Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crossroads Blog Tour Day 11: Amy Brecount-White

Welcome to day 11 of The Crossroads Blog Tour! If you're not familiar with how the tour works, you can check out my kick off post here, and then be sure to visit The Crossroads Tour main page for a full list of participating authors and bloggers as well as details on prizes, giveaways, and collecting the mystery clues!

Today I have Amy Brecount-White stopping by to answer a couple questions!

Since Forget Her Nots focuses on flowers, what is your personal favorite? Why?

I love just about any flowers, but especially gardenias. I think their scent is lovely, and they mean “ecstasy and transport” in the language of flowers.

Do you find it easier to write the beginning of the story with the character and world introduction, or the end with the action and eventual wrap-up?

The ending is definitely easier for me to write, because there should be something inevitable about it. Not predictable, but inevitable, if you know what I mean.

Hardback, paperback, or e-book? Why?

Hardback whenever I can afford it, especially if it’s by a writer friend, because I’d like to support that writer and have her/his book around for awhile.

What made you want to focus on the young adult audience, and why on the paranormal genre in particular?

I love the YA audience, because they’re so enthusiastic and open to new experiences. At that point in your life, lots of things are happening for the very first time. I think it’s a time of heightened awareness and sensitivity, which makes readers that age receptive and more fun to write for. Plus, the YA writer community is incredibly supportive.

I write paranormal, because I like to believe in the magic of life around us, especially the magic of the natural world. I think it’s incredibly cool that scientific studies are finding that the more we’re outside and active, the happier and healthier we are. So go garden.

Now that you’ve written about the language of flowers, do you find yourself analyzing every bouquet you see to see what that combination might mean?

Sometimes. I do a lot of tussie mussie demonstrations and show people how to make a symbolic bouquet to give someone. I have to bring the right flowers, rather than just some random ones. I’m very careful about what I buy now and about what I give to anyone …. Wouldn’t want to be misunderstood!

White bellflowers and orange crocuses for hosting me, Jenny!!

A huge thanks to Amy for stopping by the blog! If you're interested in learning about some of the meanings behind certain flowers, be sure and check out Amy's website, she's got a fantastic comprehensive list deciphering some of the language of flowers. You can find that information and more on Amy here:


FORGET-HER-NOTS (from Goodreads)

When someone leaves three mystery flowers outside her dorm door, Laurel thinks that maybe the Avondale School isn't so awful after all — until her own body starts to freak out. In the middle of her English presentation on the Victorian Language of Flowers, strange words pop into her head, and her body seems to tingle and hum. Impulsively, Laurel gives the love bouquet she made to demonstrate the language to her spinster English teacher. When that teacher unexpectedly and immediately finds romance, Laurel suspects that something — something magical — is up. With her new friend, Kate, she sets out to discover the origins and breadth of her powers by experimenting on herself and others. But she can’t seem to find any living experts in the field of flower powers to guide her. And her bouquets don't always do her bidding, especially when it comes to her own crush, Justin. Rumors about Laurel and her flowers fly across campus, and she's soon besieged by requests from girls — both friends and enemies — who want their lives magically transformed — just in time for prom.


  1. Awesome interview! I so enjoyed this book :D

  2. Fascinating premise for a book. I will have to pay attention to the meaning of bouquets now!!! Thoughtful interview.

  3. Great Interview1 That is such a unique premise for a book but what an awesome way to go. Flowers are so amazing and come in so many shapes/sizes/types that it has to be a rich area to create a part of a world!

  4. I love hardbacks, too :) Something about holding a real book in my hands appeals to me more than an e-reader haha great interview!

  5. I've seen this author and title around but I actually didn't know it was a paranormal... :/!

  6. Lea - Thank you!

    Cathy - I thought so too, and so will I:)

    Felicia - So very true, I had fun reading all the meanings on her website as well!

    Melissa - I love an actual book too, I like the feel and seeing them all lined up on a bookshelf. I find it comforting:)

    Mollie - It is! I wouldn't have though so either from the title/book cover:)

  7. This one sounds really good, and I love the idea! So unique! I haven't read a lot of reviews of Forget-Her-Nots, but it's definitely going on my TBR list. Thanks for the great interview!

  8. Thanks for the interview- I have been wanting to read this one.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  9. I love gardenias too. I'm from the South and they remind me of home. Great interview. I've always wanted one of those small silver holders they make to hold tussie mussies.

    Buried in Books

  10. Natalie - You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it:)

    Brandi - Hope you like it if you give it a try!

    Heather - I'm a huge fan of gardenias as well, I think they're gorgeous and they smell great:)

  11. Such a lovely, lovely interview. I actually haven't read this book yet, but will be adding it to my TBR pile after this!