Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Evil Blog Tour: Interview with Wendy Higgins

Today marks the kickoff of the blog tour for Sweet Evil, an absolutely fantastic paranormal young adult novel by Wendy Higgins, and I'm beyond excited to welcome Wendy to the blog today to answer a few questions! I can't put into coherent sentences how much I adored this book (I literally stopped and started my review over multiple times trying to adequately express my love), so I hope all of you add it to your lists immediately if it's not on there already!

For the next several weeks Wendy and the oh-so darkly delicious Kaidan Rowe will be bouncing from blog to blog answering questions and, in Kaidan's case, causing hearts to beat faster and likely leaving puddles of drool in his wake (not that Wendy couldn't make people drool as well ;-) You've been warned. Below are all the dates and participating blogs, I hope you guys will follow the tour and be ready to pounce on Kaidan when Sweet Evil releases on May 1st from HarperTeen!

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If Kaidan were given the chance to switch specialties (so to speak) and work for another Duke, do you think he would jump at the opportunity or pass it by? If he decided to switch, which Duke would he most want to work for?

He would pass it by. He’s got some anger and jealousy issues, but he’s lusty to the core.

*Jenny sputters and fans herself*

Anna and Kaidan have a rather epic forbidden romance—one thick with tension and emotion that stayed with me long after I put the book down. Why do you think the idea of a forbidden romance resonates so strongly with you?

I don’t know, honestly. There’s just something so alluring about having the one thing you’re not supposed to have, even if we know it’s not good for us…human nature, I guess. And it’s also the ultimate romantic notion - loving someone against all odds.

The Neph have super enhanced hearing, able to listen in on conversations miles away from them. Is there one specific instance in your life where you would have loved to have such a gift?

Oh, man. I’m a firm believer that there are things we don’t need to see or hear, for our own mental benefit (like…snarky reviews, lol). But it would be kind of cool to be in Washington, D.C. and listen to the conversations that really take place in the White House!

Part of the reason I can’t be angry at Kaidan for continuing his “work” despite his feelings for Anna is because it’s apparent it holds little joy for him and he would change things if he could. Is there one particular “job” he would say he regrets the most?

(Mild Spoiler Warning) There’s a motif running through the story about Kaidan’s father being involved in an underground sexual slavery ring, and every now and then Kaidan is expected to help with that (training these young girls how to please men). That’s the job he loathes most.

(Spoiler Warning!) Anna’s dad has been in prison her entire life and she’s had absolutely no contact with him over the years. When he walked into the visitation room and saw her waiting for him, what were his first thoughts about his little girl?

His thoughts were those of a Daddy--pride--to him she was brave and beautiful. He was nervous about what she’d think of him. And most of all he felt a fierce urge to protect her.

I had to get up and walk away from this book on multiple occasions, setting the book aside after a relatively happy scene to take a break because I knew that happiness was going to be short lived and my heart was likely to take a beating in the ensuing chapters. Do you ever get up and walk away from a book to gather your courage before continuing?

Whether it’s a book I’m reading or writing, I often have to take breaks so I can soak in the emotions, swirl them around in my mind for a bit, and then forge ahead.

If Kaidan had to pick one song that summed up his feelings for Anna best, what song would it be?

“The Motions” by Matthew West

Here are a few lines from the chorus:
I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me

In Sweet Evil we see mostly the world of the Dukes and their children as Anna learns the ropes. Looking forward to the next book, will we be seeing more of the angel side of things?

No…the angels are going to be an elusive element throughout. We’ll meet more Nephilim. There won’t be as much Jay and Veronica (Anna’s human friends) in book two, but Jay will once again have a major role in book three.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by Wendy! Be sure and check back here on Wednesday (the 25th) to check out my full review of Sweet Evil. More information on Wendy and her books can be found here:


What if there were teens whose lives depended on being bad influences? This is life for sons and daughters of fallen angels in Sweet Evil.

