Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tempting Tuesdays: Chapters 9-12

Welcome to week two of the Some Girls Bite Read-Along! For those of you who don't know, the wonderful ladies behind Tina's Book Reviews, Books in the Spotlight, The Unread Reader and myself are hosting a read-along of book one of Chloe Neill's outstanding Chicagoland Vampires urban fantasy series. Each week we'll pose and answer five questions about the book and then hop around to the other blogs who have signed up to check out everyone's answers! For all the details about the event and our grand prize giveaway, be sure and check out the introductory post HERE.

Rummanah is the host this week, so be sure and visit her site to link up your posts! Missie is the host next week and has the discussion questions posted on her blog today.

January 3rd - Chapters 1-4 (Jenny at Supernatural Snark)
January 10th - Chapters 5-8 (Tina at Tina's Book Reviews)
January 17th - Chapters 9-12 (Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight)
January 24th - Chapters 13-15 + epilogue (Missie at The Unread Reader)
January 31st - Special guest post by Chloe Neill and our grand prize giveaway!


Catcher and Ethan share some personality traits. What makes Mallory, Merit, and even us readers attracted to these guys? Would you date/mate with someone like these guys in real life?

Honestly, I think most of their appeal for me is in the fact that they're fictional and pure fantasy material. While the thought of curling up to my idea of Ethan (I LOVE YOU GABRIEL AUBRY) each night is hugely appealing, I know I would grow tired of his brooding nature and his games if I had to contend with them on a daily basis. I find him infuriatingly sexy because I only spend time with him while reading and don't have to deal with his attitude on days when the laundry is piling up and I haven't washed even so much as a sock, when I've completely ruined dinner, or when the dogs have thrown up on the carpet. Multiple times. Instead I have my husband who can laugh with me over all of those things and then run to get us McDonald's since what I've made is inedible. I don't have interact with Ethan, I just have to picture him looking pretty. And naked. And that's enough for me ;-)

In Chapter 9 we learn of another murder. Do you see any patterns with the previous murder and Merit's attack? Do you have any guesses as to who is responsible and the motive behind the murders?

This is me completely avoiding this question because I'm a cheater and know who's behind everything. I'm one of those people who reads the back of the book first, so even though this is a reread for me and I know the answer by default of that fact, I still knew whodunnit even the first time around because I'm that girl.

The commendation is my favorite moment in the book and a significant event in Merit's life. She has finally come to terms that she is a Cadogan vampire. Were you surprised at all that Merit resisted Ethan's call and that he made her a Sentinel? Do you think she'll do well in this position? Why or why not?

I'm not surprised she resisted his call in the least. She's exhibited unusual gifts for a new vampire from the beginning, so I think the fact that he's not omnipotent when it comes to her isn't a huge shock. I also think it adds a necessary dynamic to their relationship on both sides–for Merit, now she knows that any time she obeys a direct order from Ethan she's choosing to do so of her own free will and because she believes in what he's asking, and for Ethan, he now knows her following an order is because he's earned her loyalty instead of forced obedience on her. It levels the playing field a bit.

And yes, I think Merit will rock as Sentinel.

Loyalty is a reoccurring theme throughout the book and much of this series. Why is it so important to Ethan that he needs Merit's allegiance? Is it solely a Master and Sentinel thing or does it imply something else?

I think so much of why Ethan demands more from Merit than he does his other vampires has to do with the way she was changed. For most initiates, they choose to be part of Cadogan House and are one of a limited few who are selected to be added to their ranks, and as such, their loyalty is automatic and unwavering given it's something they requested and were granted. Merit has no such automatic loyalty because her choice was taken from her, and so Ethan I think fears that she poses a threat to Cadogan given her questionable transition and therefore is more intense in his pursuit of her allegiance.

If you had the opportunity to sit down with Ethan, Merit, Mallory, and Catcher for a bite to eat like in the beginning of Chapter 12, what questions would you ask them at this point of the story?

