Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dark Days Tour: Interviews with Kimberly Derting and Jill Hathaway + Giveaway

Today I'm beyond excited to have authors Kimberly Derting and Jill Hathaway stopping by the blog as part of HarperTeen's Dark Days tour to answer a few questions for me! The Dark Days tour has been going on for several months and we're now in leg 4 of this epic event, but there are still some very exciting signings and things coming up so be sure to stay connected to all things Dark Days on the Pitch Dark Facebook page which includes exclusive content features every Wednesday!

For those in the Dayton, Ohio area, Kimberly, Jill, and Dan Wells will be at Books & Co tonight (April 18th) at 7pm so I hope some of you can make it! I can't wait to attend, though usually when I come face to face with authors I'm rendered mute and stand in front of them with a ridiculous smile on my face as my brain tries desperately to send my mouth intelligent, coherent thoughts to help start a conversation. Often to no avail. So if you do attend, I'll be the silent one staring blankly at Jill, Kimberly, and Dan and most likely slightly frightening them. If they look panicked, you'll know it's because I have my author game face on.

In addition to the Dayton event, all three authors will also be at the below locations. A blogger has been assigned to each event to report live and keep you up to date on all the happenings, so be sure to check out their sites as well!

April 18th at 7pm - Books & Co in Dayton, OH (Supernatural Snark)
April 19th at 7pm - Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, IL (Live to Read)
April 20th at 7pm - Barnes & Noble in Burlington, MA (Books Complete Me)


If we could ask Jay about his friendship–and now relationship–with Violet, when would he say his feelings for her began to shift into romantic territory? Is there a specific event that made him see her in a new light, or any characteristics of hers that became appealing in a whole new way?

They kissed once when they were in the fifth grade, and I think for Jay, that was the moment he knew. He just had to wait for Violet to figure it out too!

Jay and Violet, and now Rafe, have all become characters about whom readers have very strong feelings. Has reader reaction to any of The Body Finder series characters surprised you at all?

Not surprised, really, but maybe a little amused by some comments I’ve read about Rafe (and a love triangle that could possibly...maybe (I’ll never tell!) brewing).  Let’s just say that there are a lot of Team Jay fans out there!  I can’t even begin to imagine what they might say if I ever killed him off...which is never entirely out of the question, you know? I’m just saying… ;)

*Jenny dies here. Jay NOOOOOOOOOO*

Are any of Violet’s “cases” based on real events? Is there any piece of trivia or tidbit of information you’ve discovered while researching that’s been particularly memorable?

The Girlfriend Collector in The Last Echo is very loosely based on Ted Bundy, but only in the sense that he’s charming and can appeal to the girls he wants to abduct. Mostly, though, I prefer to research serial killers in a broader sense. I like to find out what they have in common, what kinds of childhoods they had, what factors may have made them different from everyone really get inside their heads, so to speak.

If Violet could wake up tomorrow without her gift with the dead, what do you think her reaction would be to its absence?

As much as Violet claims to want to be “normal,” I think her ability is part of her identity now.  She would probably be a little lost without it. Without realizing it, it’s become a very important part of who she is, and it makes her special. Secretly, I think she likes the fact that she can do something that others can’t...especially now that she’s found a way for it to be useful!

Name one of your favorite things about being on a book tour.

Meeting readers, hands down! It’s by far my favorite thing about tour!  Of course, that little cardboard sign that said “Derting” on it (which was held by the airport driver guy) was pretty cool too! :)  I may or may not have asked him if I could keep the sign. Okay, I totally did!



If you could slide into the mind of anyone else right this minute, whose mind might you most like to briefly visit? 

Haha, I always say Jared Leto’s girlfriend when I’m asked this. Better not go into details. Also, sorry, Shane! I love you!

Let’s say you and Vee are walking down a dark street at night and suddenly her ability kicks in and she sees that someone with less-than innocent intentions is following you, waiting for the right moment to take advantage of the element of surprise. What’s the first thing you both do? 

Well, if Vee had slid into the bad guy, her body would be left helpless, so I’d probably have to drag her into a restaurant or something until she came to. And then she’d wake up and tell me what was going on, and we’d make a run for it. Or maybe turn around and use our Buffy-like skills on him. It’s whatever!

If you could transport yourself into one particular genre of fiction (mystery, romance, steampunk, etc.), which would you choose and why? 

I definitely wouldn’t want to be in my own mystery. I think I’d like to transport into the world of Candace Bushnell’s THE CARRIE DIARIES, especially after Carrie goes to New York and meets her besties. It would be so fun to wear all the newest fashions and hit up the trendiest parties.

Is there a single point in the overall process were the book begins to feel real to you? Either handing over the first draft, seeing the cover art, or finally seeing on the shelf surrounded by other titles? 

Honestly, it still doesn’t feel real and I have a box of hardcovers sitting upstairs in my bedroom. I think it might hit me when I see the book on the shelf at the bookstore.

Name one of your favorite things about being on a book tour. 

I’m super excited to meet Kimberly Derting and Dan Wells! Plus, I’ve never been to Boston. It will be so much fun! If anyone lives in the Chicago, Dayton, or Boston areas, I hope you come out to chat!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions Kimberly and Jill! For more information on the Dark Days tour be sure and check out the Pitch Dark Facebook Page.


Thanks to the awesome people at HarperTeen I have copies of The Last Echo, Slide, and Partials to give away on the blog today! To enter please just leave a comment with a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will run through midnight EST on Friday, April 27th after which time one winner will be chosen and announced on the blog. Good luck everyone and I hope some of you can make it to the signings!


