Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guest Post: Carolyn Crane

I have the privilege of welcoming Carolyn Crane to the blog today, she's going to share some secrets about the characters from her Disillusionists Trilogy in the form of the contents of their respective bags/purses. I found my way to this series through the recommendation of another blogger and I'm so glad I did as this series is unique, brilliant, and a joy to read. Pick them up now if you haven't yet, you won't be disappointed! And now for a little insight into Justine, Packard, and crew...

Hi! First, thanks, Jenny for having me over to your blog!

So, you know how you can tell a lot by what a woman keeps in her purse, or what a man keeps in his pockets? Well, I thought it might be fun to go through some of the Mind Games and Double Cross characters’ purse and pockets. What will we find? What secret things can be revealed?

This post tells all!

Type of bag: Otto loves really nice leather messenger bags, and changes them with his outfits.


• Three phones: As an urban fantasy mover and shaker, Otto is always in touch, and he has different phones for different operations, and tons of different ringtones he is able to identify. One phone is totally off the radar for super secret highcap business.

• Spare beret: He keeps one in his bag as a backup, in case he loses his primary beret. Plus, there are always certain situations where a fellow might want to double up. You can never have too much cranial protection.

• Wallet: Otto carries plenty of money, though the citizens love him so much, he barely ever has to pay for his own stuff. Especially not drinks.

• Piece of rubble: this is actually a piece of the old school. Otto will NEVER forget what happened back there.

Type of bag: Fun and fashionable. Justine used to work at a dress shop, but could never afford the stuff. Now that she’s a disillusionist with a great salary, she has lots of great bags.


• Mini medical dictionary: Handy for fake nurses and recovering hypochondriacs alike.

• Ibuprofen: Aspirin has blood thinning effects, contraindicated for vein star syndrome.

• Mini first aid kit: Bandages, thermometer, latex gloves and a stethoscope, in a handy sterile silken pouch. Only the best for the Midcity’s top fake nurse!

• Little knife: strangely, she doesn’t know why she has this…sometimes a girl just gets the urge to go out and linger in a dark urban scenes in her leather jacket holding it. And sometimes people take her picture. Weird!


Type of bag: Packard carry a bag? No way! He keeps his stuff in his pockets. He would never be caught dead holding a satchel or even a bag like Otto’s, and certainly not a purse…well, he might hold one for a sec if Justine asked him to, but he’d be all stormy about it.

• Grains of sand: Packard travels to the ocean whenever he can, and sometimes he just gets off the plane rushes down there and lays on the beach. The openness comforts him after being enclosed in that stupid restaurant for eight years. So, there’s sand in his stuff. And let’s face it, how often do guys wash their jeans?

• Passport, lots of cash: Packard’s ready to pick up and go at any time. He needs nobody. He is his own island. Well, er, that’s the plan, anyways.

• Piece of rubble: this is actually a piece of the old school. Packard can never forget what happened back there, much as he wants to.


Type of bag: Shelby’s purse is striped, and many different colors. It clashes with any outfit. Heck, it clashes with itself. Just what the morose girl needs.


• Phone with super random gaudy bling glued to it: Like the bag, the phone clashes with everything. Perfect for having depressing conversations.

• Expired bus pass: Oh well, What would really change if she got to wherever she was supposed to be on time?

• A few coins: oh well, if she had enough money to buy what she needed during the day, would it really make her happy? No. Happiness is an illusion.

• Lint: Why clean it out? It’s all you really have in the end.


Type of bag: Like Packard, Simon, the recklessness and gambling disillusionist, is strictly a pockets guy. Of course, he has giant pockets a lot of the time in his big weird jackets.


• Wallet: Empty. Oops, shouldn’t have made that last bet.

• Small book of uplifting & calming sayings: It’s really funny to offer it to Carter when he’s in a rage. Carter gets really mad and punches Simon.

• One-leaf clover: It’s wrecked now, but it was a humorous gift from Justine, who is actually Simon’s best friend in the world, but she won’t realize it until book #3.

• Tiny flashlight: Perfect for the man who is always going where he shouldn’t.

• Phone: with speed dial to his bookies, so he can place plenty of losing bets.

• Stress ball: It’s really funny to offer it to Carter when he’s in a rage. Carter gets really mad and punches Simon.

• Tissue: In case of bloody nose or lip.

There we have it! Interesting what you can learn about a person from the contents of their bags and pockets.

What’s the weirdest thing you carry in your purse or pocket?

Thanks so much for stopping by Carolyn! If you want to learn more about Carolyn and the Disillusionists Trilogy, you can find her here:


I adored her newest release,
Double Cross, and you can read my review here.


  1. Great post! I have to admit that at first first glance I read "A piece of rubble" as "A piece of rubber" and thought "WOW! I wonder why he carries a used rubber?"