First, I would ask Merit, Mallory, and Catcher to please excuse us so I could be alone with Ethan. Then I would leap from my seat and catapult myself into his lap while proceeding to give him a kiss the likes of which he's never seen before and which may not be appropriate for public viewing. After I finished copping a feel, I would return to my seat and order more food than any one person should be allowed to eat because all of this talk about Olive Garden over the past week has made me ravenous. I need breadsticks immediately.


  1. I love this Jenny from the dogs throwing up on the carpet to copping a feel and scarfing breadsticks. That's why we love them so we can run away from the socks, pawprints and sticky fingers!

  2. Wow...a cheater? Who would've thought :-) Do you find that helps you handle the suspense of a book and allows you to enjoy it more? While knowing the end of a movie allows me to enjoy it more, knowing the ending of a book, usually ruins it for me and I stop caring. Not sure why it's different.

  3. "Honestly, I think most of their appeal for me is in the fact that they're fictional and pure fantasy material." <-- LOOOOOOOL JENNY!!! <3 That's probably so true! I mean, all of us girls will admit to falling for the bad boys in books no matter how frustrating they can be, but if they actually existed in real life, we'd probably want to smack them over the head within the first hour! x)

    Oh my gosh, Jenny!! I'm grinning like crazy right now because of your answers! <3 This Ethan guy sounds like a HUGE dreamy brooder, but thankfully that's my favourite kind of brooder! ;)

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  5. My mom is one of those "read the end first" people and it drives me CRAZY!!! I don't know that I'm much better though...I will rush through the book to get to the end and then go back and read it again to get anything that I missed the first time around! I agree with everything you just said! :)

  6. I completely agree with your answer to the first question. Totally.

    I also agree with the rest of your answers. Ha. Well, except for the part about reading the back of the book first. I don't do that...anymore.

  7. LOL- your hysterical. I cant tell you how many nights when the hubs and I first married, that my dinner creations turned out charred and black...many nights were there McDonalds or Mac and Cheese.....or ice cream.

    PS- I hate dog barf....seriously I hate all barf!!

  8. Heidi - Haha thank you:) Sometimes you just need to get away from the laundry and the animals you know? And enjoy Ethan naked. Wait. What?

    Alison - I know! I can't help it. And yes, it helps me enjoy it more because I tend to get so invested with the characters that if something bad happens and I'm not prepared for it, I have trouble dealing. If I know it's coming, I have time to brace myself:)

    Mimi - It's true. Hubs knows it. I know it. We all embrace my love for fictional men:) Ethan is a huge dreamy brooder but he would drive me crazy day in and day out:)

    Stacey - My mom is too, I must have gotten in from her! I don't do it in every book, just the ones where I sense there's going to be emotional turmoil:)

    Amanda - Right? Bones or Acheron might be my only exceptions. Or Z. Those 3 I could handle on a daily basis I think!

    Tina - I could burn anything. Cooking and I do not get along. Luckily for me hubs has taken over that responsibility for now. But ever now and then we still have to do McDonald's because his creation didn't work out:)

  9. I think my favorite part of this post is your random shout out to Gabriel Aubry. I LOVE IT!

    I love your entire answer to Q3. I like that she *does* have free will as far as Ethan's orders go. She could choose to completely disregard him and that gives her an edge.

  10. I love that you friggin' tackled Ethan (a la Gabriel Aubry)...lmao! That whole thing just played itself out in my head: you launch yourself at him, his chair flips with you on him, then after you've ravaged his face, you get up and wipe your chin like you haven't a care in the world. Then I'd laugh and high five you (because I'm totally hanging out with you guys).

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  11. Kelly - Thank you! I felt it was super necessary. Like maybe if I typed in all caps Gabriel might somehow be notified of it and come to my blog and decide he loves me.

    Isalys - YES!!! That's exactly what would happen. Once I got the sexual assault out of the way, I would totally help him up off the ground and then we could all share a nice meal together. It may happen repeatedly over the course of the meal though, he'd just have to learn to deal with it. Win.