Tenderhearted Southern girl, Anna Whitt, was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She’s aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but it isn’t until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage, and her will-power is put to the test. He’s the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna.

A cross-country trip to meet her father forces Anna to face the reality that hope and love are not options for her kind. When she confronts her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?


  1. It would be so cool to be in DC and hear conversations in the White House. On the other hand, I'm sure there are things I'd rather not know - like what exactly happened at Area 51. Aliens terrify me.

  2. Awesome interview. I totally fanned myself at the first question, too.
    There are a couple of times when I'd love to hear conversations. Not as dramatic as politics, though. More along the lines of what other people say about me after I've left the room.

  3. I so want to read this book! Happy that May 1st is coming soon. I agree with Alison. lol Awesome interview!

  4. Takes a Deep Breath!!! I am sooo ridiculously fangirly excited about Sweet Evil, Wendy and .. *gasps* Kaidan...
    I had no idea I would love this book so much and I believe you instantly how hard it was to write this review. I will basically just squeeing and annoy everyone with my excitement!

    This Interview was phenomenal. I was glued to the screen, eager to learn more about Wendy and Sweet Evil! I'm glad you asked the Daddy question, this was a surprising event which I didn't see coming! I totally expected her Daddy to be .. different. (I do not want to spoil so much)

    I just died when I read the opening question and Wendy's answer:
    "He’s got some anger and jealousy issues, but he’s lusty to the core."... Uhm.. *no more words*

    Wendy, Thank You so much for this incredible tale of awesomeness and THANK YOU For Kaidan.!

    Seriously, I want to go home and read it again right now!

    Me? Totally FanGirl! And I'm so not above to embarrass myself :)

  5. ^Hehe, isn't Danny awesome? You've gotta love her! x)

    I literally just finished this book the other day and completely LOVED it too!! And not just because Kaidan has an English accent ;) Wendy is so funny! (Lusty and Kaidan are definitely synonymous...) And I'm so happy to hear that Jay is going to be in the next book. He has to be the best friend ever -- I loved him! <3

    Fantastic review, you two! Excited to read your review, Jenny! :)

  6. Thanks for having me! You guys are so amazing. I still can't believe I have fangirls. That is crazy. Although I blame Kaidan. :)

  7. WOW!! fantastic interview Jenny, I really can't wait to read this book :)

  8. Great interview Jenny, I hadn't heard of this book before but it sounds amazing! I can't wait to meet Kaidan and I also can't wait to read your review! :)

  9. Wow- this Kaidan sounds pretty sexy... LOL thats funny what Wendy said about fangirls...:D

  10. Alison - Aliens terrify me as well. Unless they're sexy aliens. That might be okay:)

    Riv - Kaidan often has that effect on me. I keep a fan around just for him!

    Julie - Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

    Danny - I'm plenty willing to embarrass myself for Kaidan and Wendy too. And Anna, she was fabulous:) Sweet Evil is definitely on my shelf of favorites, easily within reach when the urge to pet Kaidan strikes ;-)

    Mimi - She is the cutest! Right up there with you with how excited she gets about everything. You guys are both ridiculously adorable:)

    Wendy - Proud to be a Wendy/Sweet Evil/Kaidan fangirl! I would make a shirt that says it if I knew how:)

    Lilly - Thank you! If it wasn't obvious above, I highly recommend this book:)

    Jasprit - Kaidan is my new number 1 book boyfriend. It's possible I'm completely in love with him:)

    Tina - Kaidan is definitely sexy. I know demons aren't your thing, but I think you might enjoy this one!

  11. Haven't read a really good paranormal romance in a while and I'm hoping this one will fill the void. Looking forward to reading this one and meeting the mysterious Kaidan. :)

  12. Okay, now I'm really curious about Sweet Evil. Admittedly, I had kind of dismissed it as...typical. But reading this interview, it actually sounds unique! It's back on the TBR. Thanks for sharing, Wendy! :)

  13. Fantastic interview! It has definitely peaked my interest and I can't wait for your full review of Sweet Evil! I have a feeling I am going to love this one!