    So sorry, my mind went there. Thanks for the fun glimpse into the characters pockets and bags!

  2. Done Deal - you just made me spit out my water:) I'd like to think not many people carry used rubbers around, but to each his own, right?;)

    Carolyn - I probably have the least interesting purse ever. Just my wallet, some lip gloss, and my keys. Boring.

  3. Great insight in the purses and pockets of your characters!
    I myself always have a notebook and pen with me to write down important stuff or to draw when feeling bored.

  4. Wonderful guest post! This had me rotfl! I loved this series so much.

  5. LOL Perfect interview. I'm sorry Otto but a messenger bag is a purse not matter what fancy names you put on it.

    Weirdest thing I carry in purse? Probably the tiara.

  6. Hey Jenny! Thanks so much for having me over! This was fun.

  7. Ooh, interesting to see what people carry. Hold on, Tori, a TIARA! Do tell!

  8. OMG! My purse is black and huge and ugly and I actually bought it in the outdoor/camping section of the hardware store. In it I have my wallet, my prescription sunglasses, a small container of Cheerios (for the kids), a reusable bag, Kleenex, Purell, bug spray, sunscreen, day planner, note pad, pen, phone (that's always dead), gum, receipt organizer, a diaper, wipes, sewing kit, a map, straws, plastic cutlery, Advil, lip balm, hand cream and a little bit of makeup. Oh, and I sewed on a water bottle holder so I can always carry my Rubbermaid bottle. And yes, it's a little heavy! lol

    Excellent post usual!!!

  9. Carolyn-Yup. I carry an sparkley rhinestone Happy Birthday tiara for those special "princessy" moments. My kid gets a kick if I put it on in public. Oh, and I totally will put it on anywhere. :)

  10. Great guest post! This is such a cool way of getting to know about book characters-look through their stuff! ;) I don't carry too much in my handbags: mostly my cell phone, green wallet, whatever book I'm reading (in a package because I HATE getting my books dented), water bottle and dental floss. (dental floss because I'm afraid that when I'll talk to someone and smile, I'll have something caught in my teeth: I'm planning ahead!) You know what would be even cooler? Getting a sneak peek into their ROOMS >D

  11. Simon is just the best!

    Weirdest thing in my purse: is probably the lack of things! I just carry my Kindle, Wallet, Cellphone, Keys, and Chapstick. Occasionally a receipt makes it way in there but not for long. I would carry more but I would probably just lose it.

  12. Oh...something else to add to the Shelby costume, Carolyn are you sure you don't want to have a character look a like contest? wink wink Either way I am going to send you a photo of my Shelby costume.

  13. this is too great. I love the one about Packard. I don't see him carrying a bag around either lol :)

  14. LOL! Do you remember my Portable Ubiquitous Resource Storage Environment (PURSE) post from earlier this year? Hee hee. Weirdest thing in my purse. Hmm. Maybe my GorillaPod tripod?

  15. LOVE IT!!!!!! "mysterious small knife"
    I carry around bandaids in my purse. I get nerves really bad sometimes and pick my fingers, so I have to carry around bandaids!
    <--- Freak!

  16. Great post! I haven't heard of these books before but I love the idea of knowing characters so well that you can know what's in their bags! I'll have to check the books out.
    Alison Can Read

  17. LOL @ Tori re: the tiara!!

    Thanks for the fun insight into these great characters!

  18. Haha, thanks for another great, fun and informative post Carolyn! :-D

    You had me crack up at "Little knife: strangely, she doesn’t know why she has this…sometimes a girl just gets the urge to go out and linger in a dark urban scenes in her leather jacket holding it. And sometimes people take her picture. Weird!" ROFL!! :-D A little knife can always come handy for a girl ;-) lol

    The weirdest thing in my bags? The plastic lid of water bottles: a charity collects them to buy medical instruments for children, so anywhere I go and drink I take the plastic cap to give it to them. :-)

  19. Justine needs an iPhone. There's a web MD app you know. :)

  20. YAY! awesome post Carolyn!

    I love these books!!

    Team Gumby!

  21. I didn't read all the post, so I don't know if this has been said, but I noticed one thing that wasn't there. Where are the stun guns they are supposed to carry?

  22. This is such a cool post! I love all these items and the tall tales they are for each character. :D Great!

    Now my purse... I don't know. Notecards, journel, pens of colors, pencils, tape recorder. Oh baby powder, for my son and his pads for football. ;)

  23. Haha that was interesting.

    What I keep in my bag um...key for drawers at work, sweets, usb drive with all my reviews etc (don't want to lose that), bills or letters of stuff I have to do something with, chewing gum, cards for paying bills, purse (holds all teh cards that have to pay those bills =( ) and I think that's about it! LOL a very boring bag to be honest oh and it's black! LOL

    Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm