Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dark Days Tour: Interview with Veronica Rossi

I'm beyond excited to welcome young adult author Veronica Rossi to the blog today to answer a few questions about her amazing novel, Under the Never Sky, as part of HarperTeen's The Dark Days of Supernatural tour. This book just blew me away, and I couldn't be any more in love with Aria and Perry if I tried (you can read my full review here). For those of you who don't know about all the events planned for this tour and the fabulous authors scheduled to appear on it, I've got links and details at the bottom of this post. Thanks so much for stopping by Veronica!

If Aria could choose one thing about the world outside of Reverie that’s more beautiful, interesting, or just plain different from the same thing as represented in the Realms, what would it be and why?

The Realms are larger than life, and full of splash and fanfare, so the smaller things are what she would appreciate in real life for their intricacy and uniqueness, such as a rock, a sliver of bark, the sound of the wind.

There are so many quietly stunning moments between Aria and Perry as their relationship grows and changes; is there one moment, conversation, or interaction in particular that brought the biggest smile to your face or gave you a sense of supreme satisfaction?

Thank you! And yes, one of my favorite scenes between them occurs on a rooftop, in which Aria and Perry are talking, and then she sings to him. It’s a quiet scene, but I feel like it’s completely theirs. When I wrote it, I felt like I’d found the heart of the book.

Let’s say you’re cast out of Reverie as Aria is and are left alone in a completely unfamiliar environment. What’s the very first thing you would do?

Try to recall all the survival research I did for this book :-) Seriously, though. I’d try to stay calm and then cover the basic survival necessities: shelter, water and food.

Aria is musically gifted and has a breathtaking voice; do you have any musical talents yourself? I find I often send my dogs running from the room when I attempt to open my mouth to sing, it’s almost as though they sense it coming and take off as a preemptive measure to spare themselves the pain :-)

I’m so sorry your dogs do that, although it’s rather hysterical. I don’t have any musical talent whatsoever, but I do love music.

Both Perry and Aria seem to adapt really well to new situations and environments, taking things in stride and learning how to survive quickly. If they could choose to explore the world of another young adult novel, which one might they most like to experience?

I think Aria might like Prague, as seen in Laini Taylor’s DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. And I could picture Perry falling in easily into C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, though it’s a not a YA Novel.

The relationship between Aria and Perry is a joy to read, and one that is exceedingly memorable long after we’ve put the book down. Is there one romantic moment from either a book or movie that stands out in your mind as completely unforgettable?

One of my favorite romantic scenes is from the classic movie, BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. It’s between Paul Newman’s character, Butch, and his best friend’s girlfriend, Etta, played by Katherine Ross. There’s a where they take off on a bicycle and spend an afternoon together, joking and having fun. It’s obvious they adore each other, but they’re both utterly loyal to Sundance, who is the common link between them. It’s such an honest and nuanced relationship. I absolutely love that scene.

What were the first words that popped into your head when the final finished copies of Under The Never Sky showed up at your door?

This is really happening.

Looking forward to the next two books in the series and the continuation of Aria and Perry’s journey, what color do you think best represents the emotions and events in store for us?

:-) I like this question. There’s going to be searing red anger, icy blue fear, and everything in between!

Since this Dark Days of Supernatural Tour is HarperTeen's biggest one yet,
I've asked Veronica a few quick-response "biggest" questions!

Biggest guilty pleasure?

Pasta. Cheese. Chocolate… Wait. Did you say one?

Biggest fear when first starting to write Under The Never Sky?

That I couldn’t effectively portray two distinctive separate worlds.

Biggest clothing/food/entertainment addiction?


Biggest writing-related dream?

To write purely, that is, solely for myself. And to improve. Always to improve!

Biggest author crush?

MT Anderson

Thank you so much for having me!


This tour is going to be an absolute blast, so in addition to following the blog tour (see below schedule), you'll also want to stay connected to all things Dark Days on the Pitch Dark Facebook page, including exclusive content features every Wednesday! You can also get tons of information, including a schedule, excerpts and fun quizzes and polls, on the Dark Days Central page.

There's currently a fun survival quiz for Under The Never Sky up HERE, be sure and hop over to see how you'd fair!


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  1. Loved the interview! Pitch Dark Days this winter looks to be quite a fun time! Under the Never Sky is on my bookshelf and I don't think I can wait much longer to read it!

  2. I've heard so many great things about this book. I can't wait to read it. I would love to write a character with a great singing voice since my dog sings better than I do :-)

  3. Gosh you know Jenny how much I'm in love with Under The Never Sky, so reading this Interview was wonderful!

    I loved that she mentioned the roof scene -it was such a beautiful scene!
    I hate waiting for the next one!

    Dear Veronica Rossi: I'm so very much in love with your book, the story and the character blew me away! Epic Awesomeness!

  4. This is a great interview!! I loved it and the questions, and the author is so lovely. I do want to mention that I find this interesting:

    "That I couldn’t effectively portray two distinctive separate worlds." ---> She totally portrayed two distinctive separate worlds. I felt it when I was reading, and I think I touched on that in my review.

    Thanks for the interview ladies! It was a joy to read!! As was the book. I loved it SO MUCH.

  5. Oh my gosh!!!!! I'm reading this book right now and I'm absolutely LOVING it! It's such a cool & original book that's unlike any other! :) And I'm at that scene right now with Aria and Perry on the roof, and it's definitely one of my favourites too. SO beautiful! <3

    This was such an awesome interview! LOL Veronica, pasta, cheese, and chocolate? We should totally have a snack day together sometime! x)

  6. Sara - I LOVED this one, I hope you get a chance to pick it up soon:)

    Alison - My dogs definitely sing better than I do too. Fail. But Aria is such a wonderful heroine all the way around I think, can't wait for your thoughts when you get to this one!

