Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interview: Rachel Vincent

I'm hugely excited to have Rachel Vincent on the blog today answering a few questions about her Shifters series. This is a series that has frustrated me, downright pissed me off, and also brought a huge smile to my face. I've been thoroughly involved in Faythe's story from page one, and it's been one heck of a ride since then! If you haven't picked up these books yet, beware, you will get hooked.

What is more intimidating, writing the first book in a new series or wrapping up loose ends with the final book?

Well, I’ve only written one series ender right now, and while it was hard, it was nowhere near as hard as starting my new adult series is turning out to be. ;)

There are two fantastic love interests for Faythe in this series, did you ever find yourself gravitating more toward one over the other, or were you able to remain impartial?

I was rarely impartial, but I did hop back and forth a lot. It was fun!

Both Marc and Jace are swoon-worthy, alpha male heroes. Name one fictional hero you wish you could take credit for writing and why.

Um… I kinda wish I’d written Alex, from Simone Elkeles’s Perfect Chemistry. He was a fantastic, hard-edged but heroic contemporary hero.

You are not afraid to brutally knock your characters down before you bring them back up, do you find their emotional heartbreaks more difficult to write than their physical abuses?

Honestly, I love torturing characters, both physically and emotionally. It’s the happy parts that bore me. How sick is that? ;)

If you could live in one of the supernatural worlds you’ve created, would it be that of the Shifters or the bean sidhe?

Probably the Shifters world. It’s dark and violent, but Kaylee’s world in Soul Screamers is brutal, emotionally, especially starting in the third book, My Soul To Keep. From then on, she faces angst and pain on a much more personal level than what Faythe goes through. And she can’t just pound on a bunch of bad guys to relieve stress.

Is there a single point in the overall process were the book begins to feel real to you? Either handing over the first draft, seeing the cover art, or finally seeing on the shelf surrounded by other titles?

Typing “The End” on the first draft is when it feels real. That’s when the story is complete, on screen. Its first incarnation outside of my own head. And yes, I actually type “The End” in every book, and my editor has to take it out during the revisions. ;)

What’s one book you’ve read over and over again, and how many times have you read it?

I’ve read both Swan Song (McCammon) and The Stand (King) four times each, and I still love them both. I read them ever summer during college, after reading them each once in high school. I love post-apocalyptic fiction.

Faythe is an outdoor kind of girl being a Shifter, would you say you are the outdoorsy type?

Um… no. It took a lot of research into different kinds of trees and plants and the sounds that various animals make in order for me to bring her outdoor world to life.

For most of us, meeting our favorite authors leads to some serious incoherent fangirl babbling, is there another author you’ve met that incited a similar reaction?

To some extent. I was nervous about meeting both Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth) and Holly Black (White Cat). And a couple of years ago, I introduced myself to Kelley Armstrong over and over, sure she wouldn’t remember me (but she’s totally cool, and probably the nicest person I’ve ever met), until a mutual friend took me aside and said, “Rachel, stop introducing yourself to Kelley. She knows who you are.” So…now you know how I’ve embarrassed myself. ;)

What is one aspect of Faythe’s character you are most proud of?

I’m proud of how she’s grown. She’s come a long way, and by the end of the series, she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks for stopping by and answering my questions Rachel! If you're interested in her Shifters series, all the book titles are below. She also writes the fantastic young adult Soul Screamers series, so be sure and check out her website for information on that as well.

Shifters Series:

Stay tuned tomorrow for my review of Alpha!


  1. Great interview:) I love both her series! She is such an amazing writter!!

  2. Excellent interview. I'm definitely going to check Rachel's books. Thanks for sharing, Jenny.

  3. Really cool that she likes Simone Elkeles characters.

  4. Savannah - Thank you! I completely agree, I adore her books:)

    Judith - You're very welcome, I hope you like them!

    Cleverly Inked - I always like knowing what characters outside their own authors are drawn to!

  5. Really awesome interview! I'll have to check out the series it seems very interesting!

  6. Awesome interview! Love Rachel's books! Really enjoyed her short story from the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance as well, it had a different take on vampires' lifestyle!

  7. Nice interview! I keep eyeing this series at the book store. I'm gonna have to buy it now.

  8. I have been debating forever now on whether or not I should read this series. I'm thinking that I should finally take the plunge and do it. I hope the library has it cause I don't think my pockets can handle anymore spending. *runs to check library* (so maybe there was no running as much as a clicking of the mouse*grins*)

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  9. Another great interview Jenny! You always ask great questions.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  10. Brooke - I love this series, Faythe gets better with each book:)

    Jessica - I love them too, I need to start her YA series next.

    Preternatural - I hope you give it a try!

    Chrystal - Thank you:)

    Jen - I really enjoy them, they're not easy reads, she abuses her characters, but they're worth the torment I think:)

    Stephanie - Thank you so much!

  11. Another great interview Jenny (& Rachel) I still have to start the Shifter series but I have read the Soul Screamer one.

  12. Great interview! I just started this series and I love it so far!

  13. This is great - Thanks for being here, Rachel.
    I'm a fan of yours, and am waiting for my Alpha order to arrive :) It takes a little while to get to India.
    Whats the new series you are starting about?

  14. GREAT interview! I picked this series up over the summer and CONSUMED the first five books! I just couldn't put them down. Reading Alpha was soooooo bittersweet but I LOVED it. I could not have been happier with the way everything played out. Watching Faythe go from Stray to Alpha has been such an awesome journey and I am definitely a RKV fan girl now! :D

  15. Great interview Jenny. I mentioned in your review that I'm now sold on this, but reading this interview has definitely added to sealing the deal!