Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: Wicked Appetite

WICKED APPETITE (Unmentionables #1)
Janet Evanovich
313 pages
St. Martin's Press
Available Now


Lizzy Tucker lives a pretty ordinary life. She works in a bakery making cupcakes, is attempting to publish her own cookbook, and lives in a quaint little home left to her by her Aunt Ophelia. Ordinary quickly morphs into extraordinary however when a gorgeous man named Diesel strolls nonchalantly through the bakery door, places himself squarely in her life, and adamantly refuses to budge.

It seems Lizzy is an Unmentionable, someone with a small gift or unique ability that sets he or she apart from those around them. She's supposedly able to sense objects of power, in this case stones which represent the seven deadly sins that, when combined, will bring about Hell on earth. Fantastic.

Diesel is positive Lizzy is one of only two people with this ability and needs her help to locate the stone representing Gluttony before the dark and twisted Gerwulf Grimoire can get his hands on it. But Lizzy isn't cut out for a paranormal treasure hunt, she just wants to bake cupcakes. Cupcakes are safe. Diesel most definitely is not safe on a variety of levels. Cupcakes are delicious. But maybe so is Diesel. With little say in the matter, Lizzy teams up with Diesel, learning about Unmentionables, gluttony, and attraction along the way.

Delectable. Ms. Evanovich's books are always a breath of fresh air, overflowing with a humor that leaves the reader with tears running down our faces and a sore gut from repeated full body spasms caused by uncontrollable laughing. As a fan of her Stephanie Plum series, I had high hopes for this initial installment, and I can honestly say I wasn't the least bit disappointed.

Wicked Appetite combines the typical Evanovich humor with an added supernatural twist, opening the door for an entirely new spectrum of shenanigans all the more amusing and comical due to the lack of reality-based constraints. This book is just fun. There's really no bigger, better, more descriptive word for it. There are no deep, dark secrets for the reader to attempt to decipher, no brutal conflict to leave an ache in our hearts for days after reading; there is just a light, well-written tale providing a quick jaunt into a hilarious fictional world. Every once in a while a respite from the novels with more profound subject matter and haunting questions is just what's needed. And really, any book that features a monkey with a penchant for flipping people off is worth a read in my opinion.

Diesel is delightful. He's familiar to fans of the Plum books, making several appearances in her "in between" novellas, and it's an uproariously good time to watch him wreak havoc through a full length novel. He's got a drool-worthy swagger and a confidence that just starts to tip the scales toward arrogance, yet remains irresistible. With a couple unique powers of his own, he lures Lizzy into his world and we get to watch a relationship build in a way we haven't seen in his previous interactions with Stephanie Plum. Yes, he flirted his way through the Plum novellas, but his charisma is taken to a whole new level now that he's a primary character, and his attachment to Lizzy is sweet but holds the promise of turning into something far more interesting.

Lizzy isn't quite as inept as Stephanie, but she is equally prone to absurdity, making her adorable, endearing, and completely lovable as she winds up in the most ridiculous of situations with no concept of how she got there. Her best friend Glo is a welcome addition to the cast of characters with her failed attempts at witchcraft providing copious amounts of comic relief, yet not so overwhelming as to detract from the main storyline.

Humor abounds, ridiculousness occurs with every turn of the page, and sore cheeks are a welcome side effect from constant smiling while reading. I assume each book will focus on a different stone, and subsequently a different sin, and I'm truly hoping we get to Lust sooner rather than later though I have a feeling the sexual tension between Lizzy and Diesel will be a tortuous thread carried through till the hysterical end. I'm ready for seconds.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. I'm glad this is a good one. I got it for my mom-she was hesitant to read it because she's not a Diesel fan.

  2. Wow, this does seem really good and I haven't read any of Evanovich's books Yet! lol
    Thanks for this review!

  3. I have this on resreve at the library. I gave up on the Plum books 13 I think. I always liked Diesel so I thought I'd give this one a try! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  4. Great review Jenny. I have this on my TBR. Can't wait to read. :)

  5. Colette - Hope she likes it! I've always been a Diesel fan, so this was right up my alley:)

    yllektra - If you want something laugh-out-loud funny, this book or her Plum books are perfect.

    Mollie - I really like the supernatural twist of this new series, and Diesel is adorable:)

    Tori - Can't wait to see what you think!

  6. Great review Jenny! I have yet to read anything by Janet Evanovich, but every time I walk into the book store, I see one of her many novels starring at me. I should definitely begin reading her work. Any book with a monkey, and a cool, comical monkey at that, gets my vote. Once my TBR piles goes down a bit, I think I'll begin reading Janet.

  7. If you like the Plum series, you won't be disappointed with this one. Same humor and quirks with a touch of the paranormal----great read and review.

  8. Ashley - She's definitely worth a read. The first couple Plum books aren't quite as funny, they really start to pick up around book 4, but her in between novellas would be a good place to start:)

    Cathy - Thanks for introducing me to Janet:)

  9. hmmm... I just read a review for this one on BCC's blog this morning. Thanks for posting your thoughts. Glad to be able to compare. Now I'm interested.

  10. Great review! I loved reading Wicked Appetite. It made me realize I was taking things to seriously. The humor was welcome.

    I like how Lizzy kept trying to rationalize the supernatural. She was very human, and a strong female lead. Diesel... *drool*

    It's amazing how much I baked while reading this book. Cupcakes everywhere!!

  11. OO I wouldn't have normally picked this up but boy does it look good.

  12. Missie - I just love Janet Evanovich, she's not for everyone, but I find her hilarious:)

    West Coast - I agree completely! And Diesel is definitely drool-worthy.

    Tiah - I could go for some right now

    Cleverly Inked - Hope you like it if you give it a try!

  13. This is on my TBR list, can't wait to read it! I love Janet and her characters. I can't wait to see how she adds the supernatural twist to her already hilarious witty writing!

  14. I love the Plum books but have not read this one yet. Thanks!!