    Danny - ME TOO! I second your "Dear Veronica Rossi" statement:) So good.

    Asheley - Yay! Glad you enjoyed the interview. I loved this book as much as you did and I always love finding out more about an author and book I love:)

    Mimi - WOO HOO! Can't wait to for you to get to the end, then we can talk about it like crazy people in love:) Also, I want to join your snack party with Veronica. Yum.

  7. I have this one sitting patiently on my Nook. I've been so busy with work that I haven't got a moment to myself but this is definitely my "have to read within the next days" pile.

  8. I love this story! I can only wish to actually meet the author.

  9. Jenny, you ask such awesome questions. I especially loved the last color, emotions, events in store for us question - and the very intriguing answer! :)

  10. Aw, I loved that rooftop scene.
    And oh no, red anger and blue fear? Book two sounds exciting. :)

  11. Great interview! I have this one on my wishlist, I've been reading great reviews.

  12. Rummanah - YES! Hope you like it:)

    Savy - I would love to meet her as well though I would probably be rendered mute in my excitement, as that is often what happens:) Win.

    Lea - Thank you, I really appreciate that:) I'm all nervous about book 2 now, I don't want any red anger!

    Lauren - Me too, definitely a favorite:)

    Jennifer - I adored it, it's on my special shelf of favorites so I can reread it again and again:)

  13. Wait! Did someone say something about pasta, cheese and chocolate.... *eyes glaze over*

    Okay between Jenny mentioning OGees yesterday and this today, I've got a mad craving that will not die until I gorge myself. Lucky me.

    And I'm also all types of curious about the rooftop scene. It sounds wonderful.

  14. Amazing interview as always, Jenny. I love your questions, especially the more offbeat ones in this case, hah. Pasta, shoes, yes, yes! It's nice when you get a glimpse at the person behind the author. :)

  15. Great questions, Jenny! I've yet to read this one, but I've been reading lots of good reviews lately!

  16. Some fun questions Jenny. Loved the one about the colors to,describe the next book. I am reading this next. I picked Cinder this week. I pictured your dogs running away but somehow I can't imagine your singing is any worse than some of those wannabes on tv.

  17. Now I am in the mood for chocolate pasta, damnit! And I'd love to hang out in Prague for the day with any awesome lit character :)

    Great interview, Jenny!

  18. Missie - My eyes glazed over too, and I've been thinking about pasta and chocolate all day. And also Olive Garden.

    Wendy - Thanks! I have fun coming up with them:)

    Leanna - Thank you! I hope you get a chance to read it soon, I loved it:)

    Heidi - Did you like Cinder? Dying to know what you thought:) And you might be surprised at my voice, I can give those terrible idol auditions a run for their money.

    Linds - Welcome to my world. I've been craving Olive garden salad and breadsticks since yesterday, and now today I just want to eat pasta and chocolate:)

  19. Oh man... You mention Lani Taylors book, then you mention 3 indulgences. The reviews have me wanting to read this book, but that sealed it. Darn, now I'm hungry. *goes to fridge*

    1. I loved this interview!

      That scene on the rooftop where she sings to Perry was a great one and I one I really loved!

    2. Sorry, if I'm replying to Melissa, there's no comment box and even reloading the page isn't fixing it for me...

  20. Thanks so much for having me, Jenny!

  21. Melissa - Right? I've been hungry for the past 2 days due to my posts!

    Candace - Thank you! And I have no idea what's happened to my comments, I've never been able to reply individually before and they're all wonky. Weird. Hopefully blogger will sort itself out:)

    Veronica - I was thrilled to have you! Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions:)

  22. Oh, I absolutely love this interview! It's really interesting to learn more about Veronica and I love the question of which other YA novel they would like to experience! Really great interview!

  23. I love this post SO MUCH. I loved Under the Never Sky so it's great to get more insight. =) I adored the rooftop scene between Perry and Aria!! But I'm scared about the next books. Red anger??? Blue fear??? Uh oh!

  24. Oh my gosh how I loved this book. Aria and Perry were wonderful characters and their relationship was beautiful and addicting. I'm so excited for the next instalment!

  25. Awesome Interview!

    I like that she writes for herself and her goal is always to improve! That is a perfect goal to apply to almost anything :)

  26. I loved when Aria would pick up random rocks and study them--how they're different than those in the Realms. A very cool moment. One of many.

  27. I really liked the rooftop scene.

    Narnia! I would love to visit it. I'm still waiting for my closet to become an opening to another world.

  28. Jenny-
    You know how much I loved your review of Under the Never Sky. It said everything I wanted to stay. I think this book has colored me for other books for the time being. I can't seem to get past how incredible I it left me feeling, like I lived it too!
    Great interview with Veronica Rossi!

    I'm glad to know a little more about her.

    I think if I answered the question "Let’s say you’re cast out of Reverie as Aria is and are left alone in a completely unfamiliar environment. What’s the very first thing you would do?"

    I'd just sit down and cry. And then die! I'm not much of a survival skills by myself kind of girl!

    You are such an awesome reviewer!

  29. I am not going to lie, I started reading this book and set it aside because I just wasn't feeling it- but after having read this interview I am convinced! I really want to see this relationship between Aria and Perry!

  30. I love that the main character in this story is such a great singer. I wish more books had singers for main characters. I love music, and I can just picture it in my mind perfectly. I ADORED Aria and Perry's relationship!!! Another great interview!