  12. LOL at #4! I'm sure you would want the moment recorded so you can experience it again and again. ;)

    I also skip ahead with mystery books in particular. If I can figure it out within the first few pages and then I just skim to see if I got it right. If I was, I pass the book. There's just not enough suspense to keep me reading.

  13. First off! Thanks for making the image of warm OG bread sticks dance in my mind. I was going to say something about pretty and naked but now I can't think....Oh, look at the time, it just happens to be my lunch hour. Wonder if I should drive all the away over to my favorite little Italian restaurant. Wait. Who am I kidding. There is no way I would be able to get out of that place in under an hour....and sober. Thanks for killing a dream, Jenny.

    Okay, back to my bagged lunch and pretty and naked. Yes, the appeal is definitely that they are a fictional fantasy. I mean, if a guy growled at me in real life and said 'you're mine' I'd probably call the police...after I jumped his bones. LOL

  14. Jenny you are too funny!! Gabriel Aubrie is not leaving my mind!! I don't even know where he came from and I really don't care, but I'd take a night with him. But I think he's better in fantasy.

    I'm so with you on question 1! Actually I love all your answers! Spot on! Of course I also know you've read the whole series and know way more than I do, but still, the answers are great!


  15. Lol, poor Merit, Mallory and Catcher! They're taking time out of their busy day to hang out with you and you don't want them around :P

    You're totally right, Jenny. I love broody guys but only because they're fictional and will stay that way. I wouldn't want to hang out with them on a daily basis.

  16. Rummanah - Are we talking about my pouncing on Ethan? If so, yes, I would like that recorded so I can live it again and again:)

    Missie - You're welcome. Glad I could cause you to suffer along with me. You should just run into OG, scream " GIVE ME BREADSTICKS" and then stand there to see what happens. I will pay you to do this:) Also, you are hilarious:)

    Heather - I try:) He's just so lovely! He's Halle Berry's baby daddy, so that made him more famous than he was as just a model:)

    Zahida - I know. But They'd understand right? I mean, Merit wants the alone time with Ethan, and Mallory wants the alone time with Catcher, so I fee like my request isn't completely out of left field:-)

  17. LOL! You and that Olive Garden thing :) I think you would need Ethan to turn the Olive Garden chefs and hire them just for you!

    I mean that is the least he could do since he will be broody for the next 5000 years :)

  18. Yeah, I think you're right that having a relationship with any of these guys would be a bit stressful. Except maybe Jeff ;)
    I can't believe you figured out who the killer was in your first read through! I really have no clue. Usually I at least have a guess. Maybe it's because I'm reading it just a little at a time each week and I'm not connecting things like I normally would. I don't know, but I get to finish it this week! Woo hoo!

  19. Ethan and Catcher are so sexy--though I'd probably kill them in real life. Still, like you said, they're fabulous fantasy guys who are fun to escape reality with.

  20. LOLLLL Jenny, pouncing Ethan is probably the best answer to the last question I've read so far.

  21. Your #5 was so epic. I love that. That probably would have been my second reaction if not for how pissed I was about the whole Amber incident. It is so true, her being a Sentinel and being strong enough to resist Ethan, really evens the field for them. Love your answers hon, thank you so much for sharing :)

  22. Oh my! Answer 1 is EPIC, Jenny. I could not agree more, on all counts. LOL. And I'm glad you would send Catcher out of the room...right into mine?

  23. Agreed, Broody McBroodster is sexy in the book, but not so much in real life. Okay, no, he'd still be sexy, but he'd have to lighten up and be a bit nicer to fit my kind of guy.

  24. I don't have interact with Ethan, I just have to picture him looking pretty. And naked.

    LOOOL. Every time I read I keep picturing Ethan walking down the stairs, naked. Sitting in his office, naked. Leaning against his desk while talking to Merit, NAKEY!!

  25. I'm loving the different character traits. It good to read on so many strong voices.

  26. hahah I love your answer to the last question! And I agree with you on the first question too. For me people like Ethan are better for me in stories.