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Tempting Tuesdays: Chapters 5-8

Welcome to week two of the Some Girls Bite Read-Along! For those of you who don't know, the wonderful ladies behind Tina's Book Reviews, Books in the Spotlight, The Unread Reader and myself are hosting a read-along of book one of Chloe Neill's outstanding Chicagoland Vampires urban fantasy series. Each week we'll pose and answer five questions about the book and then hop around to the other blogs who have signed up to check out everyone's answers! For all the details about the event and our grand prize giveaway, be sure and check out the introductory post HERE.

Tina is the host this week, so be sure and visit her site to link up your posts! Rummanah is the host next week and has the discussion questions posted on her blog today.

January 3rd - Chapters 1-4 (Jenny at Supernatural Snark)
January 10th - Chapters 5-8 (Tina at Tina's Book Reviews)
January 17th - Chapters 9-12 (Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight)
January 24th - Chapters 13-15 + epilogue (Missie at The Unread Reader)
January 31st - Special guest post by Chloe Neill and our grand prize giveaway!


In what is a make you blush, steamy scene in the book- Chapter 5 has Ethan and Merit sharing a few hot moments after Merit's hunger strikes...that is until Ethan becomes a total cad! What do you think of him so far? Strong, masterful vampire, conceited playboy.....lover boy in disguise?

This question is a little hard for me to answer since I've read all the books in the series so far and I think my opinion is therefore a bit biased based on everything I know about him both as a man and as Master of Cadogan House. Suffice to say though, I find him a delicious combination of infuriating and appealing, and I spend most of my time alternating between wanting to kiss him on the lips and wanting to knee him in the groin. Some chapters my lips tingle with the desire to fly off my face and onto Merit's to get to just a little taste of him, and other chapters my knee just bounces, waiting in vain for him to materialize so it can introduce itself to his manhood. Love it.

Merit and Mallory begin some major training in these next few chapters, resulting in cool Katana Sword facts and Ninja moves. What is the most physically challenging or adrenaline fueled event/activity you have participated in?

Riding horses! I started when my aunts and uncles splurged to get me riding lessons for I think my 7th birthday (it may have been Christmas, I can't remember), and my dad, bless him, enthusiastically encouraged me thinking I would lose interest after the pre-purchased number of lessons was up. Wrong. That first day at the barn triggered the start of my rather epic campaign for a horse of my own, a dream my amazing, wonderful parents made happen when I was 12. My first horse was named Sleepy and I had him for a couple years before I bought my beloved Alibi who I had until I left for college. I've been kicked, bitten, bucked off, knocked off by tree branches, and jumped many a jump all by my lonesome when Alibi decided he didn't want to jump with me and let me face plant in the dirt on the other side more times than I can count, but riding is the most fun I've ever had in my life :-)

I posted a picture of me and Alibi a little while back, but I thought I'd include another one just because I adore him and miss him still even after all these years:

Mallory and Catcher have sparks so intense they almost fly off the page.....what do you think of this cozy couple? Did you like the insta-love between them? Do they add to the story?

For me, the insta-love with them doesn't bother me as much as it usually does. I think part of it's because they're secondary characters and their romance is not the main focus, so I'm more accepting of their decisions/behaviors since Ethan and Merit consume so much more of my attention. I definitely think they add to the story though, I love when there's a strong cast of characters and not just a strong hero and heroine, the story is all the richer for it in my opinion.

Lets talk Bff's....Mallory is hands down a terrific friend to Merit, the girls relationship is real, down to earth and fun....not to mention hysterical. What is your favorite memory or favorite thing to do with your bff? Feel free to share pics!

Okay, before I answer this, I just need to prepare everyone for the lameness what you're about to read. It's such a small and simple and silly thing, but sometimes those are the things that wind up being the most memorable right? My best friend is a wedding planner, so given that I design wedding stationery, we have a lot of common ground. Every now and then the wedding industry (and life in general) can get a bit crazy and we both just need to take a breather. So we go to Olive Garden. Or as we call it, The Garden. Yes, you read that right. I love Olive Garden! We eat salad. And breadsticks. And swap funny client or family stories until we're snorting and spitting said breadsticks across the table in a way that probably scars fellow Garden patrons for life. Complete win.

Things are starting to heat up in the mystery department...the set up at Red, Morgan's flirty appearance.... Catchers vague answers......as correlation day gets closer for Merit do you think someone is out to get her...or maybe recruit her to another house? Or PS- feed her some more food...because goodnight this girl likes to eat!!!

I'm going to avoid answering the main part of this question since I won't be able to do so without sharing spoilers, and am instead going to focus on the eating remark since my answer to the previous question has now made me hungry. What I wouldn't give for a vampire metabolism! Think how many Garden breadsticks I could eat. I could even do the never ending pasta bowl! *dreamy sigh*


  1. Oh my gosh, Jenny, that is SO incredibly cool that you've been riding before -- I've always wanted to do that!! Except I'm kind of scared of falling off and breaking something, but hearing how much you love it makes me a little less terrified! x) And your BFF memory is totally NOT lame! Anything that has to do with yummy food & funny stories means it must be a blast! ;)

    Awesome answers, Jenny! I added this to my TBR pile and am waiting! :D

  2. Oh my gosh was it you and your bff that were at that dinner with us when the food-spit came flying in my bff's mouth!!!???