  14. Oh god, the convos in the White House. LOL I can't wait to read this, thanks for the interview! :)

  15. Rummanah - I hope you like it! It's a favorite read of the year for me:)

    Lauren - It does seem typical at first glance, but I loved how things progressed with Anna and Kaidan - it was darker and more painful than I was anticipating.

    Christina - I hope you do! I certainly did:) I'm crushing on Kaidan hardcore:)

  16. This book wasn't really on my radar before, but this interview has made me curious. Fabulous questions, Jenny (and thanks so much for the spoiler warnings)! :)

  17. Wow Jenny, that is saying a lot if this is one of your favorite reads of the year so far. I have been trying to snag a copy of this with no luck so far but May first is right around the corner. I say this everytime but I mean write the best and most creative interview questions you never disappoint :)

  18. I would sure not like to hear or sense everything. That is too much in the end

  19. I have wanted to read this book for a while now. Had it on my wishlist as soon as I read the blurb and saw the cover. Besides... Lusty to the core? I have to read this one.

  20. Lea - You have Wendy to thank for the spoiler warnings, I sometimes forget that certain things would be spoilers - like the question about her dad. Oops.

    Heidi - I know, it's a bold statement. 5 star ratings are few and far between for me, but this book I thought more than deserved it:)

    Linda - I would like to hear some things I think, but you're right, everything would get overwhelming:)

    Melissa - Right? I read that and immediately started drooling:)

  21. Thanks for the comments, everyone! And a huge thanks to Jenny for kicking off the tour! You've been incredibly supportive, and you have no idea how much that means to me. <3
    Hugs to all, and happy reading.

  22. Ooh, lusty to the core? *fans self* That's just how I like my book men! This sounds really intriguing--I think I'll have to check it out. Great interview, as always.

  23. I love a good romance especially the forbidden kind. Now you have me even more interested in reading this book.

  24. Wow, this one sounds very dark. I can't wait to read your review. I'll have to read it before I can make a decision. The sex slave trade thing makes me nervous.


  25. I love the interview! And I'm now even more curious to read the book. o: *grabs for* It sounds super good and I love to hear it brought out that kind of emotions from you Jenny :) I love that in books!

  26. I love a book that has my emotions all over and I have to break from it just cause of the intensity. I really have to read this now! Awesome interview Jenny!

  27. Thank you so much for the interview Jenny.. I managed to avoid reading the spoilers YAY. I absolutely love the sound of this book : both Anna and Kaydan sound like great characters !! I've already pre-ordered a copy and I can't wait to dive into this world of nephilim and forbidden romance ! =)
    Great post ;)

  28. I love your interviews Jenny!

    You really get those authors to give up the goodies :)

    I also really love the dress on that cover! What fantastic color play :)

  29. Great interview! This book is definitely on my TBR. So looking forward to it! There have been many times I've had to put a book down and walk away from it, whether it's a really sad scene or really intense. Oh and I love the answer about hearing about what goes on the White House!

    This is going to be great to follow this tour!

  30. Lusty to the core? Holy Hell! Yes, Kaidan (love the name btw) sounds like a piece of forbidden fruit I would love to gorge myself on.

    And of course, I couldn't resist the spoilers. Wow! Kaidan seems pretty resilient despite the hand he was dealt. And, I can understand his enjoyment of some of the things he has to do. He has to cope somehow.

  31. DUDE! I so love this interview and the book! of course you interview is way better than mine! Don't you just love Kaidan. He is yummy :)

  32. What an interview. Love the first answer. :D

  33. Oo, I can't wait to see your review about this one if you had to put it away repeatedly to muster up courage for the next chapters. I love the sound of Kaidan.

  34. Very nice book!! I have read twice.

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