  1. Not entering Jenny, just commenting, wanted to say, great interviews, always, always! I hate you, you make them so good!! And for some reason, with the name, The Last Echo, I kinda thought this was the last Body Finder book. I'm thinking now, that's a no. And I am so glad. I just got The Last Echo, but it's not the Body Finder series without Jay and Violet. Please don't kill him off. You can hurt him, just don't kill him (sorry Jay)!


  2. Oh, I've heard good things especially about Slide! Looking forward to reading it! Thanks for the giveaway, Jenny!


  3. OooOo Fantastic you go to this awesome event! I am so jaelous and sad.. I can never *sniffles* go thtere... Well, living in Germany definitely has a few draw backs.. But, we have better bread!

    uhm, anyway love those sweet Interviews and I hope you'll have a phenonmenal time with Kimberly and Jill! Not entering, I have those books!

  4. Great interviews and how lucky that you get to go to this event! I want to a great signing today. They're all such fun.

  5. Great interviews! Now Kimberly better not kill off Jay - that can't be a possibility! And I wouldn't mind sliding into Jared Leto's girlfriend either...If it meant that was the only way to meet him. ;)

  6. Lol, I love the cardboard name thing :D Now that would be fun to see when getting out from a plane

  7. Hi, Jenny! I actually stopped in to tell you how much I've enjoyed your email subscription for these many months, and found this new post today. Great interview. Thank you for such probing and interesting reviews. I can tell that you've taken time to think about what you read, and that you've spent considerable time writing your reviews. I appreciate it, as I hope others appreciate mine in turn. I'm running a giveaway until my b-day on June 1st! So come by and sign up! :] Thanks for this great giveaway, as well. As always, wishing you every good thing in blogging, my email is:

  8. These are the times when I wish I lived in the South... x)

    Those were fantastic interviews, Jenny! You asked some amazing questions, and their answers put a smile on my face! Although if Kimberly kills off Jay, I'm pretty sure I'll be the one to start a riot about it on Goodreads LOL :P And Jill, I saw your book on the bookshelves at the bookstore last week and it looked SO PRETTY. I hope it gives you a thrill when you get to see it yourself -- I'm sure it totally would! :) <3

  9. This event sounds awesome Jenny! I wish we had more of these over here! :( I seriously wouldn't have a clue what to say if I came face to face with my fave authors either! Knowing me I would probably faint! Brilliant interview ladies! :)

  10. Why cant these events happen in my town!!???

    Anyways...I really need to read Dertings series..Ive had it on my TBR for months.......

  11. They came through Dallas not to long ago and I heard it was freaking fantastic!

    You will have fun!

  12. Hope you have a great time at the signing, Jenny! Keeping my fingers crossed and entering the giveaway. :)

    rummanaha at hotmail dot com

  13. *cries* Finally authors coming to dayton, and I can't go!!

  14. I would be ridiculously upset if Jay was killed off. *eyes Kim* You'd better not! :P

    And Jill, I loved that scenario with you and Vee. I'm totally picturing you two kicking bad-guy butt!

    This tour sounds amazing. I hope the three authors have fun! :)

  15. OMG Kimberly cannot even joke about killing Jay off! lol Great interviews!!


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  17. No need to enter me, but I just wanted to mention great interviews!

  18. Oh yay, awesome! The signing sounds awesome! I'll see Kim next week but not Jill or Dan! Ive met Kim lots of times and know her well and you have no reason to be shy (or star struck) cause shes the easiest person in the world to talk to. I kinda do get what you mean about feeling speechless. I'm fine with most but when I meet big authors I tend to freeze up. Like Rochelle Mead and Kim Harrison. I felt like an idiot when I met them!

    Loved the interviews! I love that Kim goes into the heads of the killers. I thought she did her best yet with The Last Echo, it totally had me on the edge of my seat!

    Thanks Jenny and Harper for the giveaway! I'm wanting Partials and Slide and a finished copy of The Last Echo would be great since I'm donating my arc.
    Candace_redinger at Yahoo dot com

  19. Fun contest! I love the relationship between Violet and Jay, a great couple. I,have yet to meet the fabulous characters of Slide. Partials was phenomenal one of my fav dystopian novels of the year. Oh the event sounds like fun can't wait for your report, Jenny :)

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    Amanda @ Sisters Unedited
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  24. Wow! I finally have the Body Finder in my tbr and so I'm so wanting the others in my little possession! I also have been wanting to read Partials and Slide as well.

    I'm also curious about this Jay. I must know!
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  25. As a Jay fan, Kimberly can't kill him!

    I think I'd transport myself into the steampunk genre because of the cool gadgets and awesome dresses. Which genre would you transport yourself into, Jenny?

  26. Omg - THANK YOU for such a super sweet & generous giveaway!!! I haven't gotten to read any of these, especially Partials which I've been drooling over lol

    I have to also say that these interviews were pretty interesting as well! I wish I didn't live in such a rural neck of the country and were able to go to author/book signings and events *sigh* ... so I guess interviews are the next best thing lol

    GFC follower Mary DeBorde M.A.D.
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    *Hugs* and have a Beautiful Week! :)

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  48. Look at you with those two fabulous interviews! You always ask the best questions. How sad Kimberly seems willing to kill off her darlings--like Jay--so easily. That's one way to keep readers on their toes, huh?
    And I didn't feel completely moved into my house until I had my books around me. Strange folk, us bibliophiles.

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    5th grade, so CUTE!

    KILL OF JAY!? That is just pure crazy talk!

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  55. I absolutely loved Kimberly Derting's The Pledge. I haven't picked up The Body Finder books, but they are definitely on my TBR list after The Pledge. Thanks for the great giveaway and interviews!

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