    I think that is so awesome you were a horse rider, I mean how many people can say that? And Im so with you on Ethan, I love him and hate him.

  3. "...I spend most of my time alternating between wanting to kiss him on the lips and wanting to knee him in the groin."

    EXACTLY! I know I was pretty harsh to him at the beginning of the series but soon as we got to know him better, I eased up on him. I think what we are reacting to is him trying to get in touch with his lost, forgotten humanity. I just love watching his character change and morph and I suspect more fun ahead. ;)

  4. Mimi - You should try a lesson or two! It's definitely intimidating at first, but it's so much fun when you get a handle on it:) Plus, I think there is something special about forming a bond with an animal like that:)

    Tina - It might have been! We do frequent The Garden quite often and things do go flying in our presence:)

    Rummanah - That line pretty much sums up my relationship with Ethan. He can be such a bastard, but he also does a good job of redeeming himself I think:) Can't wait to see what you think of him in later books if you keep reading!

  5. Some of these questions are much harder to answer if you've already read the series. I keep trying to remember what I originally thought. I totally agree with you about the insta-love not being as important because it involves secondary characters. I had actually meant to say that on my post. But I didn't. So I just thought it.

  6. I LOVE that picture with you and Alibi - do you ever get to ride anymore? And Olive Garden is amazing. I really can't stand the Italian food snobs who turn their noses up at it?? I mean, the bread alone, right? Amazing. I've never had a bad meal there :)

    The insta-love/lust didn't bother me, either, and I think you are completely correct about it being because they are secondary. It added comic relief and a whole lotta sexy. I wouldn't have been able to handle it had it been like that between Merit and Ethan. Oh, and Ethan, I don't think I have quite the harsh reaction that most do. I just think he is a guy who is accustomed to a certain environment - I don't know, he just doesn't quite strike me as arrogant so much as a product of his circumstances.

  7. I love seeing the picture of you and Alibi. You look like a total pro in it :)

    It's cool that your BFF is a wedding planner, Jenny. Lol, do you guys refer each other to your clients?

  8. Olive Garden has the best salad!
    I don't think of the romance btw Ethan and Merit as very steamy - at least not compared to most adult novels. But I love the tension and the closeness - it is just as emotional as vivid sex scenes.
    I didn't realize what a dangerous sport riding was until I babysat a girl who rode competitively. She broke her arm once and enthusiastically told me about being helivacced off the course b/c she hit her head. She stopped riding competitively in college when she broke her back, although I think she still goes out for fun. I've never been a big horse person, but I can see how it would be attractive despite the danger.

  9. Ha! I call it OGees, and I freakin' love it. My sister and I go there and order the PITCHER of bellini wine, then we fight over who gets the last glass. LOL

    You and Alibi look freaking AMAZING together! And I'm sure he had something in mind when he face planted you.

  10. "I find him a delicious combination of infuriating and appealing, and I spend most of my time alternating between wanting to kiss him on the lips and wanting to knee him in the groin." RIGHT??!! I love him and want to beat the crap out of him all at the same time. Given I've read all the books and know a lot more, but at this point Ethan is a total douche. But, I love him. *sigh*

    Also, I'm with you on the metabolism. I've actually had this conversation with someone. I want to be able to eat everything I want and not gain a pound. :D WIN!

  11. Amanda - They definitely are, I had to retype my answers a couple times because I gave too much away:) And you thought your thoughts about the insta-love, that's really what counts ;-)

    Linds - No, I don't ride much anymore. I did for a while after college when I moved back home where my barn was. Even though I didn't have Alibi anymore, they let me come ride the other horses in the barn when their owner's couldn't make it in to exercise them, but since moving to Columbus I haven't found a place to ride. I'm sure I will someday though, it will always be something I want in my life:) And yay Olive Garden!

    Zahida - Thanks! We had a lot of fun together he and I:) We actually do refer clients to one another all the time, I actually met her when I called to set up an appointment with her when I was the new stationer in town and was hoping to get my name out there. I wouldn't send anyone to her if she wasn't amazing at what she did though:)

    Alison - Right? I could drink that dressing, it's so delicious:) Riding can be dangerous for sure, especially when the horses aren't in the mood to listen to you:)

    Missie - ME TOO! I should come visit you and we can all go to Olive Garden together. How much fun would that be? And Alibi spent our whole first year together tossing me into the dirt, to the point where my parents were considering selling him because we just did not get along. Then I guess he had decided he'd proved his point about who was in charge and we were fine for the next 3 years:)

  12. Jen - He definitely inspires both the love and hate feelings in me, it's part of what makes him so fun to read about I think:) Sexy bastard.

  13. You know who I picture as Ethan? David Beckham. Mmmm. *stares off into distance*

    I have to admit I liked Morgan a lot (at first!), too. This author really has a knack for making you like different guys, all for very different reasons. So fun to read along vicariously with you all on this project!

