you have two love interests for your heroine, do you ever write two different versions of the story where she ends up with each of them? Or do you know who she’ll be with (or with neither) from the beginning?

So far, I’ve always known from the start who the heroine will end up with at the close of the book. I try and make both romantic interests intriguing in their own way, just to keep it interesting--and because it’s not much of a triangle if both guys aren’t worthy, in their own way, of the heroine’s affections. (I admit I’ve once tempted myself to change my mind, because I’ll fall a little in love with option B, too. But generally I know where I’m headed.)

Do you find it easier to write humorous, witty dialogue or more serious, tension-filled dialogue?

They both have their own challenges. I like writing humorous dialogue, but you always have to remember that even the jokes have to be there for a reason. They have to move the plot or develop the characters or relationships. I could write witty banter all day, but I have to make it mean something. My challenge with the serious, tension-filled stuff is making dramatic without making it melodramatic. In both cases, it’s about balance.

What do you think it is about the South that makes it such a perfect backdrop for romance?

I think some of it is the rich history, some of it is the landscape, which is just so LUSH. Plus you have these grand antebellum houses that seem to have their own personality and history. People are really connected to the past there, and an idea of gentility. We picture Scarlett O’hara in her picnic dress, or big beautiful hoops skirts and gallant Southern gentlemen. I may not be how things really were, but it’s a romanticized ideal.

Favorite place to write? Couch? Office? Outdoors?

My couch in my office. Music on, dogs keeping me company, pot of coffee at the ready.

If the storyline of your life could be summed up into a single genre, what would it be? Romance? Mystery?

Chick lit. Full of life’s ups and downs and discovering your potential after trying a whole lot of different things.

Thanks so much Rosemary for stopping by and for taking the time to answer my questions! Her next book, Texas Gothic, releases next June from Delacorte so mark your calendars. For more information on her and her books, you can find her here:


TEXAS GOTHIC (from Goodreads)

Amy Goodnight's family is far from normal. She comes from a line of witches, but tries her best to stay far outside the family business. Her summer gig? Ranch-sitting for her aunt with her wacky but beautiful sister. Only the Goodnight Ranch is even less normal than it normally is. Bodies are being discovered, a ghost is on the prowl, and everywhere she turns, the hot neighbor cowboy is in her face.

THE SPLENDOR FALLS (from Goodreads)

Sylvie Davis is a ballerina who can’t dance. A broken leg ended her career, but Sylvie’s pain runs deeper. What broke her heart was her father’s death, and what’s breaking her spirit is her mother’s remarriage—a union that’s only driven an even deeper wedge into their already tenuous relationship.

Uprooting her from her Manhattan apartment and shipping her to Alabama is her mother’s solution for Sylvie’s unhappiness. Her father’s cousin is restoring a family home in a town rich with her family’s history. And that’s where things start to get shady. As it turns out, her family has a lot more history than Sylvie ever knew. More unnerving, though, are the two guys that she can’t stop thinking about. Shawn Maddox, the resident golden boy, seems to be perfect in every way. But Rhys—a handsome, mysterious foreign guest of her cousin’s—has a hold on her that she doesn’t quite understand.

Then she starts seeing things. Sylvie’s lost nearly everything—is she starting to lose her mind as well?


  1. I really enjoyed this interview. I live in the south and love reading books set down here. I just added both of her books to my TBR list. Thanks Jenny and Rosemary!

  2. This interview has sparked my interest and I look forward to reading these books. Thanks

  3. Oh boy do I have some catching up to do or what. I've currently got The Splendor Falls on my shelf but have yet to really read the book. Have peaked at a couple of chapters and have to say that I really love Rosemary's writing. Great interview - will be sure to catch up with the rest of your posts throughout this week!

  4. Awesome interview! I lived in the South for a little bit, but I think it was the wrong part of the South...I always wanted to live in Louisiana for a bit :)

  5. Kelli - You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it. I've always wanted to live in the south, maybe one day:)

    Cathy - Hope you like them:)

    Tammy - I always have catching up to do even when I try to stay on top of things:) I'll be looking forward to your thoughts on The Splendor Falls when you get there!

    Melissa - Thanks! I've never lived anywhere but Ohio, but the south is definitely on my list of places to spend some time:)

  6. The Splendor Falls is now on my TBR list - sounds very intriguing. Thanks for the interview!

  7. Hi! Just letting you know that you've received an award over at my blog, Missy's Reads & Reviews. Congrats!

  8. Great review! Such different questions! I loved them. And I loved her answer to what genre her life was-Chick Lit.

    Heather R.

  9. Thanks for your interview--I loved the questions as well as the answers they got :) and thank you, too, for posting a link to the Crossroads Tour site so that I can find all of the other blogs.

    I'm following your blog, too now since I love the books you have on your sidebar as upcoming ones you want to read!

    my latest post: Waiting On Wednesday: Texas Gothic

  10. except I already follow your blog, don't I? I need to visit the blogs I follow more often (so I see what they look like), not just read them in Google Reader!