  14. *high-five* for horsiness! That was my answer too. I rode since before I was 2, but I got my own horse at age 12 too! Seriously such a great age for a girl to get her very own horse.

    Can you believe I've NEVER been to Olive Garden? I should at least try them sometime.

  15. Ohh yes almost getting bucked off a horse. Been there done that! Yikes.
    Ok so you have read the series. Tell me what are your thoughts on Grandpa and Jeff? They are two of my fav characters. I also love that Catcher watches lifetime movies.
    Ethan the jury is still out on him for me. I like your comment about kicking him in the groin or kissing him.

  16. ohh everytime I come over here I see that Masque of the Red Death cover. Love ir!

  17. I remember when I read this book and I really wanted Merit to kick him! He could be such a cad but I think it was because he was confused--he liked Merit but didn't think he should do anything about it. He's dutiful and honorable to the core.

  18. Gosh that scene with Merit and Ethan! I remember this was the scene when he actually let her drink that I changed my mind about him. However, I also remember Merits actions felt a bit weird.

    Catcher and Mallory? Most awesome couple ever! I love them and I think we need them in the story. (No, I'm not only referring to the happenings that are still to come... ) I love their spark!

    (P.S.: Jenny, I'm sooo sorry I wasn't able to put together a post as I hoped and promised I would. Please still love me!!) ;)

  19. Wendy - Beckham would definitely make a rockin' Ethan! What I wouldn't give for this to be made into a movie:)

    Christy - YEAH! Going to the barn every day was so much fun for me. A lot of work, but so worth it:) And get thee to an Olive Garden! Highly recommend:)

    Heidi - Oh yes, my butt met the ground many a time over the years. And sometimes my face met it as well. And pretty much every other part of me:) I love Grandpa and Jeff! Good people all the way through the series!

    Mary - She should have kicked him! Though seeing as she already challenged him once I can see why she kept that understandable urge in check:)

    Danny - Love Catcher and Mallory! I'm very interested to see where things go after the last book:) And don't worry, I still love you even though you didn't post ;-)

  20. I guess I need to read the entire series to be wooed by Ethan ;)

    Riding horses sounds so cool! You and Alibi are looking awesome in that pic.

  21. I think that is a pretty understandable reaction to Ethan. I pretty much felt the same way in the first book, haha.

    Oh man, Olive Garden. We don't have it up here! We used to when I was a kid, but then it went away for some reason. So the closest one is across the border, and whenever I'm in Michigan I always go there. Yummmmmm. *so hungry now*

  22. Oh my gosh, I'm loving the idea of de-stressing at the olive garden. Just thinking about some fettucini alfredo *yum*. Ahh, I wish I'd done more of this series already too! Reading it for the first time with the questions makes me even itchier to find out what happens with everyone.

    And I love, love, love the picture of you riding your horse! So pretty. I couldn't even imagine being thrown and then getting back on. You've got patience! and Pain tolerance ;)

  23. I'm glad I'm not reading it ahead, it makes answering the questions so much easier! I don't know what to think about things at this point. I like Ethan but he can be infuriating. I like Morgan but yet I'm highly suspicious of him. I like Morgan and Catcher each a lot and don't mind the insta- love/lust but don't really feel it between them yet. So I'm very anxious to keep reading, but I'm sticking with the chapters each week and I'm not going to read ahead!

  24. I love this questions! Even though I have not read the book it sounds soo good!

  25. I love that pic of you and Alibi! I think my mom is thankful I didn't live closer to her sibs because I'm sure I would have had a horse of my own, but living where we were, I had to envy my cousin (but in a good way). I wasn't too jelly since she let me ride on occasion. ;D

  26. Amazing post again hon. I love the picture of you on the horse, really cool. Love what you said about Mallory and Catcher, they make the story richer. Though they are secondary characters, they are still very strong. I second that, if I could eat like a vampire, I would definitely pig out on Olive Garden breadsticks and braised beef tortellini *epic win* Great post hon, loved your answers :)

  27. Jenny- I don't think your BFF and you at the Garden is lame at all. Because once you and she start talking I can see the breadstick pieces flying and tea or water coming out the nose. It's the unspoken language of BFFs! You can have fun anywhere. Not lame at all!!

    I feel the same about Ethan. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and learn all the secrets you couldn't tell us!


  28. Crap. With all these VERY interesting questions and answers, I'm going to have to pick this one up and read along hopefully!!

  29. Well now that I am last to comment because I didn't get by blogs the last few days...I can ramble, right?

    So I need to know (and yes I am kind of asking for spoilers) if I am going to start liking Merit or Ethan more? Right now they are sitting at a Faythe type of place for me. I like Mallory but I am having the same thing I had with the Shifters---a hard time deciding if to go forward with the series.

    Love the horse jumping picture. I wish I could ride horses but it is something I have never tried :(

  30. I like that you didn't make your answers too spoilery. The Ethan answer I loved! I guess it is going to be a long road of a love hate relationship with him. I really really want to like him, but I am not quite there yet. We will see. :)

    Here is my post:

    ch 5-